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Pandua College of Education

Pandua College of Education

Established : 2007
Type : Co-Education
President : --
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : --
Former Name : --
Location : Hooghly
Affiliation(s) : University of Burdwan
Category : Undergraduate
Accreditation / Recognition : National Council for Teacher Education (N.C.T.E.)
Department(s) : B.Ed.

Courses Offered

A. Four General Papers 4x100=400 marks
i) First paper  Principles of  Education.
ii) Second paper  Education in Emerging India
iii) Third paper Educational Psychology
iv) Fourth paper  School Organization & Instructional Science.
B. Fifth Paper 2x100=200 marks
(Offered by the College)

Contents and Methods of teaching.
(Any two of the following method subjects must be taken)

i) Bengali
ii) English
iii) Geography
iv) Political Science
v) Sanskrit
vi) History
C. Sixth Paper 200 marks
To be evaluated jointly by the Internal and External Examiners. ( Teaching Practical and Laboratory Practical )
i) Teaching Practical on method papers of non-practical Subjects. ( 100 marks each )
ii) a) Teaching Practical  on method subjects of Lab-Practical based subjects—50 marks each. 
b) Laboratory Practical of those subjects . 
50 marks each.
D. Seventh Paper 100 marks
Assignment and Sessional Activities
  • Assignment
    30 marks (to be evaluated jointly by the Internal and External Examiners.)
  • Unit Test /Model Question –-- 10 marks (on any one method subjects and to be evaluated jointly by the Internal and External Examiners.)
  • Test --- 20 marks.(Internal Evaluation.)
  • Tutorial --– 20 marks. (Internal Evaluation.)
  • Two Sessional Activities.---20 marks. .(Internal Evaluation.)
    (one from each group)
Group A
(Any one of the following)
  • Preparation of text-book materials on a single chapter of any of the method subjects.(from class VI to XII)
  • Observation of five lessons of at least 3 (three) other trainees during regular teaching practical programme and submitting a report there on.
Group B
(Activities Offered)

Gardening. Literary Pursuit. Games and Sports. Participation in Cultural Activities. Educational Exhibition and Fair. Educational Excursion.
E. Eight Paper 100 marks
(one paper is to be taken.)
Compulsory Elective Paper.
(Theoretical-70 & Practical –30)
Subjects offered :-
Population Education.
Physical Education.
Mental Hygiene and Child Guidance.
Educational Measurement and Evaluation.
Total Marks 1000 marks

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Facilities Offered

  • »  World Class Campus
  • »  Common room for Boys/Girls
  • »  Well Equipped Classroom
  • »  Library
  • »  Facilities for Indoor and Outdoor Games
  • »  Canteen
  • »  Laboratory
  • »  Arrangement made for Practice Teaching
  • »  Playground of another institution on sharing basis
  • »  Facilities for Gymnasium
  • »  Medical Facilities
  • »  Hostel

Pandua College of Education is located at Hooghly. The college is geared specially to provide high quality education adopting the latest techniques and methodology for curriculum transaction and is poised to develop into an institute of higher learning and interdisciplinary research. The institution also aspires to kindle in the students the desire for lifelong learning and for reaching the unreached.

Pandua College of Education is recognised by N.C.T. (i.e. National Council for Teacher Education) on August - 2008 & also affiliated to Burdwan University, is one of the best university of West Bengal.

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