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Dr. Meghnad Saha College

Dr. Meghnad Saha College
Uttar Dinajpur

Established : 2000
Type : --
Administrator : Dr. Ashoke Das
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Md. Enarul Hoque
Former Name : Dr. Meghnad Saha College
Location : Uttar Dinajpur
Affiliation(s) : University of Gour Banga
Category : Under Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : --
Department(s) : Arts, Science (Hons. / Gen.)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Hons Subject General Subjects (Any Two, one from each group)
  Gr - 1 Gr - 2 Gr - 3
Sociology El. Bengali, El. English, Edu, Philosopy History, Sanskrit
History Sociology, El.English, El.Bengali, Education, Philosopy Sanskrit
Bengali Sociology, Education, Philosopy History
English Sociology, Education, Philosopy History
Political Science Sociology, El.English, El. Bengali, Education Philosopy History, Sanskrit
Geography Sociology, El.English, El.Bengali, Education Pol. Science, Philosopy History, Sanskrit

B.A. (General) Choose any one subjects from each group
Group-1 Sociology, El. English, El. Bengali, Education
Group-2 History, Sanskrit, Physical Eduation
Group-3 Geography, Political Science, Philosopy

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
B.Sc (Hons.) (General)
Maths. (Hons.), Physics (General), Chemistry (General) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Note Below :
  • All Hons. Subjects & Geography (Gen.) will be offered only on MERIT basis, and as per decisions of the Admsion Committee.
  • The Enrolment of Phsical education may be cancelled on the basis of Physical fitness test.
  • Ei. Eng \ El.Ben. & Sanskrit cann't be taken together.
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    • Dr.Meghnad saha college boasts of an active National Cadets Corps (NCC) unit which has earned considerable repute within a very short span of time. Keeping the NCC motto. ‚ÄėNation comes first' at the helm,the NCC unit of our college is always prepared to respond to the call of nation. The cadets of our college are thoroughly trained throughout the year to combat natural disaster and other moments of crisis extending warm support to the people of the region. Operating under the aegis of 11 th Bengal Battalion, Malda Our cadets have an enviable record of high performance in the various NCC camps including Army Attachment camps and Trekking camps organized throughout India.
    • The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a brilliant platform for the young undergraduate college students to be involved n social service activities. Soon after its inception, the NSS unit was introduced in the college and ever since it has extended untiring service to the society over the years. Throughout the year, the NSS volunteers of the college Are engaged in various social service activities that include outreach programmes and seminars. The NSS unit of ourCollege is engaged in beautifying and maintaining the college campus, gardening and plantation. The observance of special days like Independence day and Republic day are carried out by the NSS volunteers with due honours and respects. National integration seminars have been organized by the NSS to uphold the unit of our college has already taken up Ranipur village beside our college with a mission to convert in into a model village. Weeklyliteracy classes for illiterates, special coaching for poor and school drop-outs, development of general hygienic condition and health awareness camps in the village constitute some of the NSS activities.
It was not very long ago that the rural confines of Itahar could only dream of quality education at the undergraduate level .The year 2000 would remain a milestone In the history of Itahar since the year saw the foundation of Dr.Meghnad Saha college, an institution that turned dreams into reality .Named after the venerable scientist Dr.Meghnad Saha , who overcame all barriers of poverty, the college remains a symbol of inspiration and adoration for the resourceful yet poor people of the region.

It takes a firm mind, a deep sense of belonging and a whole hearted effort to transform a dream into a reality which was provided by Dr.Srikuma Mukherjee, local MLA and MIC, Civil Defence, Govt. of West Bengal. At the core of Dr.Mukherjee’s Heart lies the teacher whose impetus and enthusiasm kindled minds from all corners of the society who joined hands in this project of co-operation and fraternity towards educational self-sufficiency.Dr.Meghnad Saha college initially started functioning with general courses in the humanities stream but within a few years(07) honours subjects were introduced with the affiliation of North Bengal University. It gives us great pleasure to announce that from last year onwards our students are enrolled under the affiliation of the newly formed University of Gour Banga, Malda.

The college boasts of a state of the art multigymnasium, the one of its kind in the entire district, an enriched library with a wide collection and a sprawling green campus. The introduction of national service scheme and the national cadet crops along with the curriculum further emphasized the role of the college in promoting education coupled with a keen social concern. Moreover the physical education courses creates health awareness among students. Academically, the students of our college have fared very well in the past university examinations. Within a very short span of time, Dr.Meghnad Saha College has carved a niche of its own in the world of glorious educational institution of North Bengal and the journey towards educational excellence is far from over, it has just begun………

College Motto :

Civilization for its future development needs more and more growth of humanity. Our prime objective is to kindle the light of honesty, and other moral values among students. Simultaneously we strain each of our nerves to enrich the students so that they emerge with versatileknowledge along with professional skills. All our efforts are vested to provide the students to enjoy freedom of intellectual inquiry, political debate and creative expression. Students are actively encouraged to develop a rational, scientific spirit free from superstitions as socialy responsible, broad-minded individuals. Our college tries to foster riendship and understanding among students of different castes and creeds. We strive to ensure that a student passing out of our college shall emerge as a complete human being and a responsible citizen.

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