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News - Two class 5 girls from Puducherry produced electricity from drainage water

T Mithra, and K Sharani Priya, students of class V, from Government Primary School in Kalitheerthalkuppam village, Puducherry, have generated electricity by developing a micro power generator from drainage water.

The idea came to them in September when they noticed the drainage water flowing fast near the Kurunji Nagar Modern Park. This was a regular day when they were paying a visit to the Puducherry Science Centre and Planetarium. Their teachers had taught them that fast flowing water could be used to generate electricity.

The girls, along with their 2 teachers, S Indra and Priyadharshini, visited the same place again in October to experiment with their idea.

How they went about their experiment :

The girls wore masks and gloves and measured the breadth and depth of the drainage pipe at 23 cm and 9 cm respectively

After that, they noted the water speed by throwing a piece of paper into the flowing water and noting the time it took to cover a distance of five metres. The approximate average speed of the water was about 30 km/hour

They then constructed a 3 inch radius turbine which was later connected to a 100 rpm gear motor. To rotate the turbine faster, each blade in the turbine was bent at 45 degrees

The girls also constructed an adjustable stand to half sink the turbine in order to facilitate faster rotation

At its final stage, the equipment was mounted and installed on the platform

The girls calculated and monitored the power generated by the motor at equal intervals from 6 in the morning to 10 in the night

Currently, the electricity generated by the engine is an average between 8 volts to 9 volts, which allows one to charge cell phones, operate LED lights and play the radio. It save battery too!

"We can produce power easily at a low cost even from the drainage water. Nothing is a waste unless we make a way to make it useful," their teacher Priyadharshini said Better India.

The girls, as part of their pilot project, now aim to install a LED street light in Lawspet.

Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/education/

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