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Bethune College, Kolkata
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Bethune College - Undergraduate Admission Important Dates 2021
Bethune College, Kolkata
Under Graduate Admission 2021
Important Dates
Sl. No. Event Schedule
1. Online Application Form fill up 2nd August 2021 (11:00 a.m. onwards) to 20th August 2021 (up to 06:00 p.m.)
2. Publication of full list of applicants (Provisional) 23rd August, 2021 (04:00 p.m.)
3. Reporting of discrepancies (if any) in the published list of applicants (only through email to be sent to with scanned copy of supporting document) Within 25th August, 2021 (up to 04:00 p.m.)
4. Publication of subject wise rectified Full List (Provisional) 28th August, 2021 (04:00 p.m.)
5. Publication of 1st list for admission (Provisional) 1st September, 2021 (11:00 a.m.)
6. Online Admission (1st Cycle) From 1st September to 2nd September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
7. Publication of 2nd list for admission (Provisional) 3rd September, 2021 (02:00 p.m.)
8. Online Admission (2nd Cycle) From 3rd September to 4th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
9. Publication of 3rd list for admission (Provisional) 6th September 2021 (2 p.m.)
10. Online Admission (3rd Cycle) From 6th September to 7th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
11. Publication of 4th list for admission (Provisional) 8th September, 2021 (02:00 p.m.)
12. Online Admission (4th Cycle) From 8th September to 9th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
13. Publication of 5th list (Provisional) 10th September, 2021 (02:00 p.m.)
14. Online Admission (5th Cycle) From 10th September to 11th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
15. Publication of 6th list for admission (Provisional) 13th September, 2021 (02:00 p.m.)
16. Online Admission (6th Cycle) From 13th September to 14th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
17. Publication of 7th list for admission (Provisional) 15th September, 2021 (02:00 p.m.)
18. Online Admission (7th Cycle) From 15th September to 16th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
19. Publication of 8th list for admission (Provisional) From 15th September to 16th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
20 Online Admission (8th Cycle) From 17th September to 18th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
21 Publication of 9th list for admission (Provisional) 20th September, 2021 (02:00 p.m.)
22 Online Admission (9th Cycle) From 20th September to 21th September, 2021 (up to 10:00 p.m.)
23 Call for registering name in WISH-LIST (if required) 22nd September, 2021 (04:00 p.m. to 24th September (06:00 p.m.)
24 Publication of the name of the candidates opted for WISH-LIST (Provisional) 25th September (11:00 a.m.)
25 Admission from WISH-LIST (10th Cycle)* 26th September, 2021 (02:00 p.m.) to 27th September (06:00 p.m.)
26 Admission from WISH-LIST (11th Cycle)* 28th September, 2021 (04:00 p.m.) to 30th September (08:00 p.m.)
27 Commencement of Class To be notified later

Admission in 10th and 11th Cycle will be exclusively made from the candidates, who registered their names in WISH-LIST during 22nd to 24th September, 2021. No further claim for admission in any subsequent cycle will be entertained if a candidate fails to register her name in the WISH-LIST.

It’s the responsibility of the applicants to watch the website regularly for Merit Lists, Admission Lists for different cycles and other updated information. The college authority will not be responsible for non receipt of SMS due to technical issues or any other reason whatsoever.

If a candidate whose name appears in an Admission List fails to take admission on the scheduled date and time she will not be considered further for any subsequent cycle of admission. No claim will be entertained later.

The College Authority reserves the right to modify the above schedule due to unavoidable circumstances. Please follow this website regularly for updated information.

Queries related to B.A. / B.Sc. admission may be sent to :

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