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Durgapur Institute of Legal Studies

Durgapur Institute of Legal Studies
Durgapur, Burdwan

Established : 2006
Type : Co-Education
President : --
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Prof. Madhumita Sarkar
Former Name : --
Location : Durgapur, Burdwan
Affiliation(s) : University of Burdwan
Category : Undergraduate
Accreditation / Recognition : Approved By The Bar Council Of India, New Delhi
Department(s) : B.A. LL.B. & LL.B.

Courses Offered

The course curriculum of this college has been shaped and launched on the recommendations of the Bar Council of India and the University of Burdwan, West Bengal.

Moot Court, Debate, Mock trials, Legal aid camps, Seminars, and time to time visits of the learned experts from the lower courts to the Supreme Court and court visits to get the practical ideas on court proceedings etc. are being regularly organised by the College. Besides these the College is also making best possible efforts to promote interdisciplinary approach among the students and also intending to make an integration between Law, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Organised educational tours, social & cultural programmes, visits to places for general knowledge to different destinations are usually conducted by the Institute.

To fulfill the aim a replica of a court room, inside the college building has been built up so as to give a real shape to the moot court classes which will help the students to get adequately acclimatized to the environment in which they would learn and practice Law in contrast circumstances. The emphasis has also been given to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Courses Details

  • 5 yrs. B. A. LL. B. (Hons.)
  • 3 yrs. LL. B.

Subjects of 5 Years B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)
First Semester 1.1 General English
1.2 Political Science-I
1.3 Economics-I
1.4 Sociology-I
1.5 Law of Torts
1.6 Law of Contract-I
Second Semester 2.1 English – I
2.2 Political Science-II
2.3 Economics-II
2.4 Sociology-II
2.5 Special Contract
2.6 Family Law-I
Third Semester 3.1 English – II
3.2 Political Science-III
3.3 Economics-III
3.4 Sociology-III
3.5 Family Law-II
3.6 Constitutional Law - I
Forth Semester 4.1 Political Science-IV
4.2 English - III
4.3 Constitutional Law - II
4.4 Property Law - I
4.5 Indian Penal Code - 1860
4.6 Criminal Procedure Code
Fifth Semester 5.1 Political Science-V
5.2 Property Law - II
5.3 Administrative Law
5.4 Law of Evidence
5.5 Public International Law
5.6 Juriprudence
Sixth Semester 6.1 Political Science-VI
6.2 C.P.C And Limitation Act
6.3 Company Law - I
6.4 Labour And Industrial Law - I
6.5 Principles of Taxation
Seventh Semester 7.1 Company Law - II
7.2 Labour And Industrial Law - II
7.3 Environmental Law
7.4 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance
7.5 Interpretation of Statutes And Principles of Legislation
Eighth Semester 8.1 Alternate Dispute Resolution
8.2 Land Laws Including Tenure and Tenacy System
8.3 Direct Taxation
8.4 Indirect Taxation
8.5 Human Right Law and Practice
Ninth Semester 9.1 Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System
9.2 Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence
9.3 Banking Law
9.4 Petent Right Creation and Registration
9.5 Affirmative Action and Discriminative Justice
9.6 Corporate Governance
Tenth Semester 10.1 Insurance Law
10.2 Moot Court Exercise and Internship
10.3 Copyright Legislative Drafting
10.4 Offences Against Child and Juvenile Offences

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Facilities Offered

  • Exclusive Moot Court Room inside the college (for practical training) as the replica of the court room of original jurisdiction.
  • Supreme Court visits of the outgoing students may be organised by the college.
  • Weekly / Monthly Seminars will be arranged by the College as and when be felt necessary.
  • Coaching available after college hrs. upto 8.00 P.M. if required for.
  • 24 hrs. Free Internet Service.
  • Suitable accommodation in separate hostels for boys and girls.
  • Canteen / Cafeteria facility at the college.
  • Modern well furnished and expanding A.C. Computer Lab.
  • Indoor and outdoor recreation facilities.
  • Language Laboratory for Spoken English.
  • Assistance in Educational Loans is provided.
  • Placement Training from 1st Year are also provided.
  • Spacious reading room inside the library.
  • Weekly Class Test, Trimester and Yearly Model Exam. for proper evaluation.

Founded in 2006, Durgapur Institute of Legal Studies is in the process of establishing itself as a pivotal institution of excellence, scholarship and rigor among the law institutions of the third generation. We are committed to teaching the techniques of lawyering at the highest level as well as entering into a dialogue with our students about values and justice. Our central focus is to treat law as an instrument of social change and law as a tool to face the challenges of emerging complexities of industrializing societies. We are constantly innovating to ensure and pioneer new and better ways to train the legal talent of tomorrow.

Durgapur Institute of Legal Studies also offers an energetic and creative learning environment, dedicated faculty-who are working at the cutting edge of their disciplines-and a student body that comes from almost all states of eastern India, enriching the experience of all who study here.

We promote a healthy tradition of interdisciplinarity. It is reflected in the organization of undergraduate studies which brings subjects together, encourages intellectual exchange across disciplines, and creates a sense of community for undergraduate students. The law school arranges seminars, promote conferences, welcome well-known research visitors from overseas, foster research clusters and circulate research papers and other publications....

The externship program of DILS offers its students to work an opportunity to work in judges and lawyers` chambers, law firms, reputed companies including multi nationals and non-governmental organizations and to participate in a clinical seminar to reflect on their experiences...

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