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UTU Olympiad 1.0

UTU Olympiad 1.0
Olympiads at the school level and inter-school level for the students of secondary education level
Organised by:
VMSB, Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun
Veer Madho Singh Bhandari Uttarakhand Technical University Dehradun popularly known as UTU aims to encourage students of the science stream to nurture their interests in pursuing science and technology.
UTU has started holding Olympiads at the school level and inter-school level for the students of secondary education level to challenge their minds for delving deep into the content taught in their classrooms and laboratories.
  • There are two levels namely ‘UTU School Olympiad’ in each participating school and ‘UTU Olympiad’ across the schools i.e. interschool competition.
  • The UTU School Olympiad will be held at every school registering for the UTU Olympiad as per schedule.
  • The winning team of each registered school will participate in the UTU Olympiad and the First, Second, and Third winning schools (Team students and Principal) will be honoured with the prizes in a public function held in the University as well as their details will be publicized on other social media platforms.
  • The student members of the winning team at the UTU School Olympiad held in each registered school will also be given a certificate of participation in the UTU Olympiad and the winning team of UTU School Olympiad will get the certificate of being the winning team at the school level, provided there have been at least 7 teams participating in the respective school.
  • The participants of the Olympiad at each level will be eligible for certain additional privileges as announced by the University at the time of the final UTU Olympiad.
  • The top three schools of the UTU Olympiad will be given the UTU Potential School Award.

30 January 2024
at School level

07 February 2024
at VMSB, Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun

Registration Deadline:
28 January 2024 (till 05:00 P.M.)

    + Eligibility and Registration

    • A school recognized by Uttarakhand Board / CBSE / ICSE offering education up to class 12 in science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics can register in the UTU Olympiad.
    • Every registered school will be getting the opportunity to register a maximum of 10 teams comprising 3 students of class 11 (PCM) each for conducting the UTU School Olympiad.
    • After the declaration of the result of the UTU School Olympiad by the University, the registered school will finally register team of 3 students selected by the school after the UTU School Olympiad for participating in the UTU Olympiad. The link for final registration will be sent to the respective school along with the result of UTU School Olympiad.
    • There are no registration charges.
    School Registration Link:

    + UTU School Olympiad

    UTU School Olympiad will be recognizing the best-performing team amongst 10 teams participating in the school-level Olympiad with a certificate of being winning the UTU School Olympiad held at the respective school. All participants will be getting a certificate of participation in the UTU School Olympiad.

    + UTU Olympiad

    UTU Olympiad will be recognising the three best-performing teams amongst the schools registered in it as First, Second, and third ranking teams. All participant students at this level will be getting a certificate of participation in the UTU Olympiad and following will be awarded to First, Second, and Third rank holders.
    • First, Second, and Third-ranking teams will be given prizes of Rs. 6000/- per team, Rs.4500/- per team and Rs. 3000/- per team along with merit certificates to each team member student from the University.
    • Further, in case of the students of the First, Second, Third winner team seek admission in any campus Institute/Faculty of UTU based on JEE score, each student member of the winner team will be entitled for Merit Scholarship in First year after passing the First semester examination of the Ist year B.Tech. without any F grade in any subject from the University in academic session 2025-26 as per details given below;
      - Rs. 15,000/- Merit Scholarship to each student of the First ranking team
      - Rs. 11,000/- Merit Scholarship to each student of the Second ranking team
      - Rs. 7,500/- Merit Scholarship to each student of the Third ranking team.
      Eligible student will have to apply for getting the Merit Scholarship on plain paper with self-attested (a) Admission Letter as proof of admission based on JEE merit, (b) Admit Card of University, (c) Marks Statement as proof of having passed Ist semester examination without F Grade in any subject, and (d) Merit Certificate of UTU Olympiad as proof of rank claimed to the Registrar within one month of declaration of University result for respective First semester examination.

    + Olympiad Exam

    • The UTU School Olympiad will be held in online mode at the respective school as per the schedule announced by the UTU.
    • The UTU Olympiad will be held in the University premises in Dehradun as per the schedule announced by the UTU.
    • The Olympiad examination at both school and inter-school levels will have Multiple Choice Questions type of 1-hour duration comprising 60 questions having 20 questions each from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of class 10 standard.
    • At UTU School Olympiad, each question will have four options out of which there could be multiple correct answers. Marks allocated to each question will be 4 at the UTU School Olympiad and in case of multiple correct answers, the full marks will be awarded only if all correct answers are given.
    • In the UTU Olympiad, there will be multiple-choice questions with only one correct answer out of four options. 4 marks will be awarded for every correct answer and for every wrong answer a negative marking of 1 mark i.e. (-1) marks will be imposed.
    • There will be Coordinator(s) designated by the University for holding the event. In case of any dispute, the decision of the UTU Olympiad Organizing Committee constituted by the University will be final and binding.

    + Examination Schedule and Requirements

    • The ‘UTU School Olympiad’ will be held in the computer facility at each registered school on 30th January 2024 during 11:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. and monitored by the Principal of the respective school. The University will be announcing the details of the winning team within two days of the examination.
    • For conducting the UTU School Olympiad, the respective school must have at least 10 computers with internet connectivity.
    • The UTU Olympiad will be held in the computer centre(s) of the University in its premises at Sudhowala, Dehradun on 7th February 2024 during 11:30 A.M. – 01:00 P.M.
    • All communications regarding the Olympiad organized by UTU will be made with the Principal through email provided at the time of registration by the respective school. No other mode of communication will be used.
    • The expenditure of holding and participation in the Olympiad at either level will be borne by the school/participants. No expenditure will be borne by the University.

    + Organizing Committee for UTU Olympiad 1.0

    Sl. No. Name of Officer Responsibility Contact Number
    1. Dr. Ajit Singh Chairman 7533800042
    2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Member 9411162762
    3. Ms. Anubhuti Papola Member 9634365084
    4. Dr. Vishal Ramola Organizing Secretary 9412902790

    + Coordination Committee for UTU School Olympiad in Different Districts

    Sl. No. Name of Coordinator and affiliation* District to be covered
    1. Dr. K. K. S. Mer
    Director, BipinTripathiKumaon Institute of Technology, Dwarhat
    2. Dr. H. L. Mandoria
    Director, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Institute of Technology, Tanakpur
    Udham Singh Nagar
    3. Dr. M. K. Panda
    Director, Women Institute of Technology, Dehradun
    4. Dr. Vishal Ramola
    Coordinator, Faculty of Technology, Dehradun
    5. Dr.Ajit Singh
    Director, NPSEI, Pithoragarh
    6. Dr. V.N. Kala
    Director, GBPEC, Pauri
    Pauri Garhwal
    7. Dr. S. K. Pradhan
    Director, THDC Institute Of Hydropower Engineering & Technology, Tehri
    Tehri Garhwal
    8. Dr. H. S. Bhadauria
    Director, Institute of Technology, Uttarkashi
    9. Dr. Amit Agarwal
    Director, Institute of Technology, Gopeshwar
    *Coordinator may choose suitable faculty members from their Institution for conducting UTU School Olympiad1.0 successfully.
Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Singh
Chairman,UTU Olympiad Organizing Committee
Veer Madho Singh Bhandari Uttarakhand Technical University
Sudhowala, P.O. Chandanwadi, Prem Nagar
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – 248007
Mobile: 7533800042

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