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Gokhale Memorial Girls' College [GMGC], Kolkata
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Admission Year:
Undergraduate Admission Subject Combinations, 2019-2020
Gokhale Memorial Girls' College [GMGC], Kolkata
Undergraduate Admission Subject Combinations, 2019-2020

Subject Combinations Offered FOR ADMISSION 2019

Bengali (B.A.)
  1. Philosophy and Sanskrit
  2. Philosophy and Political Science
  3. History and Political Science
  4. Geography and Sanskrit
  5. History and Sanskrit
  6. Geography and Political Science
  7. History and Philosophy
  8. Education and Sociology
Chemistry (B.Sc.)
  1. Mathematics and Physics
Economics (B.Sc.)
  1. Mathematics and Political science
  2. Mathematics and English
  3. Mathematics and Sociology
Education (B.A.)
  1. History and Political Science
  2. History and Philosophy
  3. Psychology and Political Science
  4. Psychology and Sanskrit
  5. History and Sanskrit
  6. History and Psychology
  7. History and Sociology
English (B.A.)
  1. History and Philosophy
  2. History and Education
  3. Philosophy and Education
  4. History and Geography
  5. History and Elective Bengali
  6. History and Hindi
  7. Philosophy and Bengali
  8. Philosophy and Hindi
  9. Geography and Education
  10. Geography and Bengali
  11. Geography and Hindi
  12. History and Sociology
Geography (B.A. & B.Sc.)
  1. Economics and Political Science (B.Sc.)
  2. Elective English and Economics (B.Sc.)
  3. Economics and Sociology (B.Sc.)
  4. Sanskrit and Education (B.A.)
  5. Education and Political Science (B.A.)
Hindi (B.A.)
  1. Philosophy and Political Science
  2. Philosophy and Elective English
  3. Sanskrit and Philosophy
  4. Philosophy and History
  5. Political Science and History
  6. History and English
  7. Sociology and Education
History (B.A.)
  1. Political Science and Education
  2. Philosophy and Education
  3. Education and English
  4. Philosophy and English
  5. Philosophy and Bengali
  6. Geography and Bengali
  7. Education and Sanskrit
  8. Political Science and Bengali
  9. Political Science and Hindi
  10. Philosophy and Hindi
  11. Geography and English
  12.  Education and Sociology
  13. Political Science and Sociology
Mathematics (B.Sc)
  1. Physics and Chemistry
  2. Physics and Economics
Philosophy (B.A.)
  1. History and Bengali
  2. Political Science and Education
  3. Sanskrit and Education
  4. Bengali and Sanskrit
  5. History and English
  6. Sociology and Education
Physics (B.Sc.)
  1. Chemistry and Mathematics
Political Science (B.A.)
  1. History and Philosophy
  2. History and Education
  3. Geography and Education
  4. Philosophy and Education
  5. Economics and History
  6. History and Geography
  7. History and Bengali
  8. History and Hindi
  9. Philosophy and Bengali
  10. Philosophy and Hindi
  11. Education and Sociology
  12. Geography and Sociology
Psychology (B.A. & B.Sc.)
  1. Political Science and Economics (B.Sc.)
  2. Economics and English (B.Sc.)
  3. Economics and Sociology (B.Sc.)
  4. Education and English (B.A.)

Advertising, Sales Promotion
and Sales Management 
B.Sc. (Major) and B.A. (Major)
  1. Economics and Psychology B.Sc. (Major)
  2. Education and Elective English B.A. (Major)
Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics 
B.Sc. (Major)
  1. Chemistry and Psychology
  2. Chemistry and Physics
  3. Chemistry and Philosophy
  4. Chemistry and Bengali
Communicative English 
B.A. (Major)
  1. English and Philosophy
  2. English and History

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