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News - Kerala federation hires : Transgender as school teacher

After the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) last year appointed transgender employees on the basis of their educational qualifications and experience, the All-Kerala Self-Financing Schools Federation (AKSFSF) working on the same lines will soon be recruiting qualified transgender individuals on teachers post.
The AKSFSF is an organisation representing unrecognised schools and those who have applied for recognition with the Education Department.

Reasons behind this step :

As said, this would help bring the marginalised community work along with mainstream.

Here's what AKSFSF president said :

"We have been thinking of this for a while as education is very important in creating a much open and benevolent society. So change should begin from schools. The decision has been made after having a lot of discussions and research," Ramdas Kadirur, AKSFSF president said in recent TOI report.
Ramadas also said that the association would give one day paid leave to female teachers during their menstrual periods. "As two lakh of the total workforce in unaided schools are teachers, it will be of great help to them. It will be implemented from this month."
"We are also planning to start a foundation course for admissions to the Indian Institute of Technology from Class 5. Classes will begin on October 1 in 100 select schools. One period per day will be used for the purpose," Ramadas added.

Educational qualification required :

1. Bachelor of education (BEd)
2. Teachers Training Course (TTC)
3. Nursery training course will be offered jobs

Here's what The Hindu said:

"Transgender individuals would get priority whenever there is a vacancy in a local school. Vacancies would be created if the individuals are qualified," The Hindu said.

Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/education/

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