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Scottish Church College [SCC], Kolkata
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Scottish Church College - B.Ed. Admission College Rules 2022-2024

Scottish Church College
Department of Teacher Education (B.Ed.)
B.Ed. Admission - College Rules
Academic Session: 2022-2024

  • Students are required to maintain regular attendance to be eligible for appearing in the University examination. They should follow the parameters given below:
    • Collegiate: Attendance of 75% and above (the remaining 25% covers absence due to medical and other reasons) is required to become eligible to appear for University examination.
    • Non-Collegiate : Attendance of 60% and above (the remaining 40% covers absence due to medical and other reasons) is required to become eligible to appear for University examinations only after paying Non-Collegiate condonation fee of Rs. 100/- as per Calcutta University rules.
    • Dis-Collegiate: Attendance below 60% - (25% covers absence due to all reasons including medical) implies that the student is not eligible to be sent up for University examinations as per Calcutta University norms.
  • If a student is absent for more than two consecutive weeks without prior permission / intimation, her name is likely to be struck off the register.
  • Students must pass the college examinations for being sent up for University Examinations. Any student absent in any examination on medical grounds must submit before the end of the examinations or within three days of its completion a medical certificate and a letter to the Vice-Principal from the guardian stating the grounds for his/her absence. Such cases may be considered with sympathy, but it must be understood that illness is not in itself a valid excuse. Sending up, in such cases will not be granted unless the student record is very good. Sending up lists is displayed on the notice board.
  • Students must wear and display visibly their Identity Cards during College hours inside the Campus. A student must produce Identity Card as and when demanded. It should be carefully preserved. In case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate can be obtained only on permission by the Principal/the Vice-Principal and on payment of a fine of Rs. 70/- and preferably with a GD from the police station in this regard.
  • A student failing to clear the fees within notified date will have to secure re-admission on payment of full fees again with prior approval of the Principal / Vice-Principal.
  • Students are expected to treat the members of the staff and their fellow students with courtesy both in and out of the College. There must be no disorderly or offensive conduct at any time.
  • Students must be in their classes and take their seats when the bell rings at the beginning of each period. They must not enter or leave the class room without permission.
  • College property, furniture, library books, etc. must be treated with due care.
  • Rules for the conduct of examinations are placed on the Notice Board and must be strictly observed.
  • Impersonation at roll call is a punishable offence. The Principal/Vice Principal has authority to impose fine or other appropriate punishment and in extreme cases may suspend or expel an offender.
  • Students are required to check the Notice Board for any important notice/ announcement before they leave the college every day.
  • Students are expected to be formally and decently dressed while in the College.
  • Use of tobacco products including smoking, chewing tobacco products, playing cards, spitting and loitering is strictly prohibited within the College and Hostel campuses and shall invite punishment.
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