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Nabadwip Vidyasagar College

Nabadwip Vidyasagar College
Nabadwip, Nadia

Established : 1942
Type : Co-Educational
President : --
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : J. K. Chowdhury
Former Name : Nabadwip Vidyasagar College
Location : Nabadwip, Nadia
Affiliation(s) : University of Kalyani
Category : Under Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : University Grants Commission (UGC) & National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
Department(s) : Arts, Commerce & Science

Courses Offered

This is an undergraduate non-government college affiliated to University of Kalyani. The college runs the following undergraduate courses in three different streams:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours and General)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours and General)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours and General)
Since the affiliating university presently follows a three-year, three-part examination system, all students admitted to the college and registered with the University of Kalyani will appear at the following three examinations at the end of study for 1st, 2nd and 3rd years respectively. However, appearance at Part II and Part III examinations is governed by additional University regulations

All the first year students have to additionally qualify in
  • Compulsory English– 50 marks
  • Compulsory Bengali– 50 marks
  • Environmental Studies – 100 marks
Courses Taught with University-approved Intake Capacity
Subject Total SC 
Other than W.B.C.H.S.E. 10% Sports Gen
Bengali (Honours) 140 31 08 04 14 01 82
English (Honours) 53 12 03 02 05 01 30
Sanskrit (Honours) 93 20 06 03 09 01 54
History (Honours) 120 26 07 03 12 01 71
Political Science (Honours) 75 16 04 02 07 01 45
Philosophy (Honours) 47 10 03 01 05 01 27
Education (Honours) 30 07 02 01 03 01 17
Chemistry (Honours) 25 05 01 01 02 01 15
Physics (Honours) 16 04 01 00 02 01 8
Mathematics (Honours) 60 13 04 02 06 01 34
Zoology (Honours) 26 06 02 01 03 01 13
Botany (Honours) 20 04 01 01 02 01 11
Environmental Science (Honours) 20 04 01 01 02 01 11
Accountancy (Honours) 100 22 06 03 10 01 58

B.A (General)

1119 246 67 34 112 02 658

B.Sc. PURE (General)

75 16 04 02 07 02 44

B.Sc. BIO (General)

75 16 04 02 07 02 44

B.Com. (General)

75 16 04 02 07 02 44

Admission Procedure :

Basis of Admission:
Admission to all the courses of the college is conducted strictly in order of merit considering a student's marks in the Higher Secondary or equivalent examination.

Admission notification is issued within three days of publication of the result of the Higher Secondary Examination conducted by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Examination. In last few years, this has usually come up during the first week of June.

Admission Intimation:
The names of the candidates selected for admission will be pasted on the college Notice Board on a date previously notified. No communication regarding admission will be made to the candidates individually.

Some important rules concerning the admission to various courses of the college

  • Admission to all courses of the University in the college is strictly as per the regulations and subject-wise intake capacity pre-approved by University of Kalyani. (Subject-wise intake capacity of the college can be found at Courses tab to the left)

  • Reservations to the courses is applicable as per the following formula
    • Scheduled Castes:22%
    • Scheduled Tribes: 6%
    • Physically handicapped:3%
    • Students from other Boards: 10%
    • Sports Quota: One seat in each Honours course & 5% of the General courses

    • For SC/ST Candidates (Admission only):
      • Additional District Magistrate
      • Sub-Divisional Officer,
      • Executive Magistrate
      • Block Development Officer
      • Member of Parliament
      • Member of Legislative Assembly
      • Member, Zilla Parishad
      • Councillor, Municipal Corporation
      • Commissioner of Municipality
    • For Physically Handicapped
      • C.M.O.H.
      • Medical Board appointed by C.M.O.H.
    • For Games & Sports:
      Certificate from the State Associations/Bodies or the District Officer for Physical Education on any of the following:
      • For Men: Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Kabadi, Hockey and Gymnastics.
      • For Women: Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Volleyball, Hockey and Gymnastics.
    * Vacancies in reserved seats for SC & ST cannot be filled up by candidates of general category without prior permission of competent authority.

  • A candidate seeking admission to Honours course must have obtained any of the following criteria:
    • A minimum of 50% marks in aggregate & 45% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination. OR
    • 55% marks in the subject or related subject & 45% marks in aggregate at the previous qualifying examination. OR
    • 55% marks in aggregate when the candidate has not studied the subject or any related subject in his / her previous qualifying examination provided all other clauses are satisfied.
    * However, candidates belonging to the SC or ST community taking up Honours course or study shall enjoy 5% relaxation in marks in (a), (b) & (c) above as the cases may be.

  • 2% marks from the grand total as secured by a candidate passing the qualifying examination in a year other than the current year shall be deducted and the grand total marks thus arrived will be taken up for consideration.

  • Candidates shall be allowed for admission within 3 (three) consecutive academic sessions including the year of passing the previous qualifying examination .
    (For example: candidates passing H.S. Examination in the year 2008 will get last chance of admission in the academic session 2010 -2011.)

Fees Structure :

Admission Fees

A candidate will have to deposite the following fees at the time of getting admission in 1st yr. B.A. / B.Sc. / B. Com. (Honours / General) course
Sl.No. Course Fees payable
1. B. A (General) Rs. 872.00
2. B. Sc (General) Pure & Bio Rs. 977.00
3. B.Com. (General) Rs. 902.00
4. B. A (Honours) Rs. 967.00
5. B. Sc. (Hons. in Math) Rs. 1072.00
6. B. Sc. (Hons. in Chem & Zoology) Rs. 1227.00
7. B. Sc. (Hons. in Botany) Rs. 1227.00 + Rs. 3000.00*= Rs. 4227.00
8. B.Com. (Hons. ) Rs. 997.00

* Students of Botany (Hons.) have to deposits Rs. 3000.00 per annum as enhanced fees course.

Tuition Fees Per Month

Sl.No. Course Fees payable
1. B. A (General) Rs. 50.00
2. B. Sc Pure & Bio (General) Rs. 85.00
3. B.Com. (General) Rs. 60.00
4. B. A (Honours) Rs. 75.00
5. B. Sc. (Hons.) Rs. 110.00
6. B.Com. (Hons.) Rs.  85.00

Other Fees

Sl.No. Head Fees payable
1. Laboratory Fee:  
  a) B. Sc. Pure (General) Rs. 30/- (p.m.)
  b) B. Sc. Bio (General) Rs. 35/- (p.m.)
  c) B. Sc. (Hons.) [Chem / Bot. & Zoology] Rs. 50/- (p.m.)
2. General Charges: For Arts, Science & Commerce Rs. 252.00
3. Vidyasagar Anniversary Fee Rs.  07.00
4. Magazine Fee Rs. 25.00
5. Saraswati Puja Rs. 35.00
6. Students Health Home Fee Rs. 05.00
7. Cost of University Exam. form Rs. 15.00
8. Electric Charges (P/m) Rs. 04.00 
9. University Registration form & Fee Rs. 85.00
10. Science Caution Deposit:  
  a) B. Sc. Pure (Math. Hons. & General) Rs. 30.00
  b) B. Sc. Bio (General) Rs. 55.00
  c) B. Sc (Hons. in Chem., Bot. & Zoo.) Rs. 55.00
11. Library Caution Deposit :  
  a) General Course Rs. 40.00
  b)Honours Course Rs. 60.00
12. Misc. Rs. 50.00
13. Academic Calender Rs. 10.00
14. Wall Magazine Rs. 10.00
15. Cultural Activities & Seminar etc Rs. 20.00
16. Printing Rs. 10.00
17. Educational Tour Rs. 10.00
18. Donation Rs. 50.00 (Per annum)

*(Rs. 25.00 will be deducted from caution deposit per year for general breakage, loss and wear & tear.)

Fees for B.Sc (Hons) in Environmental Science

Sl.No. Head Fees payable
1. Admission Fee Rs. 1000.00 (p.a.)
2. Tution Fees Rs. 800/- (p.m.)
3. Laboratory Fee Rs. 5000/- (p.a.)
4. Laboratory caution Fee Rs. 600/- (one time)
5. Season charge & Building Fee Rs.500.00
6. Library Fee Rs.500.00
7. Library Caution Deposit Rs.200.00
8. Vidyasagar Anniversary Fee Rs.  07.00
9. Magazine Fee Rs. 25.00
10. Saraswati Puja Rs. 35.00
11. Students Health Home Fee Rs. 05.00
12. Cost of University Exam. form Rs. 15.00
13. Electric Charges (P/m) Rs. 04.00
14. University Registration form & Fee Rs. 85.00
15. University sports Fee Rs.50.00
16. Academic Calender Rs. 10.00
17. Wall Magazine Rs. 10.00
18. Cultural Activities & Seminar etc Rs. 20.00
19. Printing Rs. 10.00
20. Educational Tour Rs. 10.00
21. Donation Rs. 50.00 (Per annum)
22. Misc Rs. 50.00

Fees for B.Sc (Hons) in Philosophy

Sl.No. Head Fees payable
1. Admission Fee Rs. 200.00 (p.a.)
2. Tution Fees Rs. 200/- (p.m.)
3. Season charge & Building Fee Rs.252.00 (p.a.)
4. Library Fee Rs.200.00 (p.a.)
5. Library Caution Deposit Rs.250.00 (one time)
6. Vidyasagar Anniversary Fee Rs.  07.00
7. Magazine Fee Rs. 25.00
8. Saraswati Puja Rs. 35.00
9. Students Health Home Fee Rs. 05.00
10. Cost of University Exam. form Rs. 15.00
11. Electric Charges (P/m) Rs. 04.00 
12. University Registration form & Fee Rs. 85.00
13. University sports Fee Rs.50.00
14. Academic Calender Rs. 10.00
15. Wall Magazine Rs. 10.00
16. Cultural Activities & Seminar etc Rs. 20.00
17. Printing Rs. 10.00
18. Educational Tour Rs. 10.00
19. Donation Rs. 50.00 (Per annum)
20. Misc Rs. 50.00


Tuition fees are payable in advance reckoning from the beginning of the academic session. The above rates are liable to revision without any notice. Students are required to produce their Fee Receipt for paying any college dues including tuition fees. Fees will be ordinarily received by the college office on the working days from 11-00 a.m. to 2 p.m.(from Monday to Friday) and from 11 a.m. to 1p.m. on Saturday. If any Fee remains unpaid on the last day of the month for which it is due, the student shall have to pay a fine of Re- 1/- per month.


Caution money will be refunded after the completion of studies in the college, deducting the charges for breakage/loss/general wear & tear, as per rules framed by the G. B. , on dates to be notified by the Principal/Teacher-in Charge. If a student fails to take back his / her caution deposit within the stipulated date, the same might be forfeited. Clearance must be obtained from the Library & Laboratories (if necessary) for getting refund of the caution money.

Facilities Offered :

  • »  Concession

    The college provides for a large number means and merit scholarships for its bona fide students. The matters of the students’ concession are supervised by a subcommittee with Dr Arun Kumar Mandal as its convenor. In its meeting dated 19 December 2006 the subcommittee resolved to offer concession to bonafide students of the college as per the following rules.

  • »  Career Counselling Cell

  • »  Library

    The college maintains a well-equipped library with Reading Room, Internet facilities. At present the number of books in the library is approximately 27,000. Regular students are allowed every facility for utilising it. The library has recently been enriched by addition of Book purchased with grants from the U. G. C. and the State Govt. The issue of books is subject to Library Rules furnished by the Library-Sub-Committee. A career guidance cell is the another facility in the Library.

  • »  Student Union

  • »  N.C.C

  • »  Sports

  • »  Anti Ragging

The year 1942 ushered in a new era in the long and eventful history of India’s freedom movement. The bombardment on Calcutta by Japan, a powerful ally of the Rome-Berlin-Tokeyo Axis in December 1941 led to an unprecedented exodus in which hundreds of Calcuttans left the city for different safe destinations. At that time Nabadwip, far from the ravages of the second world war, was considered a safe shelter for a large number of evacuee literate Calcuttans who with the active and spontaneous help of the local literate and enlightened people of Nabadwip played a historic role in laying the foundation of Nabadwip Vidyasagar College. It is also to be mentioned that during that turbulent period roll-strength of Calcutta Vidyasagar College (Main) came down to a dismal figure and the college was not in a position to pay the salary of the staff. Under such circumstances the two branches of Calcutta Vidyasagar College, i.e., Nabadwip Vidyasagar and Suri Vidyasagar Colleges were founded.

Started on 5th March 1942 as a branch of Calcutta Vidyasagar College, Nabadwip Vidyasagar College was initially housed in Nabadwip Hindu School. From 1942 to 1948 it functioned as a branch of Calcutta Vidyasagar College. A local committee of the citizens of Nabadwip was formed to look after its needs. It’s administration was centralised in Calcutta, under the guidance of which Prof. Madhabdas Chakraborty of Calcutta Vidyasagar College was entrusted with the job to look after the day to day functioning of Nabadwip Vidyasagar College.

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