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HS Council: Proposes 5% Buffer for Students Falling Behind

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE)
Transfer of Marks to Aid Students Falling Short by 5%

In Bengal's plus-II segmented program, students failing to meet the pass marks by up to 5% in compulsory subjects during the second and fourth semesters are exempted from supplementary exams.

The state higher secondary council intends to transfer marks from the candidate's highest score in a different compulsory subject to the one in which they fell short, thereby assisting the candidate in achieving the pass marks.

Under the revised plus-II curriculum, students are required to study five compulsory subjects, including both vernacular and English language papers. Passing in the language papers is mandatory.

According to a council official, a student will be required to take the supplementary exam under the following circumstances:

  • Failing in any of the language papers
  • Falling short of the pass marks by over 5 percent in any of the remaining three compulsory subjects
  • Failing in more than one compulsory subject

The transfer of marks will apply to the three subjects other than the language papers.

The exam regulations published by the council on Thursday stipulate that if a candidate falls short of the pass marks in any compulsory subject by five percent or less of the full marks, they can compensate for this deficiency by transferring marks from their highest score in another compulsory subject.

Full marks refer to the total marks in a theory paper across both semesters.
Priyadarshini Mallick, the secretary of the council, informed The Telegraph that this provision will be available during the even semesters (second and fourth).

How will the mark adjustment process occur?

Chiranjeeb Bhattacharya, the president of the council, explained: "For instance, if a candidate scores 16 out of 70 in the theoretical section of a lab-based subject like physics across both semesters. The passing threshold is 30 percent, equivalent to 21 marks. In such cases, if the candidate has achieved a score of, let's say, 60 in chemistry (the highest among the three science subjects), then five marks will be deducted from the chemistry score of 60 and transferred to physics."

"In this manner, the candidate will attain the passing marks in a subject where they initially fell short, thereby avoiding the need for any supplementary exams," he added.

This same provision will apply during the fourth semester for Class XII students.

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