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Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management

Established : --
Type : Co-Education
President : --
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : --
Former Name : IHRM
Location : Kolkata
Affiliation(s) : West Bengal University of Technology
Category : Undergraduate
Accreditation / Recognition : All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Department(s) : Management
Admission Information
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Course Offered

Hospital Management

Course Structure For Hospital MGMT.

Semester-I Food Production & Patisserie-I & Practical
Food & Beverage Service-I & Practical
Front Office Operations & Practical
Accommodation Operations & Practical
Computer Fundamentals & Lab
English Communication
Hotel French-I
Nutrition & Food Science
Food Costing
Semester-II Food Production & Patisserie-II & Practical
Food & Beverage Service-II & Practical
Front Office Operations & Practical
Accommodation Operations & Practical
Computer Applications & Lab
Introduction to Accounting
Nutrition & Food Science
Hotel French-II
English Communication
Semester-III (A) Food Production & Practical
Food & Beverage Service-III & Practical
Hotel Accountancy
Hotel & Business Law
Business Communication.
English Communication
(B) Front Office Operations & Practical
Accommodation Operations & Practical
Hotel Maintenance/Hotel Engineering
Semester-IV Industrial Training
Semester-V Advanced Food Production & Patisserie & Practical
Food & Beverage Service & Practical
Front Office Operations & Practical
Accommodation Operations & Practical
HR Management & Hotel Laws
Financial Management
Facility Planning
F & B Management
English Communications
Computer Practice Labv
Semester-VI Advanced Food Production & Patisserie & Practical
Advanced Food & Beverage Service & Practical
Front Office Operations & Practical
Accommodation Operations & Practical
Facility Management
Marketing & Sales
Principles of Management
English Communication
Computer Lab
Research Project

B.B.A. (Honours)

Course Structure For BBA

Semester - 1
Paper Code Paper
101 English –I
102 Mathematics – I
103 Statistics – I
104 Economics - I
105 Indian Society & Culture
106 Computer Applications– I
Semester - 2
Paper Code Paper
201 English –II
202 Mathematics – II
203 Statistics – II
204 Economics - II
205 Psychology
206 Computer Applications– II
Semester - 3
Paper Code Paper
301 Principles of Management
302 Business Environment
303 Business Regulatory Framework
304 Business Economics
305 Business Communication
306 Financial Accounting
Semester - 4
Paper Code Paper
401 Production Management
402 Materials Management
403 Financial Management-I
404 Marketing Management-I
405 Human Resource Management-I
406 Management Information Systems
Semester - 5
Paper Code Paper
501 Financial Management-II
502 Marketing Management-II
503 Human Resource Management-II
504 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
505 Environment Management
506 Transport Management
Semester - 6
Paper Code Paper
601 Financial Management-III
602 Marketing Management-III
603 Human Resource Management-III
604 Health Care Management
605 Social Research Methods
Study Paper* & Viva Voce (50 + 50)

* Study Paper in any functional area (Finance / Marketing / Human Resource Management)

B.C.A. (Honours)

Course Structure For BCA

Code Theory
BCA - 101 Digital Electronics
BCA - 102 Business Systems and Applications
BCA - 103 Introduction to Programming
BM - 101 Mathematics
BCA - 105 PC Software
BCA - 194 PC Software Lab
BCA - 193 Programming Lab (C/ Pascal)

Code Theory
BCA - 201 Computer Architecture and Systems Software
BCA - 202 Information Systems Analysis & Design
BCA - 203 Computer Programming
BM - 201 Mathematics
HU - 201 English Language and Communication
BCA - 293 Programming Lab (Visual Basic)
HU - 291 Business Presentation and Language Lab

Code Theory
BCA - 301 Operating Systems
BCA - 302 Data Structures with C
BCA - 303 Graphics & Internet
BM - 301 Mathematics for Computing
BBA - 301 Management & Accounting
BCA - 393 Internet & Computer Graphics Lab
BCA - 392 Programming Lab (Data Structure with C)

Code Theory
BCA - 401 Data Base Management System
BCA - 402 Object-Oriented Programming with C++
BCA - 403 Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
BM - 401 Statistics, Numerical Methods & Algorithms
HU - 401 Environment and Ecology
BCA - 491 Database Lab (Oracle)
BM - 491 Computing Lab

Code Theory
BCA - 501 Data Communication & Computer Networks
BCA - 502 Unix and Shell Programming
BCA - 503 Windows Programming
BCA E501/A/B/C Elective 1
HU - 501 Values and Ethics of Profession
BCA - 591 Unix & Networking
BCA - 592 Minor Project
BCA 593 Industrial Training

Code Theory
BCA E601/A/B/C Elective 2
BCA E602/A/B/C Elective 3
BCA693 Major project
BCA694 Seminar
BCA695 Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Electives for semesters 5 and 6
Elective Code Course Code Topic
BCA E501 BCA E501A Advanced Unix and Shell Programming
BCA E501B Human Computer Interaction
BCA E501C Multimedia & E-Commerce
BCA E601 BCA E601A Advanced networking and Communication
BCA E601B Intelligent Systems
BCA E601C Image Processing
BCA E602 BCA E602A Software Engineering
BCA E602B Object Oriented Programming with Java
BCA E602C Advanced Database Management

BBM(H) in Hospitality Management

Duration:  A 3 year full time course

Eligibility:  Students having passed 12th standard and having English as one of the subject.

BBA(H) - Bachelor of Business Administration

Duration:  A 3 year full time course

Eligibility:  Students having passed 12th standard and having English as one of the subject.

BBM(H) in Hospitality Management

Duration:  A 3 year full time course

Eligibility:  Students having passed 12th standard and having English and Maths / Business Maths / Statistics / Computer Application/ computer Science / Info Practice/ IT as one of the subject.

Admission Policy:

  • All admissions shall be on provisional basis and subject to confirmation of admission by the University / Council.
  • The selection is made strictly on the basis of merit and no separate entrance fee is charged. Regarding selection, the decision of IHRM Management is final. Any candidate found indulging in any sort of unfair means during the selection procedure is automatically disqualified.
  • All fees must be settled in full prior to the commencement of the course.

Documents required at the time of admission :

  • Admit Card and Mark-sheet of 10th
  • Mark-sheet of 10+2
  • Caste Certificate ( if SC/ST/OBC)
    Note : 3 nos. of attested photocopy of all the above documents should be submitted
  • 4 nos. recent color passport photos.

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  • »  Spacious, well lit, airy and hygienic lecture halls complete with state-of-the-art audio visual aids. IT lab built with computers having latest configuration and software. All computers are networked and have high speed dedicated internet access.
  • »  The library provides a high standard of learning resources for students. It is equipped with all major journals and periodicals and having the latest facilities like CAS and RS Service.
  • »  Practical facilities include basic food production unit, advanced training kitchen, bakery & confectionery unit, training housekeeping laboratory, front office training module, 32 cover restaurant and well designed training bar.
  • »  The college provides extensive support in spoken or written English for all students This is done through workshops and sessions where students have the opportunity to talk to a tutor privately about particular language issues. Help may also be provided with study skills including; how to learn more effectively, how to make the most of feedback from faculty.
  • »  We at IHRM believe that knowledge and its application to the needs of business/commerce is vital for success in today's rapidly changing world. We therefore promote and encourage strong links with the business community through visits, part-time employment and study projects. In this way our students learn how to apply their ideas and knowledge successfully to solving business problems.
  • »  The student common area is equipped with indoor games and students can relax during breaks.
  • »  The Cafeteria not only takes care of the food and nutritional requirements of the students, but also provides them with some moments of relief within the frame work of their day long hectic schedules.

Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management (IHRM) is one of the premier institutions dedicated to providing quality education in a fullyintegrated, multicultural environment. The Campus is spread in a sprawling multi-acre area of land with excellent facilities. Since its inception in the year 1994, the College has become a source of quality education and research in the field of Hospitality, Management & IT sectors. IHRM is committed in achieving excellence in the academic development of students and professionals.

The College combines the finest traditions in academics and a unique methodology of teaching. The core faculty in the various streams is backed with academic knowledge and industry experience, actively works on research projects throughout the year.

The academic structure at IHRM is such that academic inputs provided by the core faculty are backed by industrial knowledge imparted by the Guest Lectures. The visiting Faculty is also carefully chosen to ensure only the best teach at IHRM. The programmes offered are highly innovative and creditable by virtue of their being comprehensive and result oriented.

IHRM aims to inspire in young people of diverse backgrounds a genuine and enduring love for learning, to teach them to think critically and to instill in them the capacity for both independent and collaborative work. The College seeks to develop in our students the technical expertise, management abilities and professional versatility required in today's knowledge based economy.

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