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College of Arts & Design

College of Arts & Design

Established : 2004
Type : Co-Educational
President : Sri Mridul Sen
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Sri Abesh Bivore Mitra
Former Name : Non-Government Aided college
Location : Srijani Art Complex, Bardhaman
Affiliation(s) : University of Burdwan
Category : Under Graduate & Post Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : University Grants Commission (UGC)
Department(s) : Fine Art & Visual Art

Courses Offered

  • »  Bachelor of Fine Art
  • »  Master of Fine Art



One of the oldest and universal medium of expression is painting. From Cave painting to postmodern era Painting medium itself has been changing its distinctiveness as well as application in the larger space of the society through its line, form, texture, colours and mixed media. There are immense scopes to study Painting as specialization.

Drawing, Pictorial compositions, Portrait painting, Fresco Secco and Fresco Bunou Mural (Tiles) all these mediums are most significantly supporting to enrich students’ perception and over all knowledge and understanding of Painting mediums. Apart that student is getting wide space to experiment on Book Art as project work along with Computer Graphics.

Each and every specialization year student will be taught to develop individual style, skill and Professionalism by keen supervision of young energetic faculties.


Sculpture deals with three -dimensionality, and it occupy a space which is created with different kinds of traditional as well as modern medium such as stone, wood, terracotta, clay, metal, natural or artificial fiber, glass-fiber, ceramic etc. Space is necessary for a sculptor, the space which is actually occupied with tangible medium is called positive; the space which is not occupied with a material but plays a vital role in the formation and visualization of sculpture is known as negative space, both are tremendous important for a sculptor. Whereas space is a fashion for a painter, as he creates the illusion of a space with the application of perspective, foreshortening and colour on a two dimensional flat surface, on paper, canvas etc. We can even touch a sculpture to feel its actual form, material value, smoothness or roughness of its surface.

Form, light and Shade (real), Surface, Texture, Reflection (on sculptural surface), and Colour these are very much important elements in the creation of a sculpture, it might be figurative or non-figurative, abstract or realistic. Even light (neon, fluorescent), felt and water are included today as a direct visual art medium for many sculptors and installation artist there are few major methods such as carving and modeling which have been practicing since ancient time for the creation of a round or relief sculpture. Construction, Assemblage and knitting are comparatively modern as a technique. Venus of Willendorf (25,000 BCE) is one of the earliest examples of stone (carving) sculpture made by humankind. Carving is the method which subtracts the material stone or wood to get the final form, but modeling does both subtraction and addition simultaneously in the process of formation of a sculpture in clay, wax, and terracotta. Indian subcontinent, ancient Egypt, and Mexico (Maya) is famous for its stone architecture and sculpture, the ancient China, and Greece, south Indian chola knows how to cast a bronze.

Arnaldo Pomodoro, Louise Nevelson, Cesar, Ibram Lassaw, Julio Gonzalez, Alexander Calder, David Smith, Anthony Caro, assembled junk and industrial metal (found object) for their sculpture during the later part of 20th century. Gabo and Pevsner constructed three-dimensional object with the same kinds of industrial materials. Artist of this age for a time knits natural as well as artificial fiber for the creation of a sculptural form.

College of Art and Design (CAD), at Burdwan included all major methods and materials in its BFA and MFA course structure under the guidance of UGC. Foundation students are mainly introduced with clay modeling for their study as well as creative work; whereas students in specialization years of the department of sculpture follow carving, assemblage, knitting and modeling also for their class work.

Applied Art

This new medium is implemented in wide range of visual to audio visual world. The world is changing fast with help of technological development. The Applied art is working in every sphere of the Advertisement to entertainment world. The medium itself highly interesting and application related to the larger scale of society.

After One year foundation Course student will go for three years BFA specialization in Applied Art course program. Drawing, Illustration, Typographical Design, Out of Home Design, Press and Magazine Add, 3D Graphic Design-Pavilion Design, Photography and Computer Graphics these are all mediums are within course curriculum. Students will get wide knowledge and understanding of Applied Art during training program.

Art History

No art education and artistic creation can be developed without understanding of Art History. From primitive age to Post modern era Art History and its classification on socio-cultural, socio political aspects through Art & Design works are profoundly articulated to enrich peoples’ understanding of Art & & Culture.

The College has introduced art history courses to develop students’ perception, knowledge, philosophical and aesthetical aspects of Art both in undergraduate and post graduate levels.

The course curriculum covers areas like Indian Art, Western Art and Far Eastern Art touching areas from ancient till contemporary.

Lectures, Seminars, Slide shows and other interactive programs form the methodology of teaching art history.

Books, Periodicals, Journals, Plates, Catalogues and Visual Adds in the college library compliment the process.

  • »  Diploma In Visual Art

    Two Years Diploma in Visual Art (Craft & Design) is an extensively practical based training oriented course. Students are initiated to develop and enrich their ideas on Visual Art, Craft & Design in a very short time period.

    The course is almost like an orientation programme for growing professional intending to take up jobs related to the field of art, design & Craft.

    The course is integrated and focused on basic understanding of different mediums like Painting, Artistic Craft, Printmaking & Paper making, Design and Graphic & Textile Design.

    Though this is practical related course they are allowed to attend theory classes or library works. Classes are defined within studios and outdoor works as per schedule.

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The 'College of Art & Design' is now well-known as 'Non-Government Aided college'.

Since 2004 the College started functioning with lots of hopes and dreams of common people, art loving personalities, artists, social workers, educationists and keen support of the University of Burdwan in the premises of 'Srijani Art Gallery' which is situated in the glorious spectacular ambience with centrally located large water body of the Krishnasayer Eco-Garden complex at Burdwan.

College of Art & Design aims to develop grooming responsible, sensitive, professionals and individuals who will enrich our new generations.

The Two Year MFA & Four Year BFA courses have been structured with a full awareness of contemporary art education and knowledge based contemporary technological advancements related to the world of Art & Design. The college also has focused on Two Year DVA (Craft & Design) course program to provide mid - carrier training for general students.

Apart that College has been running two short term training programs for artisans and craftsmen on "Terracotta & Ceramic" under Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India. The project tenure is five years.

The College has got permanent Affiliation to the University of Burdwan and enlisted in the category of 2(F) and 12(B) under UGC Act 1956 and recognized by Higher Educational Council, Govt. of West Bengal and in the name of the College itself is registered under 'Society Act', Govt. of West Bengal as non-profit making 'Society'. Now the College is operating by newly formed Governing Body (G.B.).

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