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Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education

Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education
Shimurali, Nadia

Established : 1971
Type : Co-Educational
President : Sri Naresh Chandra Chaki
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Dr.Debi Prosad Nag Chowdhury
Former Name : --
Location : Shimurali, Nadia
Affiliation(s) : University of Kalyani
Category : Post Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : --
Department(s) : B.Ed.
Admission Information
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Courses Offered :

This college has been imparting Bachelor of education (B.Ed.) Degree course as per syllabus and curriculum of University of Kalyani.
Compulsory Papers:(Paper I-IV)

Contents & Method subjects taught in this college :

Students should take two from the following subjects : Bengali
Life Science
Physical Science

Elective subjects taught in this college :
Students should take any one from the following subjects :- Educational and Mental Measurement
Environmental Science
Mental Disorders Guidance and Counseling in School
Educational Technology
Computer Education (Self financing)

Admission Procedure :

Resumption of the Session :
The session starts on 1st July’ 2011.

Intake Capacity :
One hundred (fresher ‚Äď 90 & deputed 10) students are admitted to this college as per NCTE/K.U. Norms.

Admisson Procedure :
Centralised admission process will be conducted by the University of Kalyani. The decision of the Kalyani University Authority is final. 95% seats are alloted for K.U. Students & 5% for other than K.U. Students.

Reservation of Seats :
As per W.B. Govt. Norms. (For SC/ST/PH).

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Facilities Available

  • »  College Library

    Library Work is obligatory for the students. In our library both lending and reference facilities are available. There are some library rules to follow strictly.

    Lending Section :-
    A student may borrow three books at a time from this section against lending card. Books borrowed from this section must be returned within 15 days from the date of issue. A student must draw minimum 30 books agnist his / her lending card within an academic session.

    Reference Section :-
    The reference books, rare and out of print copies of some books, periodicals and technical journals, question papers of previous years and other non-book documents are to be supplied to the students for their reference work in the reading room of this library. A student must consult at least 25 reference materials in this section within an academic session.

  • »  Laboratory Facilities

    This Laboratory Are Avilable :

    • Physical Science
    • Life Science
    • Geography
    • Work Education
    • Educational Technology and Psychology
    • Computer

    Computer Laboratory and Internet Facilities :
    A fairly will equipped Computer Laboratory has already been made with U.G.C. assistance, mainly to cater the requirements of Educational Technology and Evaluation in Education, Internet facilities available.

  • »  Hostel Facilities

    Hostel facility will be available from November this year for ladies only.

  • »  Co-curricular Activities

    In addition to the academic education imparted, students are provided with facilitied for a harmonious development of their head, hand and heart. For this objective in focus the co-curricular activities of the students from and important part of their training. The co-curricular activities for the training of the students may be classified as follows :
    Intellectual :

    • A college Magazine named ‚ÄúAnirban‚ÄĚ is published annually in co-operation with the ‚ÄúStudents Union‚ÄĚ.

    • Several wall magazines are also periodically brought out.

    • Seminars / symposia / discussions by eminent scholars on topics of contemporary interest are regular features of the intellectual life of the college.

    • Educational Exhibition is held every year.

    • Different cultural programs run through out the year.

    • Annual cultural function is held every year.

  • »  Others Activities

    To widen their outlook on life and to stimulate their intellectual curiosities, they are taken out on excursions to various centers of cultural or academic interest occasionally.
    Students of work Education undertake gardening activities in the garden annexed to the college lawn .

    College Dress :
    Decent dresses in commensuration with the profession of teachers.

  • »  Student's Union

    To develop leadership style as well as to inculcate sense of duties and self reliance in students "Students Union" is formed as per University of Kalyani's Rule and Regulation. With the help and suggestion of the teachers members of "Students Union" actively conduct several programs in the college through out the academic session.

At the stage of budding of today's blooming institution nor'-wester blew several times over it and made it displaced from homestead now and then.So it had to sail for hard difficult voyages to find a permanent shelter here and there with its only viaticus of "Government Recognition".At the end of aimless journey, the college has managed find its permanent abode at the end of 1978 at a land of 36.5 decimal with a 2000sq.ft onestoried Pokka building, donate by the authority of the famous "Sri Sri Nityananda Math" of village.Chanduria, P.O. :Shimurali, Dist: Nadia. Subsequently, in comply with the holy wish of the "Math" authority this college took the name after the "Math" foundry Sri Sachinandan Das Mahanta Maharaj. Thus, by journey of changes, the name of this college also underwent several chages from "Bhagirathi Post Graduate Teachers Training College" to "Bhagirathi College of Education", later on to "Shimurali College of Education" and finally "Shimurali College of Education" has been substantially converted to "Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education" on and from 5th march, 1984. Turning aside disasters at different times in past the eulogized institution is still conscious in its own obligation .

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