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Darul Huda Islamic University, Kerala

Darul Huda Islamic University
Recognition / Affiliations : International Islamic University Union
Location : Hidaya Nagar, Chemmad, Kerala
Website :
Chancellor : Sayyid Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal
Pro-Chancellor : Shaikhuna Cherushery Zainudheen Musliyar
Vice-Chancellor : Dr. Bahaudheen Muhammad Nadwi
Administrator : PK. Nasir Hudawi
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Senior Secondary
  • Degree
  • Post Graduation
  • M.Phil / PhD
  • Diploma Certificate
    • Diploma in Imams
    • Premarital Workshop
Affiliated Colleges
  • Darul Huda Main Campus, Chemmad
  • Islahul Uloom Arabic College, Tanur
  • Sabeelul Hidaya Islamic College, Parapur
  • Maoonathul Islam Arabic College, PuthuPonnani
  • Darul Hidaya Da'wa College, Manoor
  • Darul Irshad islamic Academy, Uduma, Chattanchal
  • Malik Deenar Islamic Academy, Thalankara
  • Busthanul Uloom Arabic College, Maniyur
  • DaruNajath Islamic College, Koonanchery
  • DaruNajath Islamic College, Vallappuzha
  • Manhaju Rashad Islamic College, Chelembra
  • Darul Hasanath, Kannadiparamb
  • NahjuRashad Islamic College, Chamakkala
  • Darul Uloom Islamic Da'wa College, Thootha
  • Fareed Auliya Islamic College, Odamala
  • Hidayathul Islam Da'wa College, Kovalam
  • Thalipparamba Islamic Academy, Thalipparamb
  • Darussalam Islamic Academy, Thalassery
  • Quvvathul Islam Arabic College, Mumbai
The rigorous personal concern of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about future scholars of Islam in the Ashab al-S?uffah (School of Bench) is the inspiration of Darul Huda Islamic University (DHIU). The main purpose of the S?uffah School was to preserve the intellectual heritage of Islam, which in turn is the model that DHIU subscribes for itself.

Darul Huda Islamic University believes in the gradual development of an ideal Islamic University, a bastion of Islamic tradition with difference, and a heritage of education par excellence. The most significant among various roles played by the Prophets of Allah was spiritual and intellectual refinement of the Muslim community on every aspect of life, and guiding them on various issues at micro and macro levels. As their true heirs, the Scholars of Islam (‘ulama’) must be able to shoulder such a serious, but noble roles. They should come out helping and leading the Muslim community in the face of any grievous challenges.

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