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IIM Kozhikode Admission to Post-Graduate Programme in Business Leadership 2023

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
Admission to Post-Graduate Programme in Business Leadership, 2023
The one-year Post-Graduate Programme in Business Leadership is a uniquely designed management programme aimed at shaping young graduates with relevant work experience into potential business leaders through a high-intensity and holistic curriculum and regimen.

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) is currently on a high growth trajectory, offering the widest range of academic programmes in the field of management education and has consistently brought notable innovations to programmes design and delivery. In keeping with this pioneering spirit, IIMK's Post-Graduate Programme in Business Leadership (PGP-BL) is specially crafted to combine academic instruction with global exposure, and deep sensitization to critical aspects of leadership and responsible business, fashioned through a development regime that enables personalized learning and reflection. By facilitating the holistic development of young professionals with experience, this programme aims to provide industry 'on a platter', well-rounded managers with strong leadership potential - Capable, confident, multi-dimensional, empathetic, mindful and values-centric future leaders who can 'hit the ground running'. A notable feature of this program is the infusion of Eastern values and timeless Indian leadership thought into the curriculum in a manner that can bring together the best of the East and the West in a holistic package.

    + Important Dates

    Activity Phase 3
    Application Opens 01.09.2023
    Last Date for Submission of Application 20.11.2023
    Personal Interaction December 09-10, 2023
    Last date for withdrawal 20.02.2024
    Class Commence 01.04.2024

    Course Structure

    + Programme Design

    The PGP-BL is a one-year, full-time, residential programme that will have as integral elements, a global immersion module, a constant industry engagement and placement assistance. The programme is structured to have five terms of 8 to 9 weeks.

    The coursework will be rigorous and relevant and will encourage practical application. At the core, the PGP-BL programme will have an academic instruction capsule that will provide young professionals with a condensed/intense dosage of domain knowledge in all the critical and essential aspects of business. This will be accentuated by the following:
    • A global immersion module that combines an international business school experience as well as industry exposure in other countries
    • A capstone module that includes a structured orientation to the key attributes of ethical and responsible business
    Overall, notwithstanding a structured intervention and instruction design that is intense and high-energy, this program is crafted to allow students the time and space for reflective thinking and development. The emphasis on experiential learning, reflective assimilation and leadership competencies will be a constant throughout the programme. The aim of the PGP-BL course design is to enable students to build on their prior knowledge and exposure, discover their inner Arjuna's, and develop them holistically as multi-dimensional future leaders.

    + Structure

    The PGP-BL design seeks to encourage and train students to embrace ambiguity, align to reality, focus on sustainability, and reflect and aspire to wholeness. In an approach that resonates with IIMK's mission of "Globalizing Indian Thought", the program design will also draw upon some of the fundamental principles underlying ancient Indian thought to nurture a genre of exemplary leadership talent.

    The programme will encourage students to cut through confusion to develop clarity, appreciate the whole rather than the discrete, and understand the links across different functional areas. In leveraging a talent pool that has the right mix of work experience, mental agility, fundamental disciplinary grounding and positive attitude, the PGP-BL curriculum will have a three-pronged approach to:
    • Develop a deep familiarization about the demands of a VUCA world - a business environment that is rapidly evolving and uncertain- and the ability to sift through complexity to recognize the critical core.
    • Nurture discernment and informed decision-making through not only the understanding of appropriate tools, frameworks and processes, but also by centrally ingraining the principles of sustainability.
    • Holistic thinking that enables the vision of the bigger picture and a fine understanding of the links across different functional areas.

    + Courses

    Apart from foundational and core courses, and optional elective courses, the PGP-BL curriculum comprises special leadership-themed modules, seminar series and workshops

    Foundational and Core Courses*
    • Essentials of Financial Accounting, Analysis and Costing
    • Organization and Market Economics
    • Data Analysis and Modeling
    • Managing People and Performance in Organizations
    • Communication for Transformation
    • Marketing Management
    • Corporate Finance
    • Operations & Supply Chain Management
    • Business, Public Policy & Law
    • Macroeconomics: Policies, Institutions and Markets
    • Human Resource Management
    • Communication for Transformation - 2
    • Digital Business Strategy & transformation
    • Strategic Management
    • Managerial Judgment
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Integrative Business Simulation
    • Business Leadership and Corporate Accountability
    The PGP- BL recognizes that leaders would need to operate in the mould of "general managers" rather than as domain specialists. Nevertheless, organizations would typically require potential leaders to be able to delve into specific domains with a certain expected degree of familiarity that is usually afforded by structured knowledge inputs and practical domain exposure. While leadership potential would shine through irrespective of domain, natural affinity for a domain often varies across individuals. Therefore, in the PGP-BL, even as all students are equally exposed to foundational courses and topical themes, it allows for a range of special courses that the student can elect for from the 3rd term of the programme. Some of these topics are traditionally aligned to certain functional areas; however there could also be cross-functional courses and other emerging thematic courses facilitated by specialists/practitioners. These courses could vary in their associated credits, typically between 1 and 3.0.

    The following are the list of electives offered for current batch:
    • Managing Business Markets
    • Models & frameworks of Strategic analysis
    • Digital Pillars of Industry
    • Sales and Distribution Management
    • Marketing Research in Business Decision Making
    • The Digital Customer
    • Corporate Valuation
    • Operations Strategy
    • Retail Management
    • Data Analytics using R
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Business & Government
    • Equity Research
    • Investment Strategies
    • Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring (MACR)
    • Global Business Law and Policy
    • Artificial Intelligence for Business
    • Management of IT Products and Services
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Pricing: A Managerial Perspective
    • Data-Driven Product Strategy
    • Marketing in Interactive Media
    • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • Product Mangement
    • Product Policy & Brand Management
    • Project Management
    • Leans Six Sigma
    • Economics of Strategy
    • Strategic Business and Risk Analysis
    • Competitive Strategy: Game of Poker
    • Strategic Management of Innovation
    • Joy
    • Strategic Implementation
    *Course title and contents are subject to change depending on curriculum and customization needs

    + Experiential and Reflective Learning

    In its bid to inculcate leadership competencies, the PGP-BL will rely significantly on experiential learning and balancing insights from both practice and research. A module on 'The Practice of Holistic living' will provide students the necessary space for reflection and discovery and encourage them to challenge status quo.
    PGP-BL students will also benefit from a rich exposure to eminent Indian faculty and leaders from diverse domains.

    + International Immersion

    The IIMK PGP-BL curriculum design includes a dedicated 2-week global immersion module* at a premier international business school. This is aimed at providing participants a definitive international experience that involves both academic instruction as well as experiential and cross-cultural learnings, including visits and interactions with relevant local businesses.
    *If international immersion is prevented for any reasons/events beyond the reasonable control of IIMK, such as Covid 19, then IIMK shall make best efforts to facilitate alternative learning experiences.

    IIM Kozhikode adopts a three-staged selection process for its admissions to the PGP-BL Programme.

    Stage 1 is the submission of Application form. Those applicants who are shortlisted are asked to complete the stage 2, which comprises of Statement of Goals and an Alternative Essay. Stage 3 would be a Personal Interaction (PI) with the candidate. The three-stage selection process would be applicable to each of the three independent phases, which are independent of each other (see Important Dates).

    Details of the three stages are given below:

    + Stage 1: Registration of Candidates Meeting the Minimum Eligibility Criteria

    In Stage 1, the following minimum eligibility criteria will be applied to all candidates.

    Minimum Eligibility Criteria:
    • Candidates with not less than 50% marks in graduation or post-graduation or CA
    • Minimum 3 years’ relevant* work experience after completion of graduation/CA.
    • GMAT/GRE/CAT score of last 3 years
    * Only full time remunerative work experience after graduation will be considered. Part – time/Project/Internship/Articleship/Pre-Graduation will not be considered as work experience.

    IIMK PGP-BL code for GMAT is "D3Z-SQ-80" and for GRE is "ETS 4748". Those students who are applying using the GMAT/GRE codes are required to send the scores directly to IIMK. Your official score report from Pearson/GMAC (for the GMAT) or ETS (for the GRE) will be used for verification.

    All candidates who are fulfilling the above-mentioned minimum eligibility criteria are eligible to register for the IIM Kozhikode PGP-BL programme. The admission process to the PGP-BL programme will be conducted in multiple mutually independent phases. Only those candidates who have successfully completed the registration process (Stage 1) before due date will be considered for each phase. Please note that this (Stage 1) is a pre- interaction stage and not a call for Personal Interaction.

    + Stage 2: Submitting Additional Personal Statement

    The Stage 2 process applies to all eligible candidates who have successfully completed the registration process in Stage 1.

    In keeping with the programme design and vision, among other things, we rely on an intense process of conversational engagement, to identify the final set of participants who are invited to join the programme. As a part of the assessment, the candidate is required to submit an additional personal statement.

    Personal Statement:
    • Statement of Goals: IIM Kozhikode’s PGP-BL Programme has an individual element and a collective learning element. Knowing the candidate’s personal aspirations, both long-term and short-term, will help the Institute to understand the candidate’s career objectives, initiate a conversation and contribute to our design of the learning experience.
    • Alternative Resume Essay: •The details in the PGP-BL application provide a better idea of the candidate’s academic, professional background and accomplishments, their self-assessment and expectations from the programme. In this alternative resume essay we give the opportunity to the candidate to express about the “rest of their story” (what the formal CV may not necessarily project) and present them-self as a complete person.
    The number of candidates shortlisted for the Personal Interaction would be at the discretion of IIMK.

    + Stage 3: Shortlist to the Personal Interaction (PI)

    The short-listed candidates will have to appear for a Personal Interaction. During the PI process the panel will evaluate each candidate's performance, on the basis of quality and nature of work experience, diversity, leadership qualities, social sensitivity, and multi-dimensionality etc. Strong oral and written communication skills, and ability to think critically will be among the key attributes that the panel will also seek in candidates.

    Important information
    • Stage 1 is a pre-interaction registration process and not a call for PI.
    • Only candidates who have successfully registered online for admissions to IIMK will be considered for stages 2 and 3. The successful registration does not automatically qualify a candidate for the stage 2 and stage 3 selection process.
    • The number of candidates shortlisted for stage 2 and 3 would be at the discretion of IIMK and would depend on the PGP-BL batch size.
    • Candidates who are short-listed for Stage 2 and 3 will be intimated directly. The interaction call letters, venue details, mode etc. will be communicated by email and intimation will be made available on the admissions portal.
    • After the completion of Stage 3, a merit list for admissions will be prepared in each phase. The required number of admission offers will be given in the order of merit following the Government of India reservation policy. Confirmation of admission will be issued only to those candidates who accept the offer and make the required payments within the stipulated time.
    • A limited number of candidates may be kept in the wait list for each phase. Offers to the candidates in the waiting list will depend upon the number of candidates not accepting offers from the initial list of a particular phase or upon the candidates withdrawing their acceptance of the admission offer from the initial/previous list of a particular phase. The number of candidates in the wait list would be at the discretion of IIMK and will depend on the PGP-BL batch size.
    • All the candidates are advised to check their emails regularly and visit the AIMS candidate portal and visit the IIMK website for updates on admission related activities.
    • If a candidate who is offered admission in a particular phase, fails to complete the admission formalities within the stipulated time period, irrespective of reasons, the admission offer will be forfeited and the next candidate in the waiting list of that particular phase will be given the offer.
    • IIMK reserves the right to change, modify or adopt any new admission policy and process to comply with Government/Judicial requirements, or as it deems necessary. IIMK also reserves the right to adopt an admission policy which best suits its purpose of identifying and admitting the most appropriate candidates to the Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership.
    • IIM Kozhikode does not allow deferment of an admission offer to subsequent years.
    • Any misrepresentation or suppression of information by a candidate at any stage during the admissions process, will lead to immediate disqualification of the candidate from the admission process.
    • A candidate receiving the PGP-Business Leadership admission offer from IIM Kozhikode and accepting the offer within the stipulated date needs to pay, along with offer acceptance, a non-refundable offer acceptance amount of INR 1,00,000/- (INR 1 Lakh only). The candidate will have to pay the balance of first instalment prior to start of the course.
    • A candidate withdrawing from the programme will receive a fee refund, if the withdrawal is done before the last date of withdrawal which will be published on the IIMK website. The refund will be after deducting processing charges as per Govt. norms.
    • Deferment of an admission offer is strongly discouraged; however, deserving cases may be considered for deferment only under certain conditions. In any case the deferment shall not be allowed for more than a year.
    Personal Interaction (PI):
    The Personal Interaction is proposed to be conducted in person or over video-conference mode depending on the circumstances and the application numbers received. Dates for PI will be informed separately.

    Tentative list of cities where PI is planned to be held,
    • Bengaluru
    • Mumbai
    • New Delhi
    • Kolkata
    • IIM Kozhikode Campus
    The cities may change depending on the application numbers received.

    + Fees & Financial Assistance

    Application Fee (Non-refundable):
    Rs. 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only). The Application fee is payable at the time of submitting the application online

    Program Fee:
    INR. 22,50,000/- (Indian Rupees Twenty Two Lakh Fifty Thousand Only). This fee includes program delivery, books and instruction material, in-campus hostel accommodation, and access to all in-campus facilities such as the library. Mess/Canteen charges would be additional and use-dependent. The above fees also includes program and coordination fees for the International Immersion module. Travel and stay related expenses for the international immersion will be additional and will have to be borne separately by the students.

    INR 7,50,000 (Indian Rupees Seven Lakh Fifty Thousand Only) will be payable at the time of registration and the balance in three instalments.

    Education Loan Facility
    Education Loan Facility is normally available through most scheduled banks to support the fee payment for PGP-BL. The Loan Scheme Documents of State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Indian Bank are available in the following Tabs:

    + Fee Payment

    Payment Instructions:
    • Login to the fee payment portal with your IIMK username and password
    • After successful payment, candidates can download the fee receipt.
    For any clarification with respect to fee payment, please call on 0495-2809600/670.
The PGP-BL Programme Office
Assistant Administrative Officer
IIM Kozhikode
IIMK Campus PO
Kozhikode 673570
Tel: 0495-2809600 / 670, +91 94469 79554
Email: pgpbl-inc@iimk.ac.in
Source: iimk.ac.in

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