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CBSE to Consider Performance of Class 10th - 12th to Compute Class 12 Results | College Admission
[Published on: 17.06.2021]

CBSE to Consider Performance of Class 10th - 12th to Compute Class 12 Results on July 23

  • The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Friday informed the Supreme Court that the theory component of the Class 12 results will be calculated by using the ratio of 40:30:30 for students performance in Classes 12, 11 and 10, respectively.
  • In case of practicals, students will be assessed based on the actual marks submitted by the school to CBSE.
  • According to the schedule submitted by the Board in the SC, schools will have to finalise the results and upload marks on the Boards link by July 15, after which CBSE will declare the results on July 31.
  • For the computation of results, a five-member Result Committee will be formed in each school comprising the principal as chairperson, two senior-most teachers of the school teaching Class 12, and two teachers from neighbouring Senior Secondary Schools teaching Class 12 who will be co-opted as external members.
  • The computation of theory marks for class XII will be based on performance in one or more Unit Test(s)/Mid-Term/Pre-Board(s) theory examination. The result committee of the school may decide weightage to be given to each exam based on the credibility and reliability of the assessment. For example, if the committee may be of the considered view that only the Pre-Board exams may be taken into consideration, then a full weightage can be given to that component. Similarly, another school Result committee may decide to give equal weightage to Pre-Board exams and Mid-Term exams, CBSE Contoller of Examination Sanyam Bhardwaj submitted in the SC.
  • Computation of class 11 theory marks will be on the basis of year end final theory exam in respective subjects, and Class 10 marks will be based on average theory marks obtained by the student(s) in best three performing subjects out of main five subjects.
  • Marks of Practical/Internal Assessment etc. of class 12 will be on actual basis as uploaded by the school on the CBSE portal.
  • “In case where any candidate is not satisfied with the assessment done, based on the policy, such candidates will be given an opportunity to appear in examinations to be conducted by the Board when conditions are conducive for holding the examinations. As per this policy, marks scored in later examination will be considered as final,” Bhardwaj said.
  • To standardise the marking, CBSE has said the “total marks awarded should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in Class-XII Board Examinations”.
  • “As marks of class XI and class XIl component will be awarded at school level, they will strictly not be comparable across schools due to the variations in the quality of question papers, the evaluation standard and processes, the mode of conduct of exams etc. Therefore, to ensure standardisation, each school will have to internally moderate the marks to account for the school level variations by using a reliable reference standard,” said Bhardwaj.
  • “The historical performance of the school, in terms of the best overall performance in the previous three years’ Board examination, will be taken as the reference for moderating the marks assessed by the school for 2020-2021…For example, if in a specific school, the overall average of students in 2017-18 is 72%, in 2018-19 is 74% and in 2019-20, it is 71%, the school will use the subject-wise averages of 2018-19 for moderation, which are the highest for moderation. The selected year will be the reference year for the school,” he said.
  • CBSE has said the “subject wise marks assessed by the school for 2020-2021 should be within a range of +/- 5 marks obtained by the students in the school in the subject in the reference year”, and that the “the overall average marks for the school assessed in 2020-2021, for all the subjects, should not exceed the overall average marks obtained by the school by 2 marks in the specific reference year”.

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