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Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

Established : 2010
Type : Co-Education
Chairman : R C Bhargava
Director : Anindya Sen
Former Name : IIM Ranchi or IIM-R
Location : Ranchi
Affiliation(s) : Autonomous
Category : Post Graduate Diploma
Accreditation / Recognition : Approved by the Union Cabinet
Department(s) : PGDM, PGDHRM, FPM & Executive Programme


  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Programme
    Term I (June 29 to September 18) Term II (September 21 to December 23) Term III (January 4 to March 31)
    Course Credit Course Credit Course Credit
    Microeconomics 3 Macroeconomics 3 Organizational Structure & Design 1.5
    Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 Managerial Accounting 3 Human Resource Management 3
    Organizational Behavior-I 3 Corporate Finance 3 Strategic Management 3
    Business Statistics 3 Operations Management-I 1.5 Operations Management-II 3
    Marketing Management-I 3 Marketing Management-II 3 Management Information System 3
    Business Communication-I 1.5 Operations Research 3 Legal Aspects of Business 3
    Business Ethics 1.5 Organizational Behavior ‚Äď II 3 Quantitative Techniques 3
    Financial Markets 1.5 Business Communication ‚Äď II 1.5 Qualitative Techniques 1.5
            Soft Skills and Personality Development Non-Credit
      19.5   21   21

    Summer Internship Project (SIP) [April to Mid June] 3

    Term IV (June 15 to September 4) Term V (September 7 to December 11) Term VI (December 14 to February 26)
    Course Credit Course Credit Course Credit
    Electives Min 18 ‚Äď Max 21 Electives Min 15 ‚Äď Max 18 Electives Min 9 ‚Äď Max 12
    Total Credits needed to graduate (including Summer Internship Project) 106.5-115.5

    Accounting & Finance
    • ¬†Investment Management
    • ¬†Derivatives
    • ¬†Business Valuation
    • ¬†Fixed Income Securities
    • ¬†International Finance
    • ¬†Bank Management
    • ¬†Microfinance
    • ¬†Project & Infrastructure Finance
    • ¬†Mergers and Acquisitions (Cross listed with Strategy Area)
    • ¬†Financial Risk Management
    • ¬†Financial Modelling Using SAS
    • ¬†Quantitative Finance
    • ¬†Insurance Management
    • ¬†Applied Econometrics with Software Applications
    • ¬†Economics of Sustainable Development (New)
    • ¬†Public Economics (New)
    • ¬†Game Theory and Strategic Behaviour (Cross listed with Strategy Area)
    • ¬†International Economics
    • ¬†India and World Economy (New)
    • ¬†Auctions- Theory & Practice (New)
    • ¬†Corporate Sustainability (New)
    Information Systems
    • ¬†Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
    • ¬†Strategies for Information Systems Management (New)
    • ¬†Information Security and Risk Management (New)
    • ¬†Text, Web and Social Network Analytics (New)
    • ¬†Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
    • ¬†Digital Marketing and Strategies for E Business (New)
    • ¬†Software Project Management
    • ¬†Managing Information Business (New)
    • ¬†Analytics in Financial Markets
    • ¬†Analytics in Operations
    • ¬†Cloud Computing Strategy
    Marketing Management
    • ¬†Strategic Marketing
    • ¬†Sales and Distribution
    • ¬†Integrated Marketing Communication
    • ¬†Retail Management
    • ¬†International Marketing
    • ¬†Marketing Research (New)
    • ¬†Rural Marketing
    • ¬†Consumer Behavior
    • ¬†Business to Business Marketing
    • ¬†Digital Marketing and Strategies for E Business (New)
    • ¬†Product Management and Brand Management
    • ¬†Customer Relation Management
    Operations Management
    • ¬†Quality and Six Sigma
    • ¬†Service Operations Management
    • ¬†Business Forecasting Models (New)
    • ¬†Project Management
    • ¬†Supply Chain Management
    • ¬†Management of Technology (New) (Cross listed with Strategy Area)
    • ¬†Inventory and Warehouse Logistics
    • ¬†Operations Strategy
    Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
    • ¬†Compensation and Reward Management
    • ¬†Competency Management
    • ¬†Employee Relations-I: Labour Laws
    • ¬†Strategic HRM
    • ¬†Psychological & Psychometric Testing
    • ¬†International HRM
    • ¬†Managing Conflict and Negotiations
    • ¬†Career and Succession Management
    • ¬†Human Resource Planning
    • ¬†Role of HR in Mergers and Acquisitions
    • ¬†Labour Laws and Employee Relations-II
    • ¬†Counseling and Coaching
    • ¬†Supply Chain and Logistics
    • ¬†Employee Welfare and Workplace Environment
    • ¬†HR Accounting
    • ¬†Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness
    • ¬†Organizational Change and Development
    • ¬†International Business Management
    • ¬†Industry and Competitive Analysis
    • ¬†Game Theory and Strategic Behaviour (Cross listed with Economics Area)
    • ¬†Entrepreneurship
    • ¬†Mergers and Acquisitions (Cross listed with Finance Area)
    • ¬†Management of Technology (New) (Cross listed with Operations Area)
    • ¬†Social Entrepreneurship
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM) Programme

    First Year Compulsory Courses

    Term I (June 29 to September 18) Term II (September 21 to December 23) Term III (January 4 to March 31)
    Course Credit Course Credit Course Credit
    Business Communication 3.0 Business Communication 1.5 Organizational Structure and Design 3.0
    Quantitative Techniques 3.0 Managerial Economics 3.0 Strategic Management 3.0
    Marketing Management 3.0 Operations Management 3.0 Qualitative Methods 1.5
    Introduction to HR 3.0 Recruitment and Selection 3.0 Performance measurement and management 3.0
    Organizational Behaviour 3.0 Team and Group Dynamics 3.0 Legal Aspects Of Business 3.0
    Financial Reporting and Cost Management 3.0 Employee Relations & Trade Unions 3.0 Social Research and Methods 3.0
    Business Ethics 1.5 Financial Management 3.0 Training and Development 3.0
      19.5   19.5   19.5
    Summer Internship Project (SIP) April to mid of June 3.0

    Second Year Cumpolsory Courses

    Term IV (June 15 to September 4) Term V (September 7 to December 11) Term VI (December 14 to February 26)
    Course Credit Course Credit Course Credit
    Strategic HRM 3.0 Internatioanl HRM 3.0 Supply Chain and Logistics 1.5
    Competency Management 3.0 Managing Conflict and Negotiations 1.5 Business Ethics 1.5
    Labour Laws and Employee Relations -I 3.0 Career and Succession Management 3.0 HR Analytics 3.0
    Introduction to Business Law 3.0 Human Resource Planning 3.0 Employee Welfare and Workplace Environment 3.0
    Compensation and Reward Management 3.0 Role of HR in Mergers and Acquisitions 1.5 HR Accounting 1.5
    Human Resource Information System 3.0 Labour Laws and Employee Relations-II 3.0 Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness 3.0
    People Strategy : Contextual Sensitivity 1.5 Counseling & Coaching 3.0 Organizational Change and Development 3.0
    Psychological and Psychometric Testing 3.0        
      22.5   18.0   16.5
  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) Programme

    The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is the doctoral programme of IIM Ranchi. This programme has the objective of developing outstanding scholars for teaching or research careers at business schools/universities or management research institutions or careers in Government, industry, NGOs or for that matter any organization that requires advanced analytical and research capabilities. To accomplish this, the FPM will seek to admit students who have a strong academic background, are highly motivated and who have the intellectual curiosity to undertake original research and provide them with knowledge and research skills that can make them specialized researchers with sufficient depth of knowledge in the various existing and emerging management knowledge domains.

    Students can apply to the following areas of specialization :
    • Economics
    • Finance & Accounting
    • General Management including Neuro management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Information Systems
    • Marketing
    • Operations Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Strategic Management
  • Executive Programme
    • Post-Graduate Programme in Management for Executives
    • PGPEM
    • Management Development Programmes
    • 9-DAY Executive Program in Business Analytics & Business Intelligence (EPBABI)


Admission to courses at IIM Ranchi is done based upon merit in Common Admission Test, conducted by the various IIMs by a policy of rotation.

  • »  Our institute located at Suchana Bhawan also comes fully equipped with air-conditioned smart classrooms
  • »  A well-stocked Library
  • »  An auditorium for hosting conclaves and other formal gatherings.
  • »  The time spent at campus will whir past in a blur as we soak in the business concepts taught by some of the best professors of the nation.
  • »  With your schedule bound to be swamped with regular classes
  • »  Guest Lectures
  • »  Committee Meetings
  • »  Quizzes (Announced Quiz, Unannounced Quiz, Open Book Quiz, Closed Book Quiz!!)
  • »  You will never find the prospect of a small nap more alluring.
  • »  Over the course of two years, you will fall head over heels in love with sleep
  • »  Canteen and Mess facilities are available around the clock at both Khelgaon and Suchna Bhavan.
  • »  The food menu is charted taking into account the diverse profile of students.
  • »  A 24-hour state-of-the-art WiFi canvasses the whole Khelgaon hostel.
  • »  The hostel also boasts of a fully functional gym and offers you a chance to play indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess and Carrom anytime.

The ninth Indian Institute of Management was established at Ranchi in 2010. This was made possible with the extensive support of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and the Government of Jharkhand, working under the guidance of Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

We started at a time when the management education world over was criticized for over emphasis on competition, aggression and achievement of results by any means. The biggest challenge was to revive the aura and exclusivity of classroom-teaching in an era ruled by the advent of technology in education as well. There was an evident void in terms of fulfilling the requirements of firms that employ management students.

It was of utmost importance to re-build the curriculum so as to bridge the gap between what was taught and what was needed in the actual business circles. Moreover, it became all the more important to imbibe in students the feeling of returning to the society. We understood the need to incorporate right values in the young minds and also impart education relevant for an information age that encourages networking and collaborative advantage. Also we decided to build contextual knowledge into the programs.

IIM Ranchi currently offers a two year PGDM in General management, which is our flagship programme. Going by the growing importance and indispensability associated with human resources, we are the only IIM offering a full-time two year programme in Human Resources Management (PGDHRM). We also offer Fellow Program in Management (FPM), a fellowship programme funded by the government and an 18-month part time Diploma in Management (PGEXP). We have also launched a certified Barefoot Manger program to promote entrepreneurship and to impart livelihood skills among the school drop outs and illiterates. Our programs are carried out in a world-class fashion with students being exposed to case-studies, relevant projects and relevant industry experience apart from class pedagogy.

We aim at creating efficient managers and business leaders. We strive to ensure that our students develop the right skills required to sustain and grow in any organization. An equal weight is also given on developing the right values and attitude in students to help them sail through times of trial and turbulence. We pay keen attention towards cultivating a winning spirit, which is why they are encouraged to participate in standard competitions on all platforms. At the same time, we also take efforts in preparing the students for the future by teaching courses on emerging trends and areas like neural networks, analytics and energy management.

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