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Rishi Bankim Chandra College

Rishi Bankim Chandra College
Naihati, 24 Parganas (N)

Established : 1947
Type : Co-Educational
President : Dr. Amal Chakraborty
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Sanjib Kumar Saha
Former Name : Rishi Bankim Chandra College
Location : Naihati, 24 Parganas (N)
Affiliation(s) : West Bengal State University
Category : Under Graduate & Post Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : University Grants Commission (UGC) & National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
Department(s) : Arts, Commerce & Science

Subjects Offered :

Under Graduate


Honours Degree Courses

B.Sc (Honours) in General Subjects (Any Two)
Botany (BOTA) Zoology (ZOOG)
Microbiology (MCBG)
Chemistry (CEMG)
Chemistry (CEMA) Physics (PHSG)
Mathematics (MTMG)
Comuter Application (Major) (CMAV) Physics (PHSG) / Statistics (STSG),
Mathematics (MTMG)
Economics (ECOA) Mathematics (MTMG)
Political Sc. (PLSG) / Statistics (STSG)
Electronics (ELTA) Physics (PHSG) / Statistics (STSG)
Mathematics (MTMG)
Mathematics (MTMA) Physics (PHSG)
Statistics (STSG) / Chemistry (CEMG)
Microbiology (MCBA) Chemistry (CEMG)
Botany (BOTG) / Zoology (ZOOG)
Physics (PHSA) Mathematics (MTMG)
Statistics (STSG) / Chemistry (CEMG)
Zoology (ZOOA) Botany (BOTG)
Microbiology (MCBG)
Chemistry (CEMG)

General Degree Courses

We Offer General Degree courses with the following combinations. For Pure Science, subjects may be chosen from the ones listed against the group, and for Bio. Sc., any three subjects may be chosen.

B.Sc.(General) Subjects (Any three subjects)
(Pure Sc) Gr-A Physics (PHSG)
Statistics (STSG) / Chemistry (CEMG)
Mathematics (MTMG)
(Pure Sc) Gr-B Physics (PHSG) / Statistics (STSG)
Economics (ECOG)
Mathematics (MTMG)
Bio. Sc. Botany (BOTG)
Zoology (ZOOG)
Microbiology (MCBG)
Chemistry (CEMG)


Honours Degree Courses

We Offer Honours Degree courses with the following combinations.

B.A. (Honours) in General Subjects (Any Two)
Bengali (BNGA) Philosophy (PHIG) / Journalism & Mass Communication(JORG)
History (HISG)
Political Sc. (PLSG)
English (ENGG) / Sanskrit (SANG) / Economics (ECOG)
English (ENGA) Philosophy (PHIG) / Journalism & Mass Communication(JORG)
History (HISG)
Political Sc. (PLSG)
Economics (ECOG)
Bengali (BNGG)
Hindi (HINA) History (HISG)
Political Sc. (PLSG)
Philosophy (PHIG) / Journalism & Mass Communication(JORG)
English (ENGG) / Sanskrit (SANG) / Economics (ECOG)
History (HISA) Political Sc. (PLSG)
Philosophy (PHIG) / Journalism & Mass Communication(JORG)
Bengali (BNGG)
English (ENGG) / Sanskrit (SANG) / Economics (ECOG)
Philosophy (PHIA) History (HISG)
Political Sc. (PLSG)
Bengali (BNGG)
English (ENGG) / Sanskrit (SANG) / Economics (ECOG)
Political Sc. (PLSA) History (HISG)
Philosophy (PHIG) / Journalism & Mass Communication(JORG)
Bengali (BNGG)
English (ENGG) / Sanskrit (SANG) / Economics (ECOG)
Sanskrit (SANA) Bengali (BNGG)
Philosophy (PHIG) / Journalism & Mass Communication(JORG)
History (HISG)
Political Sc. (PLSG)

General Degree Courses

We Offer B.A. General Degree courses with the following combinations. Any three subjects may be chosen from (a) through (e).

B.A.(General) Subjects (Any three subjects)
B.A General Political Sc. (PLSG)
History (HISG)
Philosophy (PHIG) / Journalism & Mass Communication(JORG)
Bengali (BNGG)
English (ENGG) / Sanskrit (SANG) / Economics (ECOG)


Honours Degree Courses

We Offer Honours Degree courses with the following combinations.

B.Com. (Honours) in General Subjects (Any Two)
Accountancy (ACCA) As per fixed papers & Groups mentioned in the WBSU, Barasat syllabus

General Degree Courses

We Offer B.Com. General Degree courses with the following combinations.

B.Com.(General) Subjects (Any three subjects)
B.Com General As fixed by the West Bengal State University

Post Graduate

2 year M.A. Degree Course

  • M.A. in English

2 Year M.Sc. Degree Course

  • M.Sc. Zoology

Admission Procedure :

Under Graduate


We Offer Honours Degree courses with the following combinations.


We Offer General Degree courses with the following combinations. For Pure Science, subjects may be chosen from the ones listed against the group, and for Bio. Sc., any three subjects may be chosen.

Post Graduate


Application in the prescribed format available at the College office must be submitted within the time stipulated in the notification. Please follow this page for notification.

Fee Structure :

For the two year M.A. in English Course

Items Charges (Rs.)
Tution Fees (M.A.) @ Rs. 125p.m. Rs. 700.00 per semester
Academic Couse Fund @ Rs. 700 p.m. Rs. 4200.00 per semester
It Facilities Fees @ 50 p.m. Rs. 300.00 per semester
End Semester Examination Fees Rs. 825.00 per semester
English Language Laboratory & ICT Development Fee Fund @ 125 p.m. Rs.3000.00 for 2-yr course
English Library Development Fee Fund @ Rs. 125 p.m. Rs.3000.00 for 2-yr course
Admission / Transfer Fee / Exam / NC Fee Rs.825.00
Development Fee (per annum) Rs. 300.00 Per annum
Session Fees (per annum) Rs. 765.00 p.a.
(i) Sessional Charge - 30.00 p.a.  
(ii) Building Fee - 350.00 p.a.  
(iii) Students Welfare Fund - 30.00 p.a.  
(iv) Games Fees - 25.00 p.a.  
(v) Magazine Fee - 15.00 p.a.  
(vi) Students Union Fee - 20.00 p.a.  
(vii) College Examination Fees - 65.00 p.a.  
(viii) Library Fee - 95.00 p.a.  
(ix) Energy Fee - 25.00  
(x) Generators Fee - 10.00 p.a.  
(xi) Festival Fee - 15.00 p.a.  
(xii) Students Aid Fund - 25.00 p.a.  
(xiii) NCC & NSS Fund - 10.00 p.a.  
(xiv) NAAC Fund - 50.00 p.a.  
Cautions Money (per annum)
Library Rs. 20.00 per annum
Sundry Receipts (per annum) Rs. 15.00 per annum
Miscellaneous Fees (per annum) Rs. 20.00 per annum
Students Health Home Fees (per annum) Rs. 5.00 per annum
University Sports Fees (per annum) Rs. 60.00 per annum
West Bengal State University Registeration Fees Rs. 120.00 for 2-yr course
I - Card Rs. 10.00 for 2-yr course
Fees Payable At The Time Of Admission* : M.A. in English
First Semester - Rs. 13340.00 + Rs. 825.00 = Rs. 14165.00 (July)
Second Semester - Rs. 6025.00 + Rs. 825.00 = Rs. 6850.00 (Jan)
Third Semester - Rs.7210.00 + Rs. 825.00 = Rs. 8035.00 (July)
Fourth Semester - Rs. 6025.00 + Rs. 825.00 = Rs. 6850.00 (Jan)
* The fees are inclusive of the Admission Fees @ Rs. 825/- and Examination Fees @ Rs. 825/- for each semester.The Fee Structure has been approved by the Governing Body of the college and WBSU.

Fees Structure For the two year M.Sc. in Zoology Course

Admission: Sem I Sem II Sem III Sem IV
Admission Fee 2500.00      
Identity Card 100.00      
Annual Charge :        
Student Health Home Fees 10.00   10.00  
Sundry Expenses 10.00   10.00  
Misc 50.00   50.00  
Building Fees 350.00   350.00  
NCC, NSS Fees 10.00   10.00  
Energy 100.00   200.00  
NAAC 50.00   50.00  
Semester Charges :        
Tution Fees (Rs. 160/- month) 960.00 960.00 960.00 960.00
Semester Fees 4200.00 4200.00 4200.00 4200.00 4200.00
Development Fees :        
Lab 4500.00 5500.00 5500.00 5500.00
Library 2500.00 2500.00 2500.00 2500.00
Liabrary Maintenance Fees 2000.00 2000.00 2000.00 2000.00
Caution Money :        
Lab 600.00 600.00 600.00 600.00
Library 600.00 600.00 600.00 600.00
WBSU Registeration Fees 200.00      
WBSU Sports Fees 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00
Total 18840.00 16660.00 17140.00 16660.00

Field Tour contribution and Examination fees will be announced later.
Transfer Fees Rs. 2000/-

Facilities Available

  • »  The Campus

    The college has a large campus on ~5 acres land with 50,000 sq. ft. floor area with landscape garden, flower bearing trees and fountain. The amenities include well-furnished classrooms, library, well-equipped laboratories, internet connectivities, computer and multimedia lab., auditorium, offices, internal security, high-tech intercom, and BSNL broadband connectivity, students' amenities block, canteen, and a large playground.

  • »  Sports and Games

    The college has ~3.5 acre large playground with boundary wall, entry gates, and a large gallery shed for sports and games. It has also a play-courtyard and common rooms for indoors games.

  • »  The Central Library

    It has a rich collection of text and reference books, journals, newspapers and magazines, besides a substantial number of complimentary books, journals and magazines. With two large well-furnished Reading Rooms, the Library can accommodate 60 students and 25 teachers at a time, and has provision for future growth and up-gradation of services through computerization and storing of quality reference material in digital-text formats. Apart from books purchased from UGC CD grant, PG grant, Book grant under UGC merged schemes, State Govt grant and college fund, the college has also received donations for book purchase and furniture during the academic session 2009-2010 and has instituted “Sandipan Majumdar Memorial Library Collection” for the English Department (UG & PG) and “Mankumari Majumdar Memorial Library Collection” for Competitive Exams. The college has also instituted the “Career Corner” with books, periodicals and magazines for competitive examinations, sponsored by the Govt. of West Bengal. Various departments also maintain departmental libraries with book-bank facility to cater to the needs of the honours and post-graduate students.

  • »  Internet, DTP, Photocopy, Multimedia and IT Facilities

    The facilities for internet browsing, photocopying, DTP works, and computer facilities for practice classes for value addition are available to the student, staff and faculty of the college at a subsidized rate. The college plans to introduce computer-based DTP services by offering part-time work opportunity to the IT trained students of the college under “Earn-while-you-Learn” scheme.

  • »  Modern Teaching Equipments

    These include Interactive White and Green board, Overhead Projectors, Departmental computers, Audio-Visual Aids, DVDs, Broad Band Intenet connection and LCD projectors, photocopying machine, etc.. These are used for effective learner-centric teaching and in seminars or conferences. The college has received UGC Special Equipment grant under 11th plan.

  • »  Stipends for SC/ST/PH candidates

    Students belonging to SC/ST and PH categories are entitled to get stipend as and when available from the Government. They are requested to collect the application forms from the college office and should submit the filled-up forms, counter-signed by the Principal, to the Block Development Office, generally within two months from the commencement of classes. Physically Handicapped students are also asked to contact the Block Development Office for their stipend immediately after the commencement of their classes.

  • »  The Auditorium

    The college has a fully furnished 150-seater auditorium and conference hall, called “KAMALAKANTA SABHAGHAR”. It hosts UGC-sponsored seminars, workshops, cultural events, conferences and shows.

  • »  National Cadet Corps

    The college NCC Coy, attached to 49 Bengal Battalion, enrolls students as Senior Division Cadets, and prepares them for NCC “B” and “C” Certificate Examinations. Students who qualified these examinations, are eligible for direct entry scheme of Defence and paramilitary services.

    Students equipped with these Certificates may avail themselves with the opportunity of joining Thal Sena Camp, Republic Day Parade, National Integration Camp, Youth Exchange Programmes (International), Army Attachment Camp, Trekking, and Mountaineering expeditions. Moreover, academically meritorious cadets are entitled to get “Sahara Educational Scholarship”. Students must contact the NCC officer for enrollment as cadets. Those who are already attached to NCC as cadets must report the same to the NCC officer.

  • »  National Service Scheme

    The NSS units of the college are dedicated to the "development of personality of the students through community service".

  • »  Students' Welfare Fund

    The college has a Students' Welfare Fund from which a limited number of needy and meritorious students are granted financial assistance every year. To get such assistance, a student should apply in plain paper to The Principal, R. B. C. College, Naihati.

  • »  Students' Canteen

    The College has a separate Students’ Canteen housed in the ground floor of R. B. C. College Students’ Amenities Block (Dinesh Majumdar Smriti Bhavan) that offers hygienic and nutritious food at an affordable price. The college also has a newly renovated Health Centre with first-aid facilities and health check-up located near the canteen.

Rishi Bankim Chandra College, situated in the district of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, was established in 1947 - the glorious year of Indian Independence. Keeping in tune with India's tryst with a new destiny, a group of educationists and visionaries, living in and around Naihati and Bhatpara, who bore the rich legacy of Bengal Renaissance and the struggle for independence, felt the need for an institution providing quality education to the masses. Consequently, on the eve of the Independence day, they mooted the idea of establishing a college at Naihati, which, they felt, would soon become a seat of higher learning. As the nation aspired for a creative and dynamic growth, the magical incantation of 'Bande-Mataram' composed by Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, a resident of Naihati, inspired millions. With immense national pride, the Steering Committee of the college, in its First Meeting held on 2nd November, 1947, decided to perpetuate his memory by naming the college "Rishi Bankim Chandra College." The college has since grown to become a premier institution of its kind in the district. Classes started at the Naihati Mahendra High School on January 15, 1948 and the day has ever been observed as the college Foundation Day. It has completed 64 years of dedicated service to the nation.

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