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News - UGC asked universities to clean its campuses and plant 70 saplings to celebrate 3rd anniversary of Swachh Bharat scheme

In a notice to all the universities, the University Grants Commission has asked varsities to observe the 3rd anniversary of the Swachh Bharat scheme.

Here's what the official notice read :

"The Government of India has launched a fresh initiative in the important sphere of Swachhta named "Swachhta Hi Seva", where higher educational institutions have a key role to perform. The objective is to further the existing measures being undertaken in ensuring hygiene so that mission mode pursuit leads to a mind set of zero tolerance towards any thing unhygienic."


"The period from 15th September to 2nd October has been designated as 'Swachhta Hi Seva' to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Swachh Bharat scheme," the UGC told in a notice to universities.

To celebrate the Swachh Bharat campaign, the varsities need to clean their campus, buildings, corridors and toilets, and plant 70 saplings.

Further, in keeping with the spirit and objective of the exercise, all the varsities are requested to implement the following measures/activities :

  • * Cleaning of entire campus, buildings, corridors, toilets etc may be ensured through effective garbage collection and solid waste management system
  • * Tree plantation may be undertaken in the campus, and depending on the size of the campus, 70 trees may be planted to signify the 70th year of Independence
  • * While it is expected that all Higher Educational Institutions have installed requisite facilities for rain water harvesting, it is requested that the same maybe inspected, audited for adequacy and re-charge facility so that they are fully functional. In case facility does not exist, it must be planned and taken up immediately for completion in a given time frame
  • * A pledge may be taken by all students and teachers on a chosen, early date, to observe hygiene and cleanliness in all aspects of daily life and to make others to follow suit
  • * The staff and students from each Higher Educational Institution may visit a nearby locality or village and hold a hygiene sensitisation programme/rally/meeting and carry out informed discussions

Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi had sent a personal letter to Bollywood celebrity Anushka Sharma asking her to lend support to the "Swachhta Hi Seva" movement and dedicate some time for the cause of a Swatchh Bharat.


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