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News - IIT Delhi's smart traffic monitoring system to control over speeding

In a bid to keep a check at the speeding vehicles, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) has installed a Smart Traffic Monitoring System in its campus. Through it, speeding vehicles are identified through a camera which detects name plates, and the drivers are sent a warning message.

According to Indian Express report, Deputy Director (Strategy and Planning) M Balakrishnan, who was addressing the audience at a press preview told, "We have put in place these traffic monitoring systems installed with a mechanism which identifies cars which are speeding. As of now there is one camera placed near the hospital which collects this data. If the car belongs to our teachers or students, they get an SMS alerting them they have been found speeding."

Smart Traffic Monitoring System & Smart Notice Boards :

Along with the traffic controllers, Smart Notice Boards have also been placed where notices are filtered as per the target audience.

IIT Delhi's first ever Industry Day is being organised on 23rd September in order to encourage collaboration between industry and academia, and discussions will be held on 5 themes, environment, defence, affordable healthcare, smart cities and energy. Innovations such as Smart Traffic Monitoring System and Smart Notice Boards will be on showcase in the event. Personalities such as V K Saraswat from NITI Aayog, Industrialist Kumal Mangalam Birla and Nuclear Scientists Anil Kakodkar will attend the same.

The Smart Traffic Monitoring System has been developed in collaboration with Vehant Technologies, a start up by an IIT alumnus.

Balakrishanan also added, "As of now we have just one camera installed near the IIT hospital which collects all this data, but we want to expand it over time. Since we can't send messages to cab drivers, their numbers simply flash on a board near the main gate, to make them aware."


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