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Biswa Bangla Biswabidyalaya - PG 3rd Merit List 2022-2023

Post Graduate Admission
PG 3rd Merit List
Academic Session: 2022-2023

Important Instructions for the selected candidates under Merit List 3.
Please check the Merit List 3 before doing the payment.

Steps to Follow:
Step 1: Make the payment via "SBI Collect" only.
Step 2: On completion of the payment of admission fees, the receipt is to be uploaded in the portal along with other details to complete your admission. The receipt has to be uploaded before closing of the respective merit list.
Step 3: Download the "Provisional Admission Receipt" for future reference.

  • Bengali
  • English
  • History
  • Mathematics
Sl. No. Subject Category Application ID Candidate Name Gender Caste Index Point
1 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220976 RIMA GORAI Female GEN 86.700
2 Bengali UR BBBBNGA2201000 Rama Chowdhury Female GEN 86.700
3 Bengali UR BBBBNGA2201560 NASRIN KHATUN Female GEN 86.700
4 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220338 BILKIS KHATUN Female GEN 86.700
5 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220403 LIZA YASMIN Female GEN 86.700
6 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220577 SOUMEN MONDAL Male GEN 86.700
7 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220582 SMRITI GHOSH Female GEN 86.700
8 Bengali UR BBBBNGA2201265 TITHI MONDAL Female GEN 86.700
9 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220845 RAKTI MONDAL Female GEN 86.100
10 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220894 WAHEDHAR RAHAMAN Female OBC-A 86.100
11 Bengali UR BBBBNGA2201622 MD SAFIN HOSSAIN Male GEN 86.100
12 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220723 TANUSHREE GHOSH Female GEN 86.100
13 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220261 SULEKHA GHOSH Female GEN 85.800
14 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220614 BAKUL GHOSH Female GEN 85.600
15 Bengali UR BBBBNGA220254 MOIN KHAN Male OBC-B 85.600
16 Bengali UR BBBBNGA2201211 MUNMUN MONDAL Female GEN 85.600
17 Bengali OBC-A BBBBNGA2201458 RUMANA PARVEEN Female OBC-A 85.600
18 Bengali OBC-A BBBBNGA220610 YASMINA KHATUN Female OBC-A 85.000
19 Bengali SC BBBBNGA2201470 RAJ BISWAS Male SC 83.200
20 Bengali SC BBBBNGA220297 BANDANA MAJI Female SC 82.800
21 Bengali SC BBBBNGA220252 SUDIPTA SAHA Female SC 82.800
22 Bengali ST BBBBNGA220234 SUBHRA SAREN Female ST 76.100
Sl. No. Subject Category Application ID Candidate Name Gender Caste Index Point
1 English UR BBBENGL2201076 BARNALI DE Female GEN 84.400
2 English UR BBBENGL2201392 NUTAN MUKHERJEE Female GEN 84.400
3 English UR BBBENGL220589 RAHUL RUDRA Male GEN 84.400
4 English UR BBBENGL220960 BADRE ALAM Male GEN 84.400
5 English UR BBBENGL2201047 SUMAN DHARA Male GEN 84.400
6 English UR BBBENGL2201583 BISHNUPADA DAS Male OBC-B 84.400
8 English UR BBBENGL220439 PRIYANKA PAL Female GEN 84.400
9 English UR BBBENGL2201131 SAYAN SARKAR Male GEN 84.400
10 English UR BBBENGL220148 USHASEE MUKHERJEE Female GEN 83.900
11 English UR BBBENGL220342 Anushka Mondal Female GEN 83.900
12 English UR BBBENGL220371 ETIYA RAHAMAN Female OBC-A 83.900
13 English UR BBBENGL2201120 AJIJA AKTAR Female OBC-A 83.800
14 English UR BBBENGL220626 SAMIT DAS Male OBC-B 83.600
15 English UR BBBENGL2201145 DEVDATTA PANDA Male GEN 83.500
16 English UR BBBENGL220159 NITISHA PAL Female GEN 83.500
17 English UR BBBENGL2201455 ARGHYADIP DAS Male GEN 83.500
18 English OBC-A BBBENGL220989 NAYAN SHAIKH Male OBC-A 83.300
19 English OBC-B BBBENGL2201316 NIBEDITA ROOJ Female OBC-B 82.200
20 English SC BBBENGL2201087 KOUSIK MONDAL Male SC 78.600
21 English SC BBBENGL220486 SUMANA MANDAL Female SC 77.800
22 English SC BBBENGL2201111 DISHANI GHARAMI Female SC 77.800
23 English SC BBBENGL2201095 PURABI BARMAN Female SC 77.500
24 English SC BBBENGL2201129 ARKA PATRA Male SC 77.200
25 English SC BBBENGL2201576 MANABRATA DAS Male SC 77.200
26 English SC BBBENGL220887 SUDAN MAL Male SC 77.200
Sl. No. Subject Category Application ID Candidate Name Gender Caste Index Point
1 History UR BBBHIST220751 ESITA BANERJEE Female GEN 83.900
2 History UR BBBHIST2201571 SHIPRA DEY Female GEN 83.900
3 History UR BBBHIST220895 NARGIS KHATUN Female GEN 83.400
4 History UR BBBHIST220379 OMMESARA KHATUN Female GEN 83.300
5 History UR BBBHIST2201026 Lekha Halder Female GEN 83.300
6 History UR BBBHIST220712 LATA BANSARI Female GEN 83.300
7 History UR BBBHIST220341 DEBIKA LAHA Female GEN 83.300
8 History UR BBBHIST2201425 DEBOLINA GHOSAL Female GEN 82.800
10 History OBC-A BBBHIST220128 SK NASIMUDDIN Male OBC-A 81.700
11 History OBC-A BBBHIST220724 MEHERUNNISHA KHATUN Female OBC-A 81.700
12 History OBC-A BBBHIST2201208 SK NOOR ISLAM Male OBC-A 81.250
13 History SC BBBHIST2201451 SMRITI BAYEN Female SC 81.100
14 History SC BBBHIST220910 SHARMISTHA BAURI Female SC 81.100
15 History SC BBBHIST2201423 KHOKAN KONAI Male SC 80.600
16 History SC BBBHIST22027 CHUMKI RUIDAS Female SC 80.300
Sl. No. Subject Category Application ID Candidate Name Gender Caste Index Point
1 Mathematics UR BBBMATH2201511 Bikram Kundu Male GEN 90.600
2 Mathematics UR BBBMATH220164 JIT ACHARYA Male GEN 90.600
3 Mathematics UR BBBMATH220836 SUBHAJIT MONDAL Male GEN 90.600
4 Mathematics UR BBBMATH22077 KRISHNENDU DUTTA Male OBC-B 90.600
5 Mathematics UR BBBMATH2201653 SUBHASIS GARAI Male OBC-B 90.600
6 Mathematics UR BBBMATH2201515 BIKRAM GHOSH Male GEN 90.400
7 Mathematics UR BBBMATH220133 DEEPSHIKHA MONDAL Female GEN 90.400
8 Mathematics UR BBBMATH220794 BIKAS CHANDA Male OBC-B 90.300
9 Mathematics UR BBBMATH2201529 KALIPROSAD DAN Male OBC-B 90.100
10 Mathematics UR BBBMATH220594 SUBHAJIT PAL Male OBC-B 90.100
11 Mathematics UR BBBMATH220918 SWAGATA BHOWMIK Male GEN 90.100
12 Mathematics UR BBBMATH220300 TRISHA DAS BAIRAGYA Female GEN 90.100
13 Mathematics OBC-B BBBMATH2201331 Partha Maji Male OBC-B 89.200
14 Mathematics OBC-B BBBMATH220396 Newton Pramanick Male OBC-B 88.900

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