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Class X Marks Okay But XI Problem - Teachers | College Admission
[Published on: 18.06.2021]

Class X Marks Okay But XI Problem - Teachers

  • CBSE schools were relieved to get the board notification on the formula to be followed by schools to compute the final scores for their Class XII candidate. Going by suggestions from schools, the candidates Class X board marks have been taken into consideration and 30% weightage has been given to it.
  • However, the board has also kept a 30% weightage on Class XI marks, which has given rise to concerns among school heads as they feel students scores usually dip in Class XI before again picking up in Class XII.
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  • But the principals, whom CBSE had consulted before drafting the formula, said this was the best that could be done for objectivity. While the average student would gain, the ones in the 95%-plus bracket might suffer due to gain or loss of 3%-5% in the law of averages, they said. Most schools were happy the board had taken the Class X marks into consideration.
  • Some schools also felt there were many subjects in Plus-II that had no co-relation with those of Class X and so, clarification needed to be sought on those. It is a mammoth task now. We might need to seek clarification on subjects, like psychology, commerce, accountancy, mass media and fashion technology, which were not taught in Class X, said Lakshmipat Singhania Academy director Meena Kak. But Birla High School principal Loveleen Saigal argued even if there were co-relational issues, a childs basic knowledge could be assessed from Class X performance. Language, aptitude for science and maths can be gauged from Class X boards, she said.
  • North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School director Rita Chatterjee, who has been in the CBSE system for 40 years, said about 20% students changed schools or boards in Plus-II. These children missed the social-emotional pool in the first year (XI) and their scores dipped, she said, adding including Class XI marks could be challenging for them. Asian International School Vijaylakshmi Kumar echoed her: Some manage average to low marks in Class XI but there is a sharp rise in Class XII because of the hard work they put in later.

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