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West Bengal Centralised Admission 2022 has been cancelled for the year 2022 | College Admission
[Published on: 28.06.2022]

this year's graduation will not be admitted online by the central government, said the education minister

  • Bratya Basu - Educators have expressed dissatisfaction over the suspension of online admission process this year due to lack of infrastructural preparation.
  • The state government has backtracked on central online admissions. "For the time being, the central government is not admitting graduates online this year," Education Minister Bratya Basu said after a meeting with the vice-chancellors. Due to lack of infrastructural preparation, the college has admitted students in the old system this year, not online central.
  • Education Minister Bratya Basu said it would still take five to six months for the central online portal to be set up properly. But the results of the twelfth level of various boards have already been released. Therefore, in this case, if the admission process is run on the online portal, then there is a risk of error in the admission process, said the Education Minister.
  • On behalf of the state government, the education minister said that there would be a central online admission process in colleges and universities this year, and a portal was being set up accordingly. But several vice-chancellors fear that the portal will take some time to become fully operational, said Bratya Basu. After which it was decided that the admission process will be offline as before, not online this year.
  • Academics are disappointed that the central online admission process at the undergraduate level has stalled for the current year. Amal Mukherjee said, 'Allegations of massive corruption were made all over Bengal during college admissions. I have personally heard the experience of the Trinamool Student Council demanding money for admission. It is difficult to accept that the online admission process is not going on this year due to lack of infrastructural preparation. My guess is that this decision is due to the pressure of the grassroots students. I condemn the state government's retreat in this way.

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