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University of Calcutta - M.A./M.Sc. Admission Notice 2020-2021

P.G. Admission Notice (2020-2021)
For Admission to M.A./M.Sc. Courses of Studies
Faculties of Arts; Education, Journalism and Library Science
Online submission of Applications for Centralized Admission to the following Post Graduate Courses in the University Departments and affiliated Under-Graduate Colleges other than Autonomous Colleges of this University for the academic session 2020-2021 will go on from November 02, 2020 to November 10, 2020. 3-Year B.A./B.Sc. Hons. or its equivalent Graduates of University of Calcutta and Autonomous Colleges and Other Universities graduating not earlier than 2019 are eligible to apply.

Candidates who have appeared at the final year/semester examinations and awaiting for results are also eligible to apply with a condition that they have to produce their mark sheets before the generation of merit list.

Faculties of Arts; Education, Journalism and Library Science
  • Courses bearing following Sl. NO. 1 to 26 are offered directly in University Departments and Courses bearing Sl. No. 26 to 61 are offered by the different UG colleges affiliated to this University.
    Sl. No. Courses offered by the University Departments Abbreviation Group No.
    M.A. or M.A./M.Sc.
    1. Ancient Indian History & Culture AIHCU 323
    2. Arabic ARBCU 306
    3. Archaeology ARCCU 320
    4. Bengali BENCU 301
    5. Buddhist Studies BUSCU 311
    6. Comparative Indian Language & Literature CILCU 307
    7. Economics ECOCU 314
    8. Education EDUCU 319
    9. English ENGCU 302
    10. French FRNCU 310
    11. Hindi HINCU 304
    12. History HISCU 315
    13. Islamic History & Culture IHCCU 324
    14. Integrated B. Lib. I.Sc. – M.Lib. I.Sc. LISCU 341
    15. Journalism & Mass Communication JMCCU 312
    16. Linguistics LINCU 308
    17. Museology MUSCU 321
    18. Pali PALCU 309
    19. Persian PERCU 325
    20. Philosophy PHICU 316
    21. Political Science PLSCU 317
    22. Russian RUSCU 326
    23. Sanskrit SANCU 303
    24. Sociology SOCCU 318
    25. South & South East Asian Studies SEACU 322
    26. Urdu URDCU 305
  • Courses bearing Sl.No. 27 to 62 are offered by the different UG colleges affiliated to this University
    Sl. No. Colleges affiliated to CU offering M.A. Courses Abbreviation Group No.
    27. Bengali in Bethune College BENBT 301
    28. Bengali in Lady Brabourne College BENLB 301
    29. Bengali in Asutosh College BENAT 301
    30. Bengali in Bankim Sardar College BENBS 301
    31. Bengali in Behala College BENBL 301
    32. Bengali in Charu Chandra College BENCC 301
    33. Bengali in Jogamaya Devi College BENJD 301
    34. Bengali in Fakir Chand College BENFC 301
    35. Bengali in Rammohan College BENRC 301
    36. Bengali in Vivekananda College BENVK 301
    37. Bengali in Vivekananda College for Women, Barisha BENVW 301
    38. Bengali in Women’s College, Bagbazar BENWM 301
    39. Bengali in Gurudas College, Fulbagan BENGD 301
    40. Bengali in Ramsaday College, Amta BENRS 301
    41. Bengali in Nabagram Hiralal Paul College, Konnagar, Hooghly BENNH 301
    42. Bengali in Bijay Krishna Girls’ College, Howrah BENBG 301
    43. Bengali in Naba Ballygunge Mahavidyala BENNB 301
    44. Bengali in Prabhu Jagat Bandhu College, Andul, Howrah BENPJ 301
    45. Bengali in Uluberia College,, Howrah BENUL 301
    46. Education in Fakir Chand College EDUFC 319
    47. English in Bethune College ENGBT 302
    48. English in Lady Brabourne College ENGLB 302
    49. English in Moulana Azad College ENGMA 302
    50. English in Women’s College ENGWM 302
    51. English in Basanti Devi College ENGBD 302
    52. English in Narasinha Dutta College ENGND 315
    53. History in Fakir Chand College HISFC 315
    54. History in Behala College HISBL 315
    55. History in Vivekananda College HISVK 315
    56. History in Women’s College HISWM 312
    57. Journalism & Mass Communication in Women’s College JMCWM 316
    58. Philosophy in Bijay Krishna Girls’ College PHIBJ 317
    59. Political Science in Basanti Devi College PLSBD 317
    60. Political Science in Lady Brabourne College PLSLB 303
    61. Sanskrit in Bijay Krishna Girls’ College SANBJ 303
    62. Urdu in Moulana Azad College URDMA 305
Candidates are requested to visit University Website on a regular basis.
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