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News - Oxford University To Start Application For Graduate Courses On September 1, 2017

The wait will be over soon for Indian students who wish to study at the Oxford University. The new admission cycle for graduate courses will begin on September 1, 2017 for the 2018-19 batch.

As per report, At present there are 386 Indian students enrolled at the University in various courses and 144 Indian nationals make up the academic staff on campus.

The admission to Oxford is not through some entrance exam but on the basis of the entry requirements, statement of purpose, paper or essay submitted by the applicant and possibly an interview.

Application process :

While the application process is not so hard but, there are certain things which an applicant should arrange before they begin their application.

Finding the Right Course :

  • Go to the University website
  • Browse through the courses and find the ones which fit the bill (The course list is available either A-Z or by department)

While zeroing in on the course you wish to apply for keep the following points in mind :

  • What is your objective behind studying a particular subject?
  • Does the said course offer the kind of research opportunities you are seeking?
  • Research future scope and possibilities in related field of the course you wish to study.

Course Requirement :
Check the course page for your desired course and check the eligibility requirements and application process for your desired course. Each course has a specific eligibility requirement and applicants must either already have fulfilled the requirements or should be on their way to achieve the minimum required grades and qualification.

Before Applying :
Depending upon the course, applicants would need to submit a statement of purpose and an essay along with the application. Make a list of all the documents and all other documents you need to submit with the application and prepare them beforehand.

Furthur, with your application, you would also need to attach an official transcript of your marks and need referees who would submit references for you. Apply for official transcript to your university of institute well before time in order to avoid any last minute hassles. Also contact your referees who should submit their refernecs before the deadline.


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