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CBSE Schools Form Panels for XII Final Scores with Board Formula | College Admission
[Published on: 19.06.2021]

CBSE schools form panels for XII final scores with board formula

  • Most CBSE schools have either formed or are in the process of setting up their results committees to start the evaluation of Class XII candidates and computation of their final scores, in the absence of their board exams this year. After getting the formula ratified by the Supreme Court, the central board has sent schools detailed instructions on how to go about it. Accordingly, 30% weightage will be given to each of Class X board exam scores (best three subjects) and Class XI final exams scores and 40% on Class XII online exams at schools, that might include everything from unit tests, term tests to pre-boards.
  • We have asked our Class-XII teachers to read the notification. We have formed our results committee that includes two teachers from other schools. When the results are prepared, subject teachers will be consulted as they know every childs proficiency level, said Lakshmipat Singhania Academy director Meena Kak. The school has submitted its CBSE X marks to the board.
  • Schools felt the computation of CBSE X marks was a dress rehearsal for this more complex marking Class XII formula, where a lot of scores under several heads were being considered. A list of FAQs has been prepared by all schools to be discussed with the city coordinator, with whom the first meeting has been slated for Saturday. The notification is clear but we will give our questions to the co-ordinator who will then take it to the board for further clarification, said North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School director Rita Chatterjee. CBSE schools will be divided into clusters that will hold subsequent meetings with the coordinator.
  • South Point principal Rupa Sanyal Bhattacharjee felt the inclusion of Class X boards marks, which the Class XII candidates had scored in pre-pandemic days, would help. The inclusion of Class XI finals marks, which were also held on campuses as pandemic was yet to strike with a vengeance in March 2019, would be an objective analysis, she said. We were lucky we could conduct our pre-boards on the campus and our practicals, too, she added.
  • Schools felt the inclusion of the average performance of schools for the past three years while computing the Class XII final marks would bring a system of check and balance so that children were not affected from too much leniency or too much strictness in school assessments. We have all the data with us and we are getting down to arranging them in order. Our exam committee is in place, too, said Asian International School principal Vijaylakshmi Kumar.

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