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Prabhu Jagatbandhu College, Andul

Prabhu Jagatbandhu College
Andul, Howrah

Established : 15th August 1964
Type : Co - Educational
President : Shri Deboprasad Mukhopadhyay
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Sarada Mandal
Former Name : Andul College
Location : Jhorehat, Andul-Mouri, Howrah
Affiliation(s) : University of Calcutta
Category : Under Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : University Grants Commission (UGC) & National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
Department(s) : Arts, Commerce & Science
Admission Information
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Courses Provided :

Subjects (With Code) Taught In The College
Arts Science Commerce
Bengali (BNGA) Mathematics (MTMA) Accounting & Finance (COMH)
English (ENGA) Physics (PHSA)  
History (HISA) Computer Science (CMSA)  
Geography (GEOA) Economics (ECOA)  
Political Science (PLSA) Geography (GEOA)  
Philosophy (PHIA)    
Arts Science Commerce
Bengali (BNGG) Mathematics (MTMG) Commerce (COMG 1,2,3)
English (ENGG) Physics (PHSG)  
History (HISG) Computer Science (CMSG)  
Geography (GEOG) Chemistry (CEMG)  
Political Science (PLSG) Botany (BOTG)  
Philosophy (PHIG) Electronics (ELTG)  
Economics (ECOG) Geography (GEOG)  
Physical Education (PEDG) Economics (ECOG)  
  Physical Education (PEDG)  
Compulsory Subjects for B.A. & B.Sc.
Bengali (BNGM)
English (ENGC)
Environmental Studies (ENVS)
Compulsory Subjects for B.Com.
Bengali (BNGL)
English (CMEC)
Environmental Studies (ENVS)

Admission To The College :

Admission to different courses in the college is strictly done on merit basis. Students seeking admission are required to fill up the on-line application cum admission forms available through the College Website and to submit the filled up printed forms to the AXIS Bank, Andul Branch, Howrah. Students acquiring marks that satisfy the C.U Eligibility criteria are admitted to college according the rank in merit list published through website.

Date and time for admission are strictly adhered to. In matters of admission the decision of the Admission Sub- Committee is final.

Facilities Available :

  • »  Library

    Education is never complete within only the four walls of a class room. One must develop the habit of using Libraries.

    From the inception of this college in 1964, our Founder, Dr. Tinkari Ghosh , established the college Library. Two ornamental antique almirahs with books from his personal collection are assets of our library . Couple of years later, Professor Bipin Krishna Ghosh donated a valuable collection of books as the ‚ÄúBankim Chandra Ghosh Collection‚ÄĚ. In keeping with this tradition, Dr.Shyamal Kumar Sengupta, erstwhile Reader of Bengali, also donated a large number of books on different subjects. At present our Central Library has 20,000 books (reference and text), along with about 15 magazines, periodicals and several newspapers. Significant help in career planning for students is provided through Pesha Prabesh, Karmakshetra, and Employment News on the shelves. This treasure is accessible to every student through the ‚Äė Open Access System‚Äô. Each student will be provided 3 library cards. A lending card enables the student to borrow one book at a time from Central Library. With the Book Bank Card one may borrow one book at a time from the Book Bank, a separate section of the Central Library. A student may take any material - books, journals, magazines, newspapers - even restricted Reference Works, from the library and peruse it in the Reading Room, from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. , every working day. The well- furnished Reading Room can accommodate 100 students at a time. The Library also provides Internet services. The complete titles in the collection are in the process of being digitized. Central air-conditioning is being installed in the Library.

  • »  Students' Health Programme

    Students' Health Home : Students' Health Home : Consultation at the Home is free of charge and only nominal charges are made for the medicines supplied, investigations for the hospitalization there. Ailing students will have to visit the home and get their Health Card prepared there by presenting their Acknowledgement Cards. Main Health Home is situated at Moulali, near Sealdah in Central Kolkata. Now the Students' Health Home is under its control at ShibpurD.-B.-Institution-(College),-8-km.-away-from-the-college.

  • »  Two Stipends For B. Sc. And B. A. Students

    Sri Pulin Behari Banerjee has created two stipends, each in memory ‚Äď of his revered father Late Natabar Banerjee.The stipends are to be awarded monthly to the students securing highest percentage of marks among the successful candidates of the college in the B. A. and B. Sc.Examination and continuing studies in this college.

  • »  Tarulata Smriti Scholarship

    Dr. Shyamal Kumar Sengupta, the retired Reader in Bengali of this college, donated a sum of Rs. 10,000/- for the creation of ‚ÄėTarulata Smriti Scholarship‚Äô after the name of his revered mother. A scholarship of Rs. 500/- will be awarded annually from the accumulated interest to the best student of the college at the B. A. Part III Honours examination in Bengali of the Calcutta University.

  • »  Financial Benifits For The Poor And Meritorious Students

    The students of B.A., B.Sc. & B.Com. streams securing the First, Second and Third places will get full-free studentship on the basis of the result of the Part-I and Part-II examination. Besides, many poor and meritorious students have been getting free and half-fee studentship throughout the year and in some special cases, financial help is extended at the time of Part-I, Part-II and Part-III Examination to the poor students from Students' Aid Fund. Recently the college has undertaken a drive to help the poor students by distributing text books from the above mentioned Fund. Also the Students who are admitted in each Honours class of B.A. and B.Sc. courses seeuring highest marks will get full free studentship and first three students taking admission in B.Com. Honours course will get full-free studentship.

  • »  Transfer

    Issue of transfer certificate will depend entirely on the discretion of the Principal. If permitted, students will have to pay a transfer-fee as mentioned in the list of fees together with all other fees due at the time of getting the transfer.

  • »  N.C.C.

    N.C.C. in the College successfully started since 1968 under the able guidance of Prof. Manoranjan Adak and Prof. Snehadri Bhattacharyya later on. The name of the NCC unit is 41/4, Bengal BN NCC . This is a Senior Division Unit and they conduct a 3-year certificate course. At the end of 1st year the candidates are given Certificate ‚ÄėB‚Äô, and at the end of 3rd year, they are given certificate ‚ÄėC‚Äô. The motto of the NCC Unit is ‚ÄėUnity and Discipline‚Äô. Each year a huge number of students are joining N.C.C. It is army wing company under 41 Bengal Battalion N.C.C. of West Bengal and Sikim Directorate. Many camps are organized y our Unit and the cadets are participating in the camp for the training required for Nation Building. Our cadets achieved many medals and honours for their performances in different aspects. At present the Unit is running with 185 cadets under the supervision of Sri Palash Patra, newly appointed as A.N.O. A girls‚Äô wing of the N.C.C. has also been opened from the year 2006.

  • »  N.S.S.

    A unit of N.S.S. (National Service Scheme) has been functioning in our college under the supervision of the Programme Officer. Staff and students have been performing voluntary social work like road repair, cleaning of pond, plantation, educating illiterate people in the adjoining rural areas. This unit has taken up the responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the college campus also. In 2010, N.S.S. unit of the college had taken a drive to build up ‚ÄúAlampur Village‚ÄĚ as a model village. In 2011, N.S.S. unit of our college conducted various programmes ‚ÄĒAwareness Programme of HIV AIDS, Awareness Programme of Swine Flu, Immunization Programme of Hepatitis ‚ÄďB, Cultural Programme for generation of awareness for Commonwealth Games, New Delhi, 2011. In 2012 N.S.S. unit of our college conducted a rally and seminar on National Youth Day (12th January).

  • »  Gymnasium

    A gymnasium with various types of modern equipment for physical training is available not only for students of Physical Education but others as well.

  • »  Monthly Railway Concession

    A large number of students traveling to and from the college by train are entitled to avail of the monthly/quarterly railway tickets at a concessional rate. For that one has to collect a form from the office and to complete the necessary formalities. The office staff advise them the necessary procedures for getting the concession finally.

  • »  Canteen & Other Services

    Students' Canteen : Canteen is a part and parcel of a college. The college provides a canteen from which one may enjoy tea or coffee along with snacks, and even meals, at subsidised rates as the college subsidises the canteen. The canteen is supervised by the Student's Union. Separate rooms are alloted for boys and girls.

    Staff Canteen : In addition to the students' canteen a staff canteen is there to cater to the requirement of the staff.

    Students' Cheap Stores : The students can avail of the facility of buying text books and reading materials from the students' Cheap Stores housed within the college campus. One generally gets a 10% discount on text books. This way-side store is a boon to commuter students who may need a last minute purchase of note books etc., while rushing for classes.

Prabhu Jagatbandhu College, generally popular as Andul College, is situated on the bank of once famous river, The Saraswati. Nearly five decades ago on 15th August 1964 this college was founded only as result of a long-cherished aspiration of thousands of education conscious people of very old and culturally rich localities of Jhorehat, Andul and Mouri. This college has been named after Sri Sri Prabhu Jagatbandhu, a saint in the true sense of the term. Even today there are a great number of his devotees. One of the devotees, Dr. Tinkari Ghosh,MBBS gifted some of his land and a building to start the college. This self-effacing man ensured that no hint of his generosity should be publicized. An organizing committee comprising Principal Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharyya, Prof. Bipin Krishna Ghosh, Sri Bijoyananda Chatterjee, Dr. Renu Bhusan Chatterjee and Sri Harigopal Bhattacharyya (Secretary) was set up to run the College.

The dream of the college could not have culminated into reality but for the voluntary donation by the education loving people of the locality, raised by the untiring, selfless benevolent group under the name of ‚ÄėKarmi Sangha‚Äô. Later on the Science Building was constructed with the money and materials donated by generous Surath Mohan Paul. Dr. T. K. Ghosh made a gift to the college some of his landed property and Surath Mohan also executed a trust deed between N. C. Paul (Bricks) Pvt. Ltd. and the college making in a perennial source of income-of-the-college. Decades later, on the western side of the campus, the building was constructed under the scheme of MPLAD fund of Hon'ble M.P. Mr. Swadesh Ranjan Chakraborty . Mr. Chakraborty further allotted Rs. Ten lakhs from the same fund for setting up computer facilities in the college.

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