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Scottish Church College [SCC], Kolkata
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    • Course
      Bengali (Hons.)
      English (Hons.)
      Sanskrit (Hons.)
      Political Science (Hons.)
      History (Hons.)
      Philosophy (Hons.)
    • Course
      Physics (Hons.)
      Chemistry (Hons.)
      Mathematics (Hons.)
      Botany (Hons.)
      Zoology (Hons.)
      Microbiology (Hons.)
      Computer Science (Hons.)
      Economics (Hons.)
    • Course
      Accountancy (Hons.)
    • The College Offers BBA Honours.

    • The Academic Session of the B.Ed Programme extends from 1st July to 30th June every year. College hour is from 10 am to 5 pm from Monday – Friday and 10 am to 1.20 pm on Saturday. Admission in the B.Ed. Programme in the Department of Teacher Education is restricted to women students only. Medium of Instruction is mainly English and School Internship Programme is done in English and Bengali Medium Schools only. Application for admission must be made on the online application form available in the website: www.scottishchurch.ac.in. The originals must be produced at the time of counselling and college fees must be paid on the date of admission. Admission will be given strictly in accordance with the norms prescribed by the NCTE, West Bengal Government and the University of Calcutta.

      • School Subjects offered :
      • English, Bengali, History, Geography, Philosophy, Physical Science and Life Science
      • Selection of School Subject :
      • The candidate must select only ONE School Subject studied either at the Graduation and / or Post Graduation level.
    • Semester Paper
      Semester I Core papers
      Phycology /Microbiology / Cell and Molecular Biology / Bryophytes, Pteridophytes Gymnosperms and Palaeobotany
      Semester II Core papers
      Mycology and Plant Pathology / Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Palynology / Genetics, Genomics and Proteomics
      Supportive paper
      Semester III Core papers
      Plant Physiology and Biochemistry / Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy / Plant Biotechnology / Plant Anatomy and Developmental Biology / Plant Ecology
      Semester IV Supportive paper
      Computer applications and Bioinformatics
      Special Paper
      Special paper / Project work / Seminar / Grand viva (Any one*)
      * Special Paper
      Applied Mycology and Molecular Plant Pathology / Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics and Plant Biotechnology / Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Palynology
    • Paper Subject
      Semester I General Papers (G):250 Marks: 25 Credits
      Paper-I CHEM(G)-11 Inorganic Chemistry.
      Paper-II CHEM(G)-12 Organic Chemistry
      Paper-III CHEM(G)-13 Physical Chemistry.
      Semester II General Papers (G):250 Marks: 25 Credits
      Paper-IV CHEM(G)-21 Inorganic Chemistry.
      Paper-V CHEM(G)-22 Organic Chemistry
      Paper-VI CHEM(G)-23 Physical Chemistry.
      Semester III Special Papers(S):250 Marks: 25 Credits (IS): Inorganic Special / (OS): Organic Special / (PS): Physical Special
      Paper-VII CHEM(IS/OS/PS)-31 Special Theo.-1
      Paper-VII CHEM(IS/OS/PS)-32 Special Theo.-1
      Paper-VIII CHEM(IS/OS/PS)-33 Special Theo.-1
      Semester IV Special Papers(S):250 Marks: 25 Credits (IS): Inorganic Special / (OS): Organic Special / (PS): Physical Specia
      Paper-X CHEM(IS/OS/PS)-41 Special Theo.-1
      Paper-XI CHEM(IS/OS/PS)-42 Special Theo.-1
      Paper-XII CHEM(IS/OS/PS)-43 Special Theo.-1
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