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IIM, Raipur - Admission to Post Graduate Programme (PGP) 2021

    + Admission Policy

    Post Graduate Program (PGP) is a master level full-time residential program at IIM Raipur. IIM Raipur is part of Common Admission Process 2021. The admission for this program follows two-stage process, namely, shortlisting candidates for personal appearance (PA) and final selection. Selection of candidates is based on the Final composite score under each category (General, EWS, NC-OBC, SC, and ST).

    This admission policy applies only to the PGP selection process for 2021-23 batch. Please note that IIM Raipur reserves the rights to modify the shortlisting criteria for personal appearance and final selection at any point of time till the admission of the 2021-23 batch completed.
    • Shortlisting candidates for Personal Appearance (PA):
      Personal Appearance consists of Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). The shortlisting of the candidates for WAT and PI is based on the percentile obtained in CAT 2020. There are three sections in CAT exam, namely, Quantitative Aptitude' (QA), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning' (DILR) and Verbal and Reading Comprehension' (VRC). The minimum cut-offs of CAT percentile required in each sections and overall percentile for shortlisting candidates is indicated in Table 1. IIM Raipur reserves the right to increase or reduce the percentile to obtain the required number of candidates to be called for PA for each category.
      Table 1: Tentative Minimum Cut-offs of CAT-2020 Percentile for each category
      Category Quantitative Aptitude (QA) Data interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VRC) Overall
      General 80 80 80 94
      EWS 60 60 60 75
      NC-OBC 60 60 60 75
      SC 45 45 45 55
      ST 30 30 30 40
      DAP 30 30 30 40
    • Final Selection:
      The final composite score is computed based on three parameters, viz. CAT score (35%), PA (35%) and Profile (30%). The detail of weightage in each parameter is provided in Table 2.
      Table 2: Weightage of parameters
      Category CAT Score Personal Appearance Profile Total
      WAT PI Academic Profile Gender Diversity Academic Diversity Work Experience
      Weightage 35 10 25 10 8 4 8 100
      Academic profile weights are based on the percentage of marks that the candidate obtained during his/her 12th Standard and Graduation, which is given in Table 3.
      Table 3: Weights for 12th and Graduation
      Range of Aggregate Percentage (%) *12th class Graduation
      <=50 0 0
      50.01 to 60 1 1
      60.01 to 70 2 2
      70.01 to 80 3 3
      80.01 to 90 4 4
      >90.01 5 5
      *Note: percentage to be calculated for all the subjects that appears in the mark sheet irrespective of method of calculation by respective board/institutes/universities
      Gender diversity aims to ensure the balance between gender. To achieve this objective, IIM Raipur provides eight (8) marks to the female candidates. Similarly, IIM Raipur strives to promote the academic diversity by providing four (4) marks for non-engineering graduates. The qualifying degrees for obtaining academic diversity is given in Appendix-1. The distribution of weightage in relation to experience is given in Table 4.
      Table 4: Weightage for Experience
      Months* 6 or Less 7-12 13-18 19-24 25-36 37-42 43-48 49 or More
      Score 0 2 4 6 8 6 4 0
      * Only relevant work experience after graduation in terms of completed months will be considered. Candidate should ensure that the work experience claimed by the candidate is authentic and professionally significant enough to deserve credit. For instance, no consideration is given to any time spent as an intern, either during or after the course of study in a programme, or any periods of apprenticeship such as articleship required as part of certain professional courses, or any unpaid work undertaken in any organization or institution.
      The work experience will be verified based on the relevant documents (including experience certificate, appointment or reliving letter, first and last month pay slips, bank statement etc), which needs to be mandatorily produced by the candidate at the time of PA and subsequent admission related process. Note that the work experience certificate should be furnished on a letter head of the employer organisation, should carry a seal of the employer and be duly affirmed by the authorized signatory.
      Presentation of employment claims that are not in conformity with the requirements above is liable to be considered incomplete and disregarded by IIM Raipur at its sole discretion. Further, IIM Raipur is at liberty to verify any or all of the employment-related claims made by the candidate. Upon such verification, if it is found that some or all of the claims made are factually untrue, such candidates may be disqualified from being considered for admission to IIM Raipur. After a candidate joins the PGP at IIM Raipur, if it comes to the institute notice reliably that the candidate had made claims that cannot be substantiated as factual and correct, the candidate is liable to be expelled from the programme forthwith. In the event of such expulsion, the candidate will forfeit any fees paid until such expulsion.
    • Reservation Policy:
      IIM Raipur will apply the Government of India reservation policy for admission to Central Educational Institutions (CEIs).
    • Offer Acceptance Fee and Withdrawal Policy:
      Offer acceptance fee to be paid within required date stated in the admission offer letter by paying Rs.100,000 through IIM Raipur payment portal. A candidate who wishes to withdraw from the program before withdrawal date specified by the Institute, he/she will be refunded the acceptance fee after deduction of Rs.1000 as a processing fee. A candidate who withdraws after the withdrawal date specified by the institute, he/she will be paid after deducting hostel and other charges applicable if the seat is filled, else, the entire fee is forfeited.
      Any dispute concerning admissions to the PGP 2021-23 batch would be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts within the territorial jurisdiction of the city of Raipur only.
    Appendix 1: Academic Categories
    Category Particulars
    A All Commerce, Economics, Finance and Management Related Degrees), including BAF, BBA, BBE, BBI, BBM, BBS, BCAF, BCCA, B.Com., BFIA, BFM, BHM, BHMCT, BIBF, BMS (Bachelor of Management studies) and BSBA degrees.

    In particular, including
    1. Economics/ Economic Development and Planning.
    2. Any degree in Hospitality/Hospitality Studies, Catering/Catering Technology, Hotel, Travel and Tourism Management, Tourism Studies and any other related discipline.
    3. Commerce (Accountancy, Auditing, Banking, Business Mathematics, Business Organisation, Finance, Information Technology, Insurance, Investment Analysis, Public Finance, Secretarial Practices etc.)
    4. Management (Advertising, Agriculture and Food Business, Agribusiness Management, Agriculture Marketing and Cooperation, Agriculture and Rural and Tribal Development, Business Administration, Business Management, Business Studies, Commercial Agriculture and Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Management Studies, Sports Management, Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure, Renewable Energy Management, Oil and Gas Management, Production and Industrial Management).
    5. Any vocational degree in commerce (B.Com.)
    B All Arts/Humanities Related Degrees, Design, Education, Fashion Design/Technology, Law and Rural Studies), including any BA, BAA, BAJM, BCJ, BDES, BED, BFTECH, BJ, BJMC, BL, BM (Bachelor of Music), BMC, BMM, BMus, BSW and LLB.

    In particular, including
    1. Accessories Design/Apparel Production/Design/Fashion Communication/Fashion Design/Fashion Technology/Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management, Interior Design/Knit Wear Design/Leather Design/Footwear Design/Jewelry Design (all degrees)
    2. Arts/Humanities (Archaeology, Education, Fine Arts (Dance, Drama, Film, Music, Painting etc.), History, Languages, Library Science, Literature, Mass Communication, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Work/Welfare, Sociology, etc.)
    3. Education (including Physical Education and Sports)
    4. Journalism/Mass Communication/Media Studies (all degrees)
    5. Law
    6. Psychology (all degrees)
    7. Rural Studies/Rural Sociology/Rural Cooperatives/Rural Banking

    Any vocational degree in arts/education/humanities (BA)
    C Selected Professional Degrees, viz., Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Works Accountancy (ICWA), Company Secretaryship (CS).
    D Medicine and Surgery based subjects, viz., MBBS, MD, etc.
    E All Science and Agriculture related Areas, other than Medicine and Surgery): Including all BS/BSC and integrated MS/MSC (excluding Economics, Fashion Design, Journalism, and Leather Design). Also including degrees in dentistry, paramedical, veterinary degrees.

    In particular, including
    1.Actuarial Science
    2.Agriculture (Agronomy, Soil Science, Agricultural Biochemistry, Agricultural Economics, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Pathology, Soil Science etc.) Excluding Agricultural Engineering
    3.Biosciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Life Science, Zoology etc.)
    4.Computer Applications (BCA, MCA)
    8.Geological Sciences (Geography, Geology and Geophysics.)
    10.Information Technology.
    11.Mathematical Sciences (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics etc.): all bachelor's/integrated master's degrees
    12.Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Physics etc.)
    16.Veterinary Science/ Animal Husbandry
    17.Media Science, Media Science and Technology
    19.Any vocational degree in science (BS/B.Sc.)
    20.Science (Others): Home Science, Nursing and all other branches of Science not explicitly included or excluded elsewhere in this list
    F Any other degrees not stated in category A to E, will be decided by admission committee of IIM Raipur

    + Fee Structure

    The The Fee Structure for the students of the Post Graduate Programme 2020-22 of IIM Raipur is as follows:
    1st Year Fees
    Sl. No. Particulars 1st Term 2nd Term 3rd Term Total (Rs.)
    1 Fees 2,41,500.00 2,23,500.00 2,23,000.00 6,88,000.00
    2 Medical Insurance Charges 1,200.00 -- -- 1,200.00
    3 Students’ Association Fees 6,000.00 -- -- 6,000.00
    4 Alumni Activities 2,400.00 -- -- 2,400.00
    Total (1st Year) 2,51,100.00 2,23,500.00 2,23,000.00 6,97,600.00
    Caution deposit 30,000.00 -- -- 30,000.00
    Total (Including Caution deposit) 2,81,100.00 2,23,500.00 2,23,000.00 7,27,600.00
    2nd Year Fees
    Sl. No. Particulars 4th Term 5th Term 6th Term Total (Rs.)
    1 Fees 2,42,700.00 2,24,700.00 2,24,200.00 6,91,600.00
    2 Medical Insurance Charges 1,200.00 -- -- 1,200.00
    Total (2nd Year) 2,43,900.00 2,24,700.00 2,24,200.00 6,92,800.00
    Total Fees (excluding boarding charges) 14,20,400.00
    *Fees covers tuition fees, course material, library, lodging & Service charges, Internet/Computer fees, case permission royalty.

    • Charges towards boarding facility will be extra and to be calculated on actual basis.
    • Caution Deposit (one time) to be paid separately at the time of Registration.
    • The fees indicated above excludes any service tax & other taxes. Such taxes will be collected from the students at the prescribed rates, if applicable by law.
    • The amount of Rs. 75,000/- deposited while accepting the offer of Admission, will be adjusted against the 1st term fees.
    • The term-wise amount indicated above is payable at the beginning of each term.
    IIM Raipur reserves the right to change the fees.

    + Curriculum

    PGP-Year I
    Term I Term II Term III
    Financial Accounting and Decision Making Financial Management-I Financial Management-II
    Marketing Management-I Marketing Management-II Strategy Management-I
    Operations Management-I Cost Accounting and Decision Making Operations Management-II
    Organizational Behaviour-I Organizational Behaviour-II Human Resource Management
    Micro Economics Macro Economics Business Environment
    Quantitative Methods-I Quantitative Methods-II Research Methodology
    Legal Aspects of Business Management Information Systems Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business Communication-I Business Communication-II Business Communication-III

    PGP-Year II
    Term IV Term V Term VI
    Strategic Management - II Elective - VI Elective - XII
    Elective - I Elective - VII Elective - XIII
    Elective - II Elective - VIII Elective - XIV
    Elective - III Elective - IX Elective - XV
    Elective -IV Elective - X Elective - XVI
    Elective - V Elective - XI Elective - XVII

    List of Electives :
    Business Analysis and Valuation Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
    Banking Management International Finance and Forex management
    Financial Derivatives Financial Risk Management
    Investment Banking Mergers and Acquisitions
    Project Appraisal Finance Financial Analytics
    Fixed Income Securities Behavioural Finance
    Human Resources Management
    IR & Labour Laws Leadership in Emerging Context
    Strategic HRM Compensation Management
    Competency & Talent Management Organizational Development
    Performance Management System Conflict & Negotiation
    Training & Development International HRM
    Role of HRM in M & A/Turnaround
    IT and Operations
    Business Analytics Using Data Mining Digital Strategies in Business
    Project Management Service Operations
    Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Modelling and Analytics
    Advanced Production and Inventory Management System Operations Strategy
    Global Sourcing and Contracts Management Business Process Reengineering
    Business models for e-commerce Lean Enterprise
    Business models for e-commerce Logistics Management
    Innovation and Technology Management Total Quality Management & Six Sigma
    Services’ Marketing Advanced Marketing Research
    Consumer Behaviour Sales and Distribution
    Integrated Marketing Communications’ B2B Marketing
    Rural Marketing Customer Relationship Management
    Brand Management New product development
    Retail Management International Marketing
    Pricing Digital Marketing
    Exports Management  
    Strategy and General Management
    Advanced Competitive Strategy International Business
    Public Policy Strategic Agri-Business Management
    Entrepreneurship Business Simulation : Capstone
    Econometrics for Managerial Decision Making  
    Note: Electives will be offered as per PGP rules.

    + Important Dates

    Registration To be announced soon
    Preparatory Classes Starting
    Preparatory Classes Ending
    Orientation Starting
    Orientation Ending
    Classes Commencement
    IIM Raipur reserves the right to change the dates.

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