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News - Govt to launch 'School Chalo Abhiyan' to enrol 80 lakh kids

With the government taking several initiatives to eradicate illiteracy in India, reports claim that "70-80 lakh" students in the country are still out of school.

Now, in order to send kids to school, the HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar has said that the government will undertake a programme from next year to enrol "70-80 lakh" students in the country who are out of school.

Here's what the HRD minister, Prakash Javadekar said :

"There are about 70-80 lakh children who are not going to schools. We have thought of a plan to address the problem... it will be known as 'school chalo abhiyan'," Prakash Javadekar said while addressing a seminar here on International Literacy Day.
"Many states have started it already. From next year onwards we will launch it in the entire country with more planning," He added.

81% literacy rate in India :

A lot of progress has happened in the country since 1947 in that "we have achieved 81% literacy" which was 18% at the time of Independence, Prakash Javadekar added.

Furthermore, the minister stressed that literacy, as we know it, is not enough, he emphasised on getting digital literacy to the masses. "This is not only the time for literacy in terms of reading and writing, but of digital literacy as well. And people have moved in that direction already. Rural India alone has 70 crore mobile phones," told the minister.

In a notable announcement, the minister told, "When all these challenges are met, we will be able to fulfil Prime Minister's dream of 100% literacy, digital and otherwise, by 2022."

Along with HRD minster, Minister of State (HRD) Satya Pal Singh, who also addressed the event, advised people to read a bit of India's history, which he said, led the world in education during as recent as 19th century.

Excerpts from his statement :

"The problem is that we do not read. Thomas Monroe (a British administrator) had written an account in the year 1810, in which he mentioned that India had 100% literacy," Satya Pal Singh said.
"We have a lot to do now. I am new to the Ministry but we will plan on what can be done to bring complete literacy," He added.


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