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Polba Mahavidyalaya

Polba Mahavidyalaya
Polba, Hooghly

Established : 19th September, 2005
Type : Co-Educational
President : Dr. Durga Prasanna Mukherjee
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Sushanta Kumar Mazumdar
Former Name : Polba Mahavidyalaya
Location : Polba, Hooghly
Affiliation(s) : University of Burdwan
Category : Under Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : University Grants Commission (UGC)
Department(s) : Arts

Courses offered :

Courses Offered : B.A. (General) 3-Year Course
B.A. (Honours) 3-Year Course

Honours Subjects : Bengali, English, History, Philosophy,
Sanskrit. General Subjects: Economics, Education, Elective Bengali,
Elective, English, Geography,History,
Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit.

Compulsory Subjects : Compulsory Bengali (Part-I)
Compulsory English (Part-I) Environmental Studies (Part-III)

Distribution Of Marks

Honours Course
Part-I : 500
Compulsory English 50
Compulsory Bengali / Hindi / Alt English 50
Honours 200
General -1 100
General -2 100
Part - II : 600 Honours 200
General -1 200
General -2 200
Part -III : 500
Honours 400
Environmental Studies 100
General Course
Part - I : 400 Compulsory English 50
Compulsory Bengali / Hindi / Alt English 50
General -1 100
General -2 100
General -3 100
Part - II : 600
General -1 200
General -2 200
General -3 200
Part - III : 400
General -1 100
General -2 100
General -3 100
Environmental Studies 100

Guidelines For Admission :

  • The criteria of admission to B.A.(General) and B.A.(Honours) Courses are as per rules and regulations of the University of Burdwan.

  • Admission to B.A. Honours Courses will be made as per arrangement and instructions of the University of Burdwan and appropriate authorities.

  • Admission to B.A. General Courses will be made as per norms set by Admission Committee of the Mahavidyalaya on the basis of instructions received from appropriate authorities.

  • Admission to B.A. General Courses will be made strictly on the basis of merit. Merit list for admission to General Courses will be published on the Notice Board and uploaded on website of Polba Mahavidyalaya. No postal or telephonic communication regarding selection and admission will be made.

  • For admission to B.A. General Courses, however, duly filled in application forms must be submitted within specified date and time.

  • An exhaustive Merit List will be prepared for all the applicants seeking admission to B.A.General courses. Then the dates and time of counselling will be displayed on the College Notice Board.

  • On the stipulated date and time of counselling the pertinent applicants should remain present on the stated room where their names will be announced serially in order of merit in the Merit Panel. When a Candidate opts for admission to General Courses as he/she conveys the same to the members of the Admission Committee in writing, that vacant seat with chosen subjects in B.A. General Courses will be filled in and subsequently counselling proceeds to the next candidate and so on. For each candidate duringcounselling, each name will be called thrice; if there is no response or if the candidate is absent, counselling proceeds to second candidate. In that case the previous first candidate will get no scope of admission in future in this Mahavidyalaya. Each of the candidates willing to take admission to this Mahavidyalaya should seriously take note of it.

  • Collection and submission of admission form do not imply right to admission in the College. Before admission, a candidate should have to fulfil all the criteria of admission.

  • A candidate or his/her authorized person can collect the application form for admission from the college office paying the usual charge within stipulated time and date by showing the relevant Mark sheet of the Higher Secondary Examination. If any form other than the one issued against his/her H.S. Mark sheet is submitted by a candidate subsequently, the form will be cancelled and the college authority does not take any responsibility.

  • Students who have passed Higher Secondary or equivalent examination in 2013will get preference for admission to B.A. General Course.

  • Candidates are required to fill up the application form(s) legibly and neatly usingblue/black ball point pen. Forms illegibly, wrongly or partially filled in are liable to the rejected.

  • Application forms filled up and duly signed by the Candidate and Countersigned by Father/Guardian will have to be submitted to the College Office only on such dates and time as will be notified by the College Authority.

  • As regards to reservation of seats for S.C./S.T./P.H. Candidates, extant Rules and prevailing norms will be followed.

  • The merit panel(s) is/ are provisional. If any typographical or mechanical or computational error is detected in the published merit list, the same must be reported to the authority for immediate rectification. A candidate whose name appears on a merit panel and qualifies in the counselling, will be admitted only if he/she fulfills all required criteria.

  • So far as rules and stipulation of the University of Burdwan are concerned., a student cannot get himself admitted to more than one College simultaneously.

  • All admissions to B.A. (General) courses of study are strictly provisional subject to adherence to rules and procedures of the University of Burdwan.

  • Canvassing of any sort for admission to this College is forbidden.

Fees Structure :

Fees *to be paid by B.A. (General) and
B.A. (Honours) Students

  General Honours
Tuition Fee : Rs.50/- Rs.75/-
Development Fee : Rs.30/- Rs.30/-
Electricity Fee : Rs.10/- Rs.10/-
  General Honours
Admission Fee : Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
Building Fee : Rs.30/- Rs.30/-
Sessional Charge : Rs.40/- Rs.40/-
Examination Charge : (College) Rs.80/- Rs.100/-
Identity card, Library Card, Fee receipt Charge : Rs.30/- Rs.30/-
Library Fee : Rs.30/- Rs.50/-
Sports Fee : Rs.20/- Rs.20/-
Library Deposit : Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
Students' Health Home Fee : Rs.5/- Rs.5/-
Festival Fee : Rs.20/- Rs.20/-
Generator Fee : Rs.96/- Rs.96/-
  General Honours
Registration Fee : Rs.100/- Rs.100/-
Enrolment Fee : Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
Cost of Enrolment Form : Rs.5/- Rs.5/-
Sports Fee : Rs.50/- Rs.50/-
*SUBJECT TO CHANGE videRc/Regn. Mign./ Cir / 2013-14 / 1148 dt 6.6.13
* Amount payable at the time of Admission - General Course - 976/-
Honours Course – 1141/-

Facilities Available

  • »  Library

    PolbaMahavidyalaya is still in its infancy. In spite of that we have a good number of Books in ourCollege Library, both text books and reference books. The number of books is increasing every timebooks are purchased as per lists given by our faculty members.Students are given cards to borrow books from the Mahavidyalaya Library.Books borrowed fromthe Library should be checked before borrowing and taken care of while reading. Loss or damage of books are to be compensated by the particular borrower. All students are entitled to borrow onebook for the fifteen days only. Any delay will be fined @ Rs. 0.50 paisa per book per day.As on March 31, 2013, we have 6824 books in our Mahavidyalaya Library.

  • »  Games And Sports

    Apart from organising the Annual Sports Meet, the College encourages students to participate indifferent inter-college and District Sports Meet. There is ample scope for playing outdoor games likeCricket, Football, Volleyball etc. in the play ground in the College campus.


    PolbaMahavidyalaya is a part of our societal set-up. With this aim in view, there is one NSS unitefficiently running at the Mahavidyalaya. This NSS unit organizes Camps and undertakes variousprogrammes. Participation in NSS Camps inculcates fellow-feeling and sense of responsibility amongthe students. Participation of students in NSS activities is highly encouraged.


    Stipends for students belonging to S.C./S.T. categories are sanctioned by the Government.


    Free and Half -Free studentship is granted to the needy students after receiving proper applicationin time subject to availability of funds and fulfilment of criteria.


    The Students' Union is a Representative Organisation of students and consists of classrepresentatives. Students' Union has different extracurricular and social welfare activities. Students'Union develops a sense of responsibility and spirit of brotherhood among the students. It organizes debates, discussions, seminars, games and sports, fosters the ideals of democracy; secularism andhuman values. Students' Union has a remarkable role in creating, nurturing and protecting the academicatmosphere of the College.
    All students of the college are members of the Students' Union.


    All students of the College are required to take membership of Students' Health Home whichextends all types of medical assistance to the students.


    Teachers of PolbaMahavidyalaya are incessantly providing counselling to the students as regardsto their future planning and academic amelioration. Teachers discuss with the students relating toequipping themselves for future life struggle and for future employment prospects. Students are thus immensely benefited.

Polba Mahavidyalaya is situated at Polba in the District of Hooghly. It possesses various road linkages with frequent bus services from Chinsurah to Magra via Alinagar; and Chinsurah to Pandua via Bandel Jn. and Mahanad. Besides, there is frequent auto rickshaw and trekker service sat Polba from Bandel Junction and Magra Railway Stations. Polba Mahavidyalaya is set up in a serene picturesque rural environment where peace reignsand transcendent academic atmosphere pervades thereby ensuring quality amelioration and excellence in the sphere of Higher Education. Polba Mahavidyalaya is a co-educational DegreeCollege affiliated to the University of Burdwan.

Because of persistent endeavours and indefatigable inflatus of local people the college hascome into existence and has taken the present form. A continuous process of academic and infrastructural development is an inseparable part of the College. It has shown exceptionalimprovement since its inception on 19th September, 2005.

The total population of Polba-Dadpur Block is 239493 of which 34.83% belongs to ScheduledCaste and 12.05% belongs to Scheduled Tribe communities. Polba Mahavidyalaya is the only college in this Polba-Dadpur Block and this block has been earmarked as Integrated Tribal Development Block.

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