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Colleges Wait for CBSE XII Formula Before Deciding on Entrance Cut-Offs | College Admission
[Published on: 04.06.2021]

Colleges Wait for CBSE XII Formula Before Deciding on Entrance Cut-Offs

  • Vice-chancellors, principals and students are all keenly waiting for CBSE to come up with the formula, based on which Class-XII candidates marks will be calculated. With the CBSE board exams being cancelled, the central board formula and the scores are likely to impact the entire college admission process.
  • For the past few years, higher marks being awarded by CBSE has been pushing up admission marks cut-offs in top and universities colleges in Kolkata as well as Delhi, where several students from the city apply for undergraduate courses.
  • Scores secured by CBSE Class XII boards candidates in 2020 had been unprecedented, with a record number of students passing the exams and more than double the number scoring 95% and above. The number of students securing 90% and above, but less that 95%, was also very high. Marks were awarded based on their scores in the best performing subjects as some papers had to be cancelled owing to the nationwide lockdown last year.
  • These are extraordinary times and we must respect the decision by the two boards. A lot will depend on how the two boards will assess the students because it will impact the cut-offs for admissions, said the principal of a south Kolkata college. Many colleges have already held discussions with their senior teachers and experts to devise a formula for a level playing field for every applicant.
  • Last year, colleges struggled to fill seats because many students, who had scored high marks because of the lockdown formulae by different boards and councils, had applied for subjects they did not really want to study. Even when their names started figuring on the merit lists of those subjects, the candidates did not take admission, forcing colleges to re-invite applications from only interested candidates.
  • Principals pointed out that the past couple of years, the state board had also been awarding marks generously so that its students could compete with their counterparts from other boards and councils. It is true CBSE has been awarding very high marks over the past few years, which is pushing up the cut-offs in good colleges. This created problems for others. But for the past couple of years, even HS has started marking generously. said Tapan Kumar Poddar, president of the Calcutta University chapter of All Bengal Principals Council.

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