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Sarat Centenary College

Sarat Centenary College
Dhaniakhali, Hooghly

Established : 1978
Type : Co-Educational
President : Mr. Ramendu Sinha Roy
Principal / Teacher-in-Charge : Dr. Dhiman Kr. Sau
Former Name : --
Location : Dhaniakhali, Hooghly
Affiliation(s) : University of Burdwan
Category : Under Graduate
Accreditation / Recognition : University Grants Commission (UGC) & National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
Department(s) : Arts, Commerce & Science

Courses Offered :

Information Profile of the Courses, NO. of Seats, Subjects and Combinations allowed in the College
General Courses

SI.NO. Course NO. of Seats Combinations Allowed
1. *B.A. 395 Group A : History, Pol. Sc., Philosophy 
Group B : Bengali, English, Sanskrit, Mathematics
2. B.Sc. (Pure)  100 Group A :Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics 
B.Sc. (Bio) 30 Group B : Botany,Zoology,Chemistry
3. B.Com. 130 Group-I, Group-II and Group-III
4. B.A.(Gen.) with 
Geography (Gen.)
40 Group A : Hist., Pol. Sc., Phil(any two) Plus(+) Geography(Group-B)
5.  B.A.(Gen.) with 
Physical Education 
50 Group A : Hist., Pol. Sc., Phil(any two) Plus(+) Phy.Edu(Group-B)

* N.B. :
  • B.A. (General) Candidates have to choose three combination subjects in total. Choose either all the three subjects of Group-A, or any two from Group-A & one from Group-B. No one will be allowed to change the subject once the option list is accepted.

  • Candidates taking admission in B.A. (Gen.) with Geography or Physical Education must apply within 7 days for preparation of merit list for combination either of Geography or Physical Education as per prescribed proforma.

  • In case of any change of subject, candidates have to apply for it within seven days after admission. otherwise college will not be liable for any consequence.

Existing Honour's Courses

Course NO. of Seats Combinations Allowed
Bengali 50 Group A : History, Pol. Science,Philosophy. 
Group B : English, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Math.
English 50 Group A : History, Philosophy. 
Group B : Bengali, Sanskrit, Pol. Science, Math.
Sanskrit (Self-financed) 40 Group A : Philosophy, Pol. Science 
Group B : Bengali, English, History, Math.
Pol. Science 40 Group A : History, Philosophy. 
Group B : Bengali, English, Sanskrit, Math.
Philosophy (Self-financed) 35 Group A : Pol. Science, History. 
Group B : Bengali, English, Sanskrit, Math.
History 40 Group A : Pol. Science, Philosophy. 
Group B : English, Bengali, Sanskrit, Math.
Geography (Self-financed) 20 Pol. Science, History, Sanskrit.
Mathematics 40 Physics, Chemistry
Chemistry (Self-financed) 18 Physics, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology.
Accountancy 30 Group - I : Group - II

* N.B. :

B.A. (Hons.) Candidates have to choose two combination subjects. Choose either two from Group A or one from Group-A and one from Group-B from the subjects specified against each Arts (Hons.) Subject. For Accountancy Hons. Choose only three combination groups consisting of six papers. Hons. students are not to be allowed to take Phy. Education and Geography as combination subjects.

Admission Criteria and Procedure :

  • All admissions are to be made on the basis of merit and norms of the university, State Government and the college G.B. as formulated from time to time.

  • Candidates who have passed the Higher Secondary Examination or equivalent may apply for admission in the Degree Course in the prescribed form obtainable from the college on payment of amount of money fixed by the college for the application form and the prospectus for admission to the first year class. Candidates must produce the original Mark Sheet in the counter of the college for collecting the admission form. Duly filled in application form is to be submitted to the college office within the date fixed and notified by the college. Incomplete forms and the forms containing wrong as well as false information are liable to be rejected.

  • Attested Photocopies of ‚ÄĒ (a) the mark sheets of the Madhyamik and the H. S. Examinations or the equivalent, (b) SC/ST/OBC/P.H. Certificate. (c) three copies of recent passport size photographs (unattested) must be attached with the application form submitted to the college.

  • Seats for SC/ST and physically hadicapped candidates are reserved as per Government rules and orders.

  • Physically handicapped candidates must attach attested copies of certificates with the application forms against their claims issued to them by appropriate authority. Original certificates of the same have to be produced at the time of admission.

  • A candidate can apply for two Honours subjects in two separate application forms. Extra payment for one extra form as fixed by the college has to be made in case one applies for two honours subjects.

  • In case any candidate applying for admission into Honours course fails to get admitted in the Honours subject applied for he/she, however, is eligible for admission into General (Pass) course. In the event of any seat or seats in Honours subjects gets or get vacant within one month, the same will be filled in from among the students failing to get admitted into Honours subjects applied for but getting admitted into the general (Pass) course. Fresh applications in plain paper along with the attested copies of xeroxed mark sheets will have to be submitted by them as per the notice duly issued by the college in due course.

  • Admission into Honours subjects is made strictly as per the merit list prepared by the college.

  • Canvassing of any sort for admission from any candidate is strictly prohibited.

  • No requests will be entertained for admission in case any candidate fails to get admitted as per the given schedule and norm.

  • Candidates seeking for admission to any Honours subjects in Arts and Commerce streams must obtain at least 45% marks in the subject applied for Honours in H.S. Examination or its equivalent Examination.

  • In the Science stream, candidates applying for Honours in any subject must obtain at least 50% marks in the subject applied for Honours in H. S. Examination or its equivalent Examination.

Fee Structure :

General (Pass) Course
  B.A. B.A with Geo. B.Sc. B.Com.
Monthly Tuition Fees 50 85 85 60
Admission Fee 50 85 85 60
Transfer Fee 50 85 85 60
University Sports Fee (Yly.)* 20 20 20 20
Registration Charge (B. U.)* 55 55 55 55
Lab. Fee (Yly.) -- 100 100 100
Practical Fee (Yly.) -- 300 Bio. Sc. = 125
Pure Sc. = 100
Electric Charge Generator (yly) 120 120 120 120
Laboratory fees for Chemistry (H) = Rs. 125/- Per Month
Practical fees for Chemistry (H) = Rs. 125/- Per Month
Development Fee (Yly.) 120 120 120 120
Building Fee (Yly.) 50 50 50 50
Building Maintenance Fee (Yly). 30 30 30 30
Library Fee (Yly.) 40 40 40 40
Games and Sports Fee (Yly.) 10 10 10 10
College Examination Fee (Yly.) 70 70 70 70
Student Welfare Fund (Yly.) 10 10 10 10
Students’ Union (Yly.) 40 40 40 40
Festival Fee (Yly.) 15 15 15 15
Magazine Fee (Yly.) 20 20 20 20
Identity Card 20 20 20 20
Students’ Health Home 5 5 5 5
Enrolment Fee (Yly.) 40 40 40 40
Caution Money (Yly.) -- 100 100 --
For (Honours) Course
  B.A. B.A with Geo. B.Sc. B.Com.
Monthly Tuition Fees 75 150 110 85
Admission Fee 75 150 110 85
Transfer Fee 75 150 110 85
University Sports Fee (Yly.)* 20 20 20 20
Registration Charge (B. U.)* 55 55 55 55
Lab. Fee (Yly.) -- 300 12 X 125 = Rs. 1500 100
Practical Fee (Yly.) -- 450 12 X 125 = Rs. 1500 100
Electric Charge Generator (yly) 120 120 120 120
Laboratory fees for Chemistry (H) = Rs. 125/- Per Month
Practical fees for Chemistry (H) = Rs. 125/- Per Month
Development Fee (Yly.) 120 120 120 120
Building Fee (Yly.) 50 50 50 50
Building Maintenance Fee (Yly). 30 30 30 30
Library Fee (Yly.) 60 60 60 60
Games and Sports Fee (Yly.) 10 10 10 10
College Examination Fee (Yly.) 70 70 70 70
Student Welfare Fund (Yly.) 10 10 10 10
Students’ Union (Yly.) 40 40 40 40
Festival Fee (Yly.) 15 15 15 15
Magazine Fee (Yly.) 20 20 20 20
Identity Card 20 20 20 20
Students’ Health Home 5 5 5 5
Enrolment Fee (Yly.) 40 40 40 40
Caution Money (Yly.) -- 200 100 and for Chemistry = 200 100

* variable

Fee Structure For Honours Subjects Under The Self-Finance Scheme

Subjects Total fees including all normal charges for
1st,2nd & 3rd year classes
Geography(Hons.) Rs. 7000/-  
Sanskrit(Hons.) Rs. 3500/-  
Philosophy(Hons.) Rs. 3000/- Likely to be converted to normal
course, subject to the approval of B.U./Govt. of West Bengal.
Chemistry(Hons.) Rs. 7000/-

* N.B. : 50% of the total amount of the fees structure for all courses both normal and self financed is compulsorily to be deposited at the time of Admission and the remaining amount must be deposited before the date of form fill-up of respective students for each year ; however all the willing students are to be encouraged to deposit their payable amount in full at the time of admission for expending process.

Facilities Available

  • »  Library

    The College is proud to have a good library, well furnished with a good stock of text and references, and a reading counter. The stock increases every year with essential and valuable books purchased as per well contemplated list made by the faculty members. Students can borrow two books at a time each and avail themselves of the reading counter of the library for reference works. The library is enriched with a journal section where valuable journals for different departments and subjects are carefully provided keeping an eye to the latest academic development around the globe to the students and the teachers. There is also a Book Bank with valuable informative books. Students can safely avail themselves of this Book Bank facility. A separate reading room is provided for students. Moreover, an Employment News Cell has been established in the college library for proper guidance and information to the students for a career beyond academic life. Internet facilities are to be extended. Syallabus, Modules and questions papers of the previous years are available at the college library or Department Concerned.

  • »  Laboratory

    The college has separate well-equipped laboratories for physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Geography and Commerce for practical classes which are to be held regularly. Students are to prepare a field report and be engaged in personal activities as per curriculum.

  • »  National Cadet Crops (NCC)

    The College can pride itself on its NCC unit established in 1982 under the Army Wing, 43 Bengal Battalion NCC, Chinsurah. ‚ÄėB‚Äô and ‚ÄėC‚Äô certificates are offered to the successful cadets in the NCC Examination and these certificate holders get facilities for provision in the Army and Police. Since its inception, Dr. Kripasindhu Mondal, reader in Chemistry and the NCC-Officer, promoted to the rank of Captain, efficiently ran the NCC unit of the college upto March 2009. On superrannuation of Capt. (Dr.) K.S.Mondal from NCC the said unit is being run by Battalion under the direct supervision of Prof. Sankar Deb Mondal, Assistant Professor in Bengali as caretaker officer. Many students of the college have shown their flair as cadets of NCC both at state and national levels. NCC cadets have participatedin R. D. Parade in New Delhi and a few have joined the paramilitary forces. 33% of the numbers of cadets have been reserved for girls.

  • »  Students Union

    Students must have their own forum to speak for themselves. The Stundents’ Union is that desired forum for them. The college has a Students’ Union consisting of student members elected by the regular students as per the Regulation/directives of the University of Burdwan. The Students’ Union functions in a separate building. The Students’ Union is elected normally in December every year. The Students’ union of the college plays a responsible role for an all-round development of the college. It not only safeguards the studetns’ interests but also helps the college authorities to run the college smoothly and helps to maintain law and order, good relation with the office staff and the teachers. It fosters ideals of democracy, secularism and spirit of brotherhood among the students. It organizes debates and seminars, cultural functions, games and sports, freshers' welcome and many other activities. In short, it is a sine qua non for achieving the desired goal of the college. It is obligatory for all students to remain agile in all activities of the students’ union.

  • »  Common Room

    The College is happy to afford two separate common rooms, one for boys and the other for girls, with sitting arrangements and indoor game facilities. As a result students can enjoy and fruitfully utilize their leisure period.

  • »  College Canteen

    The College provides a cheap canteen for tiffin and refreshment of both the students and the staff. The canteen has been recently renovated with all modern facilities with proper sitting arrangements and electrification. A new building has been proposed to be constructed for an integrated accommodation of the Students’ Union, Common Room, and College Canteen with all modern amenities.

  • »  Cycle-Shed

    Since a formidable section of the students come to the college by cycle, the college is alert to the Students’ need of a cycle-shed which is conveniently built at one side of the adjoining playground of the college and is provided to the students for their cycles to be kept safe and secure.

  • »  Women‚Äôs Hostel

    The ground floor of women’s hostel in the college has already been constructed. Further construction of other floors is to be done soon under the special scheme of UGC.

  • »  Playground and other sports amenities

    The college has a big playground adjacent to the main buiding. Students play outdoor games like cricket, football and volleyball in the ground. Moreover, there is a swimming pond of the college within the campus.

  • »  College Auditorium

    A unique auditorium which has been started in 2005 embellishes the infra-structural facilities. All types of cultural programmes, talks, debates, seminars and workshops are happily arranged here.

  • »  Multi-Gym

    The college which steadily moves towards the optimum level of infra-structural health has inaugurated a well-equipped multi-gym in 2007 for the good health of the student and the local people as well.

  • »  Publication

    In addition to the publication of annual college magazine, general wall magazine and departmental wall magazines, the college publishes an Annual bi-lingual Journal which contains valuable research articles written by the teachers and students of the college. Moreover, proceeding volume of the seminar papers presented by eminent teachers of different colleges and universities, and others organisations has been published, and it does increase the academic pride of the college.

  • »  Stipends AMI Scholarship And Students' AID-Fund

    Stipends and free or partial studentships can be availed by poor and meritorious students and scholarships like Sitanath Bandyopadhyay Scholarship and Bhabatarini Devi Scholarship are extended towards the highly meritorious students. The poor but meritorious students are offered financial help from the Students’ Welfare Fund. Moreover SC and ST students are entitled to enjoy government stipends, and Muslim students are entitled to get stipends from W.B Minority Development and Finance Corporation. Students belonging to SC/ST/OBC Minority community are required to collect forms for stipend from the college office and they should submit the filled up forms in due time.

  • »  Counselling

    The College teachers provide necessary counselling to the students as to their future steps and academic improvements. A cell has been formed relating to career advancement and job opportunities in different fields of studies.

  • »  Educational Tour Programmes & Excursions

    Since travelling is an essential part of education, educational tour programmes are arranged from time to time for the students to places of historical and geographical importance. Teachers of different faculties conduct these tours. Moreover, the departments of Geography, Botany and Zoology organize regular excursions as per module of the syllabus. The college makes arrangement for Railway travel concession to the willing students. Application for concession is not entertained during the Puja Vacation.

  • »  Students‚Äô Health Home and Health Care

    It delights that the college has arranged to provide all sorts of medical facilities (Diagnosis and treatment) to the students under the mother organ of students, Health Home of W.B. The students can avail themselves of facilities of Health Home only on the production of college ID cards. Mr. Shyamal Bhattacharya is acting as the Hony. teacher-in-charge of the Students Health Home.

    In collaboration with the Lions Club Health Centre of Dhaniakhali and the Students’ Health Home the college conducts a permanent Health Care Unit. Local doctors and the ex-students of the college attend health clinic. Initiative has already been taken for starting a new clinic for the girls’ students.

  • »  Alumni

    Alumni are a valuable part to the development of the college. Our college has an alumni association which works for the all-round betterment of the college. It suggests necessary proposals for improvement of the academic standard and other infrastructural development.

  • »  Antiragging Committee & anti-ragging squad

    The college authority is highly prejuced by the Directives of Administration to look after the matter in terms of acts and orders.

It was the ardent zeal for advancement of higher education that the people of Dhaniakhali to establish Sarat Centenary College, named after one of the greatest Bengali novelists, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, in 1976 as a Junior College with the Higher Secondary Course which was later upgraded into a Degree College in 1978 with all the three streams Arts, Science and Commerce being affiliated under the University of Burdwan. The college stands at the heart of Dhaniakhali. It is under grants-in-aid Scheme of the Government of West Bengal. The College campus extends over an area of 03 acres.

The college provides Honours in Political Science, Mathematics, English, Accountancy, Bengali and History. Moreover, Honours course in Chemistry, Philosophy, Sanskrit and Geography all under self-finance. The general courses offered by the college are Bengali, English, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany and Commerce. Moreover, Physical Education course (Gen.) is introduced in the college from the session 2007-2008. Someother vocational courses like Communicative English, Computer training etc. are to be proposed for introduction.

Presently, the total number of the teaching - staff of the college is 49. Out of these 19 teachers are part timers, who are catering to the academic needs of all the three faculties. Moreover two teachers are working on contractual service. The standard of education and academic results is very good and encouraging.

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