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Sree Gopal Banerjee College

Sree Gopal Banerjee College
Bagati Magra, Hooghly

Established : 1958
Type : Co-Educational
President : Sri Bikash Chandra Roy
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Subrata Mandal
Former Name : Mogra College
Location : Bagati Magra, Hooghly
Affiliation(s) : University of Burdwan
Category : Under Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : University Grants Commission (UGC) & National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
Department(s) : Arts, Commerce & Science

Courses Offered :

Both boys and girls who have passed Higher Secondary Examination or its equivalent public examination can enroll themselves, subject to availability of seats, and conditions of marks as determined by the college authority.

Morning Section: from 06:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

No Honours course is taught in this section.

Arts (General) :
Any three elective subjects in following permissible combinations to be taken

  • » Political Science, History, Philosophy
  • » Political Science, History, Economics
  • » Elective Bengali, Philosophy, History
  • » History, Philosophy, Elective English
  • » Elective English, Political Science, History
  • » Elective Bengali, Political Science, History
  • » Elective English, Mathematics, Economics
  • » Elective Bengali, Political Science, Philosophy
  • » Elective Bengali, Sanskrit, Philosophy
  • » Philosophy, History, Sanskrit
  • » History, Political Science, Physical Education (Proposed)
  • » History, Philosophy, Physical Education (Proposed)
  • » History, Elective Bengali, Physical Education (Proposed)
  • » History, Sanskrit, Physical Education (Proposed)
  • » Philosophy, Sanskrit, Physical Education (Proposed)

Science (General) :
Any one from following permissible combination

  • » Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • » Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  • » Botany, Zoology, Plant Protection

Day Section : from 10:30 a.m. to 05:15 p.m.

B. A. (General & Honours) and B. Sc. (General & Honours) - 3 Year Course

Arts (General) :
Any three elective subjects in following permissible combinations to be taken

  • » Political Science, History, Philosophy
  • » Political Science, History, Economics
  • » Elective Bengali, Philosophy, History
  • » Philosophy, History, Sanskrit
  • » Elective English, Philosophy, History
  • » Elective Bengali, Philosophy, Sanskrit
  • » Elective English, Political Science, History
  • » Elective Bengali, Political Science, History
  • » Elective English, Economics, Mathematics
  • » Political Science, History, Sanskrit
  • » Political Science, Philosophy, Sanskrit
  • » Elective Bengali, History, Sanskrit
  • » Elective Bengali, Political Science, Philosophy
  • » Elective Bengali, Political Science, Sanskrit
  • » History, Political Science, Physical Education (Proposed)
  • » History, Elective Bengali, Physical Education (Proposed)
  • » History, Sanskrit, Physical Education (Proposed)
  • » History, Philosophy, Physical Education (Proposed)

Science (General) :
Any one from following permissible combination

  • » Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • » Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  • » Botany, Zoology, Plant Protection

Science (Honours) :
The permissible combination of Honours and Elective subjects are as follows :

Honours Subject for B. Sc. Degree Course Elective Subjects
Chemistry Physics, Mathematics
Physics Chemistry, Mathematics
Mathematics Physics, Chemistry
Zoology Chemistry, Botany
Botany Chemistry, Zoology
Economics Physics, Mathematics

Arts (Honours) :
The permissible combination of Honours and Elective subjects are as follows :

Sl. No. Honours Subject for B. A. Degree Course Elective Subjects (Any two)
a) Bengali
  1. Philosophy, Political Science
  2. Philosophy, History
  3. Elective English, Philosophy
  4. Philosophy, Sanskrit
  5. Political Science, History
  6. History, Sanskrit
b) English
  1. Philosophy, Political Science
  2. History, Philosophy
  3. Elective Bengali, Philosophy
  4. Elective Bengali, Political Science
  5. History, Political Science
c) History
  1. Philosophy, Political Science
  2. Political Science, Economics
  3. Elective Bengali, Political Science
  4. Elective English, Political Science
  5. Elective Bengali, Philosophy
d) Philosophy
  1. Political Science, History
  2. Political Science, Elective Bengali
  3. Elective English, Political Science
  4. History, Sanskrit
  5. Elective Bengali, History
e) Political Science
  1. History, Economics
  2. History, Philosophy
  3. Elective Bengali, Philosophy
  4. Elective English, Philosophy
  5. Elective Bengali, History
  6. Elective English, History
f) 1. Economics (Arts)
  1. Political Science, History
  2. Political Science, Mathematics
  3. History, Mathematics
  4. English, Mathematics
  5. History, English
  6. Political Science, English
2. Economics (Science)
  1. Physics, Mathematics
g) Sanskrit
  1. Philosophy, Bengali
  2. Bengali, History
  3. Bengali, Political Science
  4. History, Political Science
  5. History, Philosophy
  6. Philosophy, Political Science

Evening Section : from 01:40 p.m. to 06:45 p.m.

B. Com (General) - 3 years course
B. Com (Honours) - 3 years course in Accountancy

B.Com.(Honours) :

B.Com. (Hons.) in Accountancy Elective Subjects
Part -I Paper-I Financial Accounting Gr-I Paper-I Economic Principles and Indian Economic Problem.
Paper-II Cost Accounting Gr-II Paper-II Management Theory And Practices
Part-II Paper-III Advanced Accountings Gr-I Paper-I Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication
Paper-IV Auditing Gr-II Paper-II Business Economics
Gr-III Paper-I Business Laws
Gr-IV Paper-II Mathematics & Statistics
Part-III Paper-V Taxation      
  Paper-VI Computer Application in Business      
  Paper-VII Accounting Theory and Management Accounting      
  Paper-VIII Advanced Mathematics and Statistics      

B.Com.(General) :

B.Com. (General) course combination
Part Group Paper Subjects
I I I Economic Principles and Indian Economic Problem
II Management Theory and Practice
III Financial Accounting
II II I Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication
II Business Economic
III Accounting Theory & Management Accounting
III I Business Laws
II Mathematics & Statistics
III Cost Acconting
III Alternative - A I Taxation
II Advanced Accounting and Auditing
III Marketing & Sales Management

Note :

Every course of every Stream there are i) Compulsory English and ii) MIL (Bengali) in Part - I and Environment Studies in Part - III.

Non-taught Subject:

Students of B. A. 1st Year Classes can take Hindi / Urdu / French as their combination of subjects in their study, subject to the permission from the Registrar, Burdwan University, Burdwan with payment of requisite fees within 30 days from the date of Admission. No classes will be held for the non-taught subjects in this college and the student concerned will have to take full responsibility for preparation for appearing at the 3 year Degree Course Examination in the concerned subjects.

Admission Procedures :

Application for admission should be made in prescribed form given from the College Office immediately after the publication of the results of Higher Secondary Examination. The General Admission Form along with the Prospectus may be obtained from the College Office on producing the original Mark Sheet for Rs.60/-. Candidates seeking admission to General Stream (B.A. / B.Sc.) and Honours / General stream (B.Com.) are required to submit the Admission Form (duly filled up) that is given along with the college Prospectus. While candidates seeking admission to Honours Stream (B.A. / B.Sc.) are required to collect additional Form besides the Prospectus (separate Form for max. 5 Honours Subject @ Rs.10/-) for a set of 5 forms for each of 5 subjects which has to be submitted along with the main Admission Form. A candidate can apply for a maximum of five (05) subjects in Honours Stream. In total, a candidate has to submit 6 forms [(1 Admission Form, compulsory which is attached with Prospectus) + (5 Admission Forms for 5 Honours subjects)]. The number of Honours subject for which a candidate can submit application is entirely optional and may range from a minimum of 1(one) subject to maximum 5(five) subjects. Admission to General Stream will be made on the basis of Central Merit List (B.A. / B.Sc. General Stream). Subject wise Merit List will be prepared for all the Honours subjects (B.A. / B.Sc.) and admission to B.A. / B.Sc. Honours Stream will be made strictly on the basis of such Merit List. The forms will be given between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on notified dates. An applicant must note the last date of submission of the admission forms. The last date of receipt of the duly filled in application is strictly adhered to and no application form will be accepted on any grounds what so ever after the expiry of the last date. Admission is made strictly in order of merit.

Admission will be made as per procedures laid down by the Admission Committee of the College headed by the Principal. The list of Candidates provisionally selected along with the date of admission will be notified on Notice Board from time to time.

However, the candidate will have to opt for one of the Honours subjects on the date of counseling. Once admitted to any one subject, the candidate will not be allowed to change it on the very day of admission. Provision of changing to other Honours subject will be entertained on the following date of counseling. No student will be ordinarily allowed to shift from Morning Section to Day Section and vice versa.

For admission in Honours Course (in 1st Year B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com.) a Provisional Merit List will be published on the basis of the sum total of the aggregate marks (which includes marks obtained in Language I, Language II, best of three of the remaining four subjects and Honours taking subject. Admission of Honours (Arts, Science & Commerce) will be done through the counseling system. For admission in the General Course (Arts & Science), aggregate marks (obtained in best of five subjects) will be taken into account for preparing the Merit List General Stream (Arts & Science) admission will be done through the counseling system. For Commerce General Stream, direct admission policy will be followed. All the candidates enlisted in the Merit List must be present in the College on the particular date and time of admission. The name of each candidate will be announced three times consecutively with a gap to thirty seconds followed by waiting for one minute. After announcement, the candidate will have to appear before the Admission Committee along with original copies of all testimonials.

The admission of applicant belonging to countires other than India will be subject to rules framed by competent authorities for the purpose. Reservation of Seats:

Of the total seats in a class, 22% are reserved for S.C., 6% for S.T. and 3% for Physically Disabled students. S.C. or S.T. or Physically Disabled candidate is required to submit a duly attested copy of the Caste / Tribe / Disability Certificate in support of his / her claim with his application for admission. As per Government Order, persons with disability means a person suffering from not less than forty per cent of any disability as certified by a Medical Authority. "Disability" means

  • Blindness,
  • Low Vision,
  • Leprosy cured,
  • Hearing impaired and
  • Locomotor Disability.
Admission to Hostels:

The hostels are run under the supervision of the Superintendents concerned. The Guardian of the applicant shall have to giv e an undertaking at the time of admission to the effect that his / her ward shall abide by existing rules of conduct. Any breach of hostel discipline may call for expulsion of the offender from Hostel & College as well.

Any student leaving the hostel at any time of the session shall have to pay the Seat Rent for the entire session.

  • All Admission are provisional subject to the approval of the University of Burdwan and fulfillment of conditions laid down by the University of Burdwan and the college.
  • Admission are liable to cancellation if the conditions or requirements of the same as desired by the College are not satisfied.
  • Simultaneous admission in more than one college is against the University rule. If, after getting admission in the College, a candidate wants to change over to any other college, he / she must seek prior permission from the Principal. Otherwise, if the candidate does not have necessary permission from the Principal to that effect, the matter may be referred to the University authority as well as to the Principal of his / her college where he / she has taken admission to take necessary (Legal) action.
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Facilities Available

  • »  Library

    General Library:
    The college has fairly equipped & spacious Library for students of Day & Morning section. The college also runs a separate Library for Commerce Students (Evening Section). Every student is required to return the Library Book he / she holds to the library before he / she fills up the University Examination Form. As a general rule no library book will be issued to his or her thereafter.

    Seminar Library:
    Books are also available in Seminar Libraries of several departments as an additional facility to Honours students. For details, students may contact concerned Head of the Department.

    Inter Library Reading Facility:
    Arrangements have been made for interested students of our college to enjoy facility for consulting books and journals in reading rooms of same other Colleges and Public Libraries. Detailed information in this regard may be obtained from the Librarians.

  • »  Free & Half-Free Studentship :

    The college grants free & half-free studentship annually to a limited of students. The concession is made strictly on the basis of merit-cum-poverty.

  • »  Student Aid Fund :

    Application for students aid fund shall be made separately and aid will be given to those students only whose guardian's income do not exceed 24,000/- per annum.

  • »  National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.) :

    The college runs a Senior Divison (Army Wing) company under 43 Bengal BN NCC of West Bengal & Sikkim Directorate. Major Susanta Kumar Das is the company commander. The main aim and objective of NCC is to develop character, discipline, leadership qualities, secular outlook, to make them better citizen and to provide employment in Armed Force.

    Students of 1st year Degree Classes of both Boys and Girls are eligible for enrolment in NCC through proper selection trial. Preferences are generally given to JD NCC and sports man. Parade are generally held on Saturday and Holidays & also in weekdays. Attendance in camp and social service are compulsory. 33% of authorized strength is reserved for Girl Students. Eligible NCC cadets will appear in “B” and “C” Certificate Examination after completion of 2nd and 3rd year service NCC respectively.

  • »  National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) :

    The college runs two NSS Units under the supervision of Dr. Uttam Paul and Dr. Ruma Ghosh of the College NSS Units involve itself in social work of different kind. The units serve various community development programmes including socio-economic survey of our adopted villages and organizes Blood Donation and Health Check-up Camp regularly. A unit of Red Ribbon Club is also formed by NSS volunteers & other students Participation of students in NSS activities is highly encourage and students may contact aforesaid teachers of the college for enrolment as NSS volunteers.

  • »  Seminars, Lectures and Debates :

    Seminars, Lectures, Debates and Discussions are organized from time to time in the college in which distinguished academicians and eminent personalities from outside as well as Students and Staffs of the college participate.

  • »  Students – Teacher Interaction :

    Students – Teacher interaction in the form of “Face-to-Face” meetings are held in the college every year. In such meetings, students get opportunities to share their feelings regarding all round activities in the college. Efforts are made to solve their problems and give them better environment for learning.

  • »  Parent – Teachers Interaction :

    Parents of students, particularly, Honours students are invited at least once in a year to share their opinions with the teachers. During such interactions, parents are usually given specific information by the teachers about their wards. Parents also give their suggestion about overall improvement of the academic and other activities of the college.

  • »  Grievance Redressal Cell :

    A Grievance Redressal Cell have been constituted in the college which try as far as possible, to help students in solving their problem faced by them in the college. A committee consisting of some teachers, non-teaching staff and the general secretary, Students' Union looks after the functioning of the Cell. A box is kept in front of the Principal's Chamber where students may drop their letters containing details of their problems / grievances for consideration by the cell.

  • »  Career Counselling and Guidance Center :

    In order to assist our students with proper guidance and counseling for development of their future prospects in life, a Career Counselling and Guidance Center has been established in the college. Different Career oriented magazines, newspapers, information booklets, are kept in the Center and students are encouraged to consult these materials. Experienced teachers offer their service as Counsellors. Special emphasis is given for encouraging students to various avenues of self-employment and the Officials from the District Industrial Centre are often invited for offering their guidance and suggestions in this regard.

  • »  Anti-ragging Cell :

    In compliance with the judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, an anti-ragging cell has been formed in our college to keep vigil in ensuring no incident of ragging in campus.

  • »  Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell :

    Our institution believes Education as tool of social change for correcting the accumulated distortions of the past and for achieving overall development of the students especially for women. To bring about this change a gender positive initiative to facilitate development and empowerment of students and for faculty, ca Cell for prevention of Sexual Harassment has been formed in our Institution following the UGC Guidelines to extend quality of opportunity and gender justice.

  • »  Value Education Classes :

    With the mission to produce intellectually sound, morally upright and socially concerned students, who will be of service to Society and the Nation as a whole, Value Education Classes have been introduced in the college. One class fortnightly for each stream in each section of the college has been allotted in the General Routine. Teachings and writings of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobinda and Gurudev Rabindranath constitute the main theme of instruction in Value Education Classes. Lives and Works of great philosophers, social reformers, scientists like Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Marks, V. I. Lenin, Michael Faraday and others are also discussed in the class.

  • »  Academic Calendars :

    Academic Calendars containing course details in modular form for each stream of studies (both Honours & General) are distributed to every student at nominal cost during admission.

  • »  College Diary-cum-Calendar :

    A college diary-cum-calendar for the Academic Session (1st July to 30th June) is distributed to every student during admission. The college diary-cum-calendar contain information regarding holidays, tentative dates of the Annual & Test Examination etc.

  • »  Progress Report :

    Each student of the college is issued a printed Progress Report which contains information about the students' performance in Class Test Examinations of the College as well as percentage of attendance in classes. The student is required to return the Progress Report to the College after getting it duly signed by his / her guardian.

  • »  Non-formal Course :

    In collaboration with the Institute of Computer Engineers (India), Sreegopal Banerjee College Computer Center established in 1995 offer 'O' Level course under accreditation from the Department of Electronics (DOE), Government of India. The Computer Center also offers CCC and other short-term courses. Detailed information of which may be obtained from the Centre-in-charge of the Computer Centre, located on the 2nd floor of the College building.

  • »  Common Room :

    The college common room is a place for rest & recreation for the students. There are separate common room for Boys & Girls with provision for Indoor Games. The common room must not be used for any purpose that is likely to disturb the normal life & academic atmosphere of the college.

  • »  College Magazine :

    The college magazine is published annually by the Students' Union. Its is aimed at providing students opportunities for flowering of their creative thinking & talent. It is managed & edited by a Board of Editors consisting of members of the teaching staff & the students.

  • »  Wall Magazines :

    Periodically Wall Magazines are brought out by different departments. Students are always encouraged to participate in such departmental endeavours.

  • »  Sports & Games :

    Students' Union organizes Annual Sports (for Boys & Girls), Inter-class tournaments in various Indoor and Outdoor games like Football, Crickt, Table Tennis, Carrom etc. Students are encouraged to take part in various sports events at University, State and National levels. The college has good Football and Cricket teams. A good number of students from the college were selected for Inter-University Football and Cricket Tournaments for several years in the past.

  • »  Students' Union :

    The Students' Union is a representative organization of students and consists of class representatives elected by students of the college.

  • »  Bi-Cycle Shed :

    Bi-Cycle and Mopeds / Scooter / Motor-Cycle properly locked must be kept in the Bi-Cycle Stand and must not be parked in the corridors of the college. The token system has been introduced and every commuter has to pay the rate fixed from time to time. Under no circumstances, the college would bear any liability for loss / damage of any vehicle.

  • »  College Medical Centre :

    The College Medical Center which is not running at present will be re-opened very soon. Detailed information can be obtained from the office of the Students' Union.

Sree Gopal Banerjee College is named after the father of Late Shib Chandra Banerjee, the well known civil engineer of all India repute who offered a munificent donation of land & cash to the West Bengal Government to enable the latter to establish a Co-educational Degree College under the "Sponsored" Scheme at his native village, Bagati.

The geographical location of the college is Latitude 22º59’ North & Longitude 88º22' East, Height of the place from sea level is 38 ft. (11.58 mtrs.)

Bagati, the seat of the College is located in an area that has a history of its own. The village itself is the native place of Ram Gopal Ghosh, the Demosthenes of Bengal. The legendary scholar, Jagannath Tarkapanchanan, lived in Tribeni within a mile from the site of the College. The vast stretch of land along the Ganga from Katwa to Bangladesh lying on the eastern fringe of Bagati, is the birth place of Navya-Nyaya, the most powerful & brilliant school of Indian Logic & Pride of Indian Scholarship. The college is located half-way between Tribeni & Magra, about a mile from both the Railway Stations on the Eastern Railway. It is also approachable by roads, connected by buses. The village is surrounded by a vast industrial belt & presents a combination of peaceful rural charm with modern facilities.

The college at the outset, was housed in the School building of Ramgopal Ghosh High School, Bagati. Sree Gopal Banerjee College started functioning on 21st July, 1958. It was later shifted to the present three-storied building on 24th April, 1959. The college has by now developed into one to the biggest institutions under the University of Burdwan.

The college has modern hostels for Boys & Girls within the campus. There is also a separated two storied building within the campus for the Students' Common Room – cum – Canteen.

With the mission of providing quality education, the college firmly believes that excellence of institution of higher education is a function of many aspects of which self-evaluation and self-improvement are important.

The college consists of three separate sections :

  • Morning,
  • Day,
  • Evening.

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